Equinox [poem]

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as summer dies so beauty fully
with that sigh (sforzandolike)
and autumn’s golden smirk
falls silently as homeless leaves
drift rocking side to side and down
to earthen featherbedly endofride
i smile through tears which mingle
with the lightsome lazy mist of dawn

always as the oncenewyear wynds down
(and even though my skin’s still brown)
my eyes turn upward and i think of birds
who look down on this heaving planet
with no trace of malice in their wings
or voice as still they sing on ice and wind
while in my now bedraggled moorland mind
i hear the curlew’s haunting bubbled call

the looming equinox has left the
orangeness of harvest moon behind
and squirrels leave their signs
in sodden scratched-out foodbanks
while september’s graceful slow decline
prepares the trees and ground for
[let’s just whisper] winter’s freeze
and spring is never far away


© Alan Morrison, 2014

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