Uncle Alan’s Valentine’s Day Advice

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Many will have opted out of acknowledging Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Viewing it as cheesy, corny, schmaltzy and merely sentimental (rather than truly romantic), they will choose to ignore it, claiming it’s a huge money-making racket. All those things are true…BUT… I can absolutely guarantee that if you produce a surprise gift for your spouse, partner, lover, wannabe lover or wishtheywere lover — even if they are the most hardened anti-Valentine’s Day activist in the universe — they will still be over the moon and melt at your offering. Trust me on this. And if they then feel bad that they didn’t get you a present, tell them that a passionate kiss will be just right! You don’t need to call it a Valentine’s Day present. Disguise it if you wish. You could even save it till the Moon is Full at 00.54 Central European Time on Saturday, just after midnight, only missing Valentine’s Day by less than an hour (or it’s full at midnight if you’re in a GMT zone). Avoid using tacky wrapping paper or giving custom V-Day atrocities. Give something tasteful and simple. Tell them you got a serious case of Cupiditis and couldn’t resist because you really do love them and you believed it would make them happy and you couldn’t miss out on seeing their eyes light up and their hearts quicken. Tell them you wanted to give them joy — that it pleased you to do so. Then they will know even more how much you love them, for that is absolutely what love delights in. Make it a simple gift. (A Porsche would be inappropriate in this instance 🙂 ). Just make sure you tell him or her that it is from your heart to theirs. That is the magic phrase. Then you are creating a direct line — a silver cord between you and him or her. Those silver cords are vital in this fragile world and in the midst of so many fragile relationships. The more silver cords there are, the more beauty we infuse into it. I have seen couples (and I’ve been there myself) who have made a pact to ignore the V-Day and then felt very smug, as if they had participated in a political act of great significance. But, inwardly, deep down inside, each wished the other had given them something anyway. They secretly longed for it. Truly. Trust me. Even if you don’t believe a word of what I say, try it as an experiment. You will be blown away by the result. I look forward to any feedback. With much love, from my heart to yours.

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