I’m Dangerous [poem]

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“I want you so!” said she
“Not in those clothes”, said me
“What DO you mean?” said she
“It’s your smoke-screen”, said me
“That’s what I wear”, said she
“Your cover-up”, said me
“From prying eyes”, said she
“That’s your disguise”, said me

“You’re so obtuse”, said she
“One button’s loose”, said me
“I’ll do it up”, said she
“Undo some more”, said me
“That’s my defence”, said she
“I love your skin”, said me
“But I’m controlled”, said she
“Let’s free your hole”, said me

“You’re dangerous”, said she
“I’m made for this”, said me
“We’ve gone too far”, said she
“Not far enough”, said me
“You drive too fast”, said she
“I love the wind”, said me
“I wish you’d asked”, said she
“I did. You said you’re free”.

“You’re foolhardy”, said she
“With that I must agree”.
“You’re in too deep”, said she
“Not far enough”, said me.
“I don’t have space”, said she
“Then free some up”, said me
“I’m scared of you”, said she.
“You’re scared of YOU”, said me

“You freak me out”, said she
“A weak excuse”, said me
“You’re too laid back”, said she
“Too much for you”, said me
“Just kiss me hard”, said she
“The easy part”, said me
“Now pull my hair”, said she
“I love juice there”, said me

“I taste your blood”, said she
“I’m drunk on yours”, said me
“I meant your mouth”, said she
“I’m further south!” said me
“I love your hands”, said she
“I love your cunte”, said me
“I get cold feet”, said she
“I blame your dad”, said me

“By that I’m shocked”, said she
“You’re just so blocked”, said me
“You fly too high”, said she
“I wonder why?” said me
“You’ve bigger wings”, said she
“More ragged though”, said me
“It’s just not fair!” said she
“What is, in love?” said me


© Alan Morrison, 2014

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