Making Proper Charlies out of Us

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Before we get to talk about the recent events in Paris (which the title of this piece clearly references), let’s have an extended introduction to provide a background to those events — a kind of quick “what’s-going-on-in-the-world-for-dummies” glimpse of the global stage which has inexorably led to where we are now. You see, the events in Paris have not occurred in a vacuum. For it is a very dark world in which we currently live. I know you may want to believe otherwise and your positive thinking guru will have misleadingly told you that you shouldn’t ever think about all this because it creates “negative energy” (a buzz phrase which is thrown around gratuitously like confetti among New Age wannabes). But exposing the negative is actually positive! For it shows us what we are really dealing with in the world, how to live in a right and authentic way while it is happening, as well as filling us with encouragement. Now you may say: “What! How could thinking about a dark world possibly fill us with encouragement?” It will do that because I will ensure that it is put in a beautiful context that will show you where the light is in all of this. So… please walk with me for a while…

The genuinely spiritual human being knows that a fundamental part of being spiritual is seeing through (and having no part in) any kind of deception. In fact, to be spiritual means awakening from deception of all genres. Becoming spiritual means waking up from illusion (maya) — coming out of a state of sleepwalking through the wilderness of this world — not just in cosmic terms but also in an earthly context. For if we cannot penetrate illusion and deception on merely a simple physical level, how will we ever persevere with insight on the spiritual plane? That is a basic logical concept, arguing from the lesser to the greater. Thus, without becoming obsessed with (or morbidly interested in) deception, the spiritually-advancing person fascinatedly seeks to develop an awareness of how subterfuge works, where it exists and, in fact, how to jettison it from his or her life. In fact, it becomes a kind of game: Spot the illusion! If I can put it like this… we un-maya ourselves — we dis-illusion ourselves — we strip off all illusions, intentionally and willingly, with a cool sense of detachment from their snares. Those who wish to bury their heads in the sand or only ever think about “positive” things will not only be deceived bigtime in their lives but they will also remain in an extremely immature spiritual state. In other words, the spiritual person has what I call a built-in “Bullshitometer” (pronounced like thermometer) within his or her being. It is simply *not* spiritually savvy to be taken in by bullshit. It is downright foolish!

So… it is a very dark world in which we live. I could have said “in which we live *today*”. But really it is no darker in relative terms than it was in the so-called “Dark Ages” more than 1000 years ago or 2000 or 3000 or more. It’s just that there are many more ignorant people now to be manipulated and used and the power elite (both human and otherwise [yes, I said “otherwise”, because there are not just fleshly humans involved in this]) has had a lot longer to perfect its hegemony over the masses, as well as to create the technology and mass communications in order to make that possible. This aeon through which we have been passing for some tens of thousands of years — and which is soon to come to an end — is especially characterised by conflict, brutality, acquisition, vanity, narcissism, self-centredness, manipulation, deception, empty idolatry, wilful ignorance, domination, fear, authoritarianism, the ruthless accrual of power, competition, dependency, dread, materialism and, more latterly, compensatory consumerism. I say “compensatory” because we feel the urge to consume materially in such a voracious manner in order to compensate for the spiritual, existential emptiness which dwells within us. With so many reduced to a mere shell and living in a state of alienation from the unifying, miraculous core of existence — what Emile Durkheim aptly coined as “anomie” — it is hardly surprising that society in the more “developed”, supposedly “civilised” (but empty) world has become so rabidly consumerist.

Of course, there is also much to marvel at within the confines of this world. Sunsets have not disappeared yet (not yet). Fireflies still cavort luminously in the twilight. Baby elephants are still outrageously cute. Laughter (in between the tears) is still possible (though I haven’t truly guffawed for a very long time except at my own stupidity 😉 ). Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Venus (setting in the north just after sunset) look ravishing right now with the naked eye in the clear night sky. One can still be struck by the arrows of love (and fire them too!). Acts of kindness can still be found in the most unlikely places. And so much more! But none of that negates the burgeoning reality of an overwhelming darkness as the power-elite constantly strengthens its hold on the world (clinging onto what it knows it can only lose) as the old aeon morphs into the new, while consciences are increasingly cauterized and the love of most grows cold on this planet. It is no coincidence that there are no great works of symphonic music being written anymore, while most of what passes as “art” today is superficial, pretentious and meaningless — a true expression of the collective consciousness of old aeon humanity. When great symphonies and other wonderful works were being written and played and great masterpieces of art were being created, they were like shafts of light bursting out of the darkness. But now we are in the midst of a downward spiral of increasing velocity and madness — a maelstrom of burgeoning but necessary chaos. Necessary because from out of the chaos — like a phoenix rising from the ashes — will spring a global society based on a completely different way of life and being. There is a sense in which that new aeon society has already started subjectively in the minds and spirits of many. Though there are tough times ahead before it manifests in objective physical reality.

By the way, in case you are recoiling at my words, speaking about this chaos and all the deception which causes it is NOT negativity. Far from it! This is about exposing negativity masquerading as positivity. There is far too much phoney positivity today (again, encouraged by undiscerning New Age wannabes), based on escapism and/or a desperation for loveliness instead of ugliness (mingled with a generous pinch of cowardice). In many ways, I understand and sympathise with that stance; but it is not at all helpful to the establishment of truth and the growth of our being. *Our purpose on earth is not to hide in fear and ignorance from darkness (whether in ourselves or “out there”) but to be aware enough of it to avoid being bamboozled by it and even unwittingly overtaken by it (as is happening hugely today).* For darkness most often disguises itself as light. This masquerade is the essence of this ageing aeon of deception and dehumanisation. This is what the power-players on this earth are engaged in right now: presenting darkness disguised as light. Thus, when they promise security they mean slavery. When they promise protection they mean subjection. When they promise prosperity they mean increased consumption. When they promise “full disclosure” they mean a whitewash. When they promise victory they mean genocide. When they promise a “New World Order” they mean global hegemony and totalitarianism.

Any major event in the world, such as what has happened in Paris, has therefore to be seen against this backdrop of burgeoning mendacity and darkness. We must exercise the most extreme caution here. For one of the leading features of this darkness is deception. Behind all the front-of-house activities and even behind the theatre stage itself, there is a backstage where all the scriptwriting and casting takes place. A classic example of this at work can be seen in the field of politics. So accustomed have we become to being told “we live in a democracy”, we cannot see the trick which is being worked on us. There is no democracy. Anywhere. Period. A backstage elite of family lines, bankers, corporate powerbrokers and other movers and shakers hold the real reins of power in this world. However, in order to mask that, a whole system of politics has been developed in which voting is a little theatrical front-of-house sideshow they have set up for people so that they imagine there is some kind of democratic process in which to be involved in order to change things. It doesn’t change anything. Ever. Haven’t you yet noticed that your vote changes nothing? Mostly, political activity is about as effective as moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic. You vote for some people who are full of promises and ideals. A few years later it is shown to be a pack of lies. So you vote for a new lot, which is then shown to be another pack of lies a few years after that. And so the merry show goes on.

The reason for this is because the people you vote for do not run your country. Congresses, parliaments, bundestags, etc. are just window-dressing. Your vote is what is known in their trade as “engineered consent” — a phrase first coined as an essay/book title by the father of public relations, Edward Bernays (and nephew of Sigmund Freud), in 1947. In that work, he argued that the consent of the people had to be engineered in order for society to work. (Incidentally, Bernays’ writings on PR and propaganda were the preferred reading of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda!). We can see the “engineered consent” taking place each election time, when people are made to think that they are deciding their future but the power-elite-owned media primes people on who to vote for. It looks like a serious business with all the commentary and razzmatazz surrounding elections but it is a show specially put on to drag you into the illusion that you have a choice in your future. The power-elite fosters this illusion because it serves their purpose, for the time being, as they drip-feed their way to their planned future totalitarian world government — all the while hiding behind this pretended “democracy” so as to conceal their hegemonic intentions as well as prevent the all-out rebellion which could happen if they revealed their long-term plans too soon. In the meantime, the aim of the power-elite through their government lackeys is to make you feel that security from mayhem and chaos can ONLY be found in their protective shelter. They intensify that feeling each time they deliberately create an atrocity to shock the world. When the time comes for them to reveal their true intentions, the world will — apart from any insightful dissidents alive at that time — be so shell-shocked from the chaos which the power-elite will have induced that they will accept anything — even a global totalitarian regime.

I know this is very hard for left-wing people especially to take in. Right-wing types vote to preserve a conservative status quo. Left-wing types vote to bring about social change. The latter must therefore desperately hold on to the idea that by voting they can bring about social justice and the redistribution of wealth. But this is just an illusion, because the people they are voting into office have no real power. Any president or prime minister who tried to change anything fundamental to the corrupt system would be swiftly eliminated as both a punishment and a warning to any other potential dissidents. That’s why JFK was assassinated. He and his brother were planning to stand up to organised crime syndicates and JFK himself had vowed to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces”. He then sacked the Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles. Basically, they were threatening to take on the two organisations which have the most corrupting power in the USA and beyond — the CIA and organised crime (which work together anyway, just as the FSB/KGB and organized crime do so in Russia). Kennedy’s assassination was a big message to anyone who dares to stand on their hind legs against the powerbrokers of the world. In fact, anyone of influence who tries to expose or oppose the dark powers of this world will either have their character assassinated and/or their bodies.

When I speak of “front-of-house”, I mean everyday life. Politics is the stage. But the real decisions are made out of sight, backstage, by a power-elite which is ruled by the principles of darkness, obfuscation, mendacity and deception. I cannot emphasise that word “darkness” enough in this context of the power-elite and what empowers them. It is a darkness which lies way beyond any horror/zombie/vampire movie you could see (and it is no coincidence that there are so many of those around). The power-elite rules in two ways:

FIRST, THE POWER-ELITE RULES THROUGH ENFORCEMENT. This is carried out by the normal police forces. Obviously, one needs some kind of protection against crime and antisocial behaviour; but that is merely its exoteric role. For the police are also used as a tool of enforcement against dissidence as special branches infiltrate and subvert any groups which, for example, are questioning norms, advancing peace or advocating social change — no matter how innocent they may be. Deeper layers of enforcement of the policies of the power-elite come through the so-called security services or intelligence networks such as NSA, CIA, FSB, MI6 (SIS), Mossad, etc. They are the clandestine enforcers; presenting themselves as providers of security, protectors of the right and the good — though “reluctantly” having to use nefarious methods to do so — but in reality they are merely enforcing the most draconian policies of the dark powers which run this world.

SECOND, THE POWER-ELITE RULES THROUGH MANIPULATION. That manipulation can be broken down into three sub-manners of manipulation such as a) putting out disinformation through the media which they own (what we call “the mainstream media”); b) carrying out programmes of mind-control and psychological operations (psyops) through intelligence agencies and the military to create fear and dread in the population; and c) using tactics of division in the population in order to rule more easily. (You can find more extensive analysis of these tactics in a paper I wrote here: Blueprint for the Coming Half-Century – 1965-2015 . I strongly urge you to read this paper, which is written from the perspective of a black-ops secret group operating within the CIA, planning out its agenda for the fifty years 1965-2015).

One of the most effective ways of enforcing the power-elite’s policies through instilling fear into a population (and thereby making them more dependent and more open to manipulation) is for a government to carry out what are known as “False Flag Operations”. This can involve government forces actually generating or being involved in the creation of a catastrophic event and then falsely blaming it on an individual or group, so that they can further their control over the population through increased fear, “security” and surveillance. There are three levels at which these “false flags” can occur.

1. At the deepest level, forces owned by the government actually carry out the event themselves then blame it on a person or persons or an organisation whose reputation they want to tarnish. A classic historical example of this was the burning of the German Reichstag in 1933, through which the Nazi Party was able to consolidate its control over the country, while blaming a hapless young communist who happened to be in the area.

2. On a less deep level of False Flag Operation, government agencies will infiltrate a group which is planning or is likely to plan an atrocity and then act as agent provocateurs in order to incite the group into fulfilment and then make a catastrophic event happen but be absolved of all blame. It may surprise many of you to know that *almost all of the acts of terrorism which have taken place in the United States of America since 9/11 have been generated by the security services*, notably the FBI, through entrapment and inculcation. This is not just conspiracy theory and it is no exaggeration. This is where your learning curve begins. You can check it out for yourself. And when you find the reports you will see that they are not in the Daily Beast or Mash or Onion or any other kooky media outlet. They are in the mainstream media! I’ll start you off with a sample report from the UK Guardian Newspaper: . There you will see that the FBI was actually grooming dysfunctional people into committing terrorist acts. (By the way, before you say that this is proof that the mainstream media is trustworthy, you have to realise that the power-elite doesn’t mind you knowing about a certain controlled amount of what they do. So they even feed stuff to the media about their activities to make it appear as if there is a free press. There is a limit; and if a journalist or paper goes beyond that limit they will quickly be dispatched from this world (check out Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings’ strange death as an example; and if you ask me, I will send you my extended article on how assassination is a widely-used tool today against a massive number of dissidents who expose the power-elite’s workings). Besides, the power-elite knows very well that most people have so much cognitive dissonance that they won’t be able to connect the dots even if they are drawn for them! 🙂

3. A still less deep level of False Flag Operation would be when government forces have knowledge about an impending terrorist act but make no attempt to intervene because the intended catastrophic event would be extremely convenient for the government. A classic historical example of that would be the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941, which was already known about in advance but not intercepted in any way. It was allowed to happen because it suited the government’s purpose regarding entry into the war. You can read about that here: and here: .

Many would claim that the events in the USA on September 11, 2001 (which raise so many question marks and leave so many unanswered) was a classic False Flag Operation through which the USA found a convenient excuse to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq, allegedly in search of Osama bin Laden (who was actually a CIA asset, as has been shown many times) and to overthrow Saddam Hussein (who was actually put in power in the first place by a CIA enacted coup d’etat but was no longer playing ball and they wanted him out). I am one of the increasingly huge number of people who believe that 9/11 was a textbook False Flag Operation. I did so as soon as I heard about it. At the time, it was too stupendous for most people to believe that. But now there is a massive number who do. It is a major step for someone to take to suddenly accept that their government and all the powers they believed in are actually liars and murderers who will commit the worst atrocities imaginable, both at home and overseas. But it is a vital part of one’s awakening process: Letting go, not only of dependence on, and believing in, governments and government agencies but also letting go of all illusions of any kind. This is the true meaning of being disillusioned and it is a good thing. It’s what I call “blesséd disillusionment”. That disillusionment with one’s patriotic, nationalistic notions should be sought-after and never feared.

Between 1997 and 2008, I was running a word-of-mouth email list of around 1600 people across the world (which included a couple of politicians, three high-ranking officers in the US forces who were disillusioned with what their government was doing and also, I believe, at least a couple of spooks!). To them, I sent my investigative articles and other thoughts on a twice or thrice weekly basis. I received much correspondence from perplexed, questioning and even amusingly insulting people (plus death threats on my family). One day, I received an email from a guy who had been a police officer in Cleveland, Ohio. He said he was horrified that I could question his government’s integrity (which included an article in early 2003 showing the true context for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq). He said he was going to use all his powers as a cop to investigate and prove me wrong. A few months later I received an email from him which said:

“Alan – I confess I am a broken man. I have investigated and I have had the rug pulled out from underneath everything which I held dear. I realize now that what you have been writing is 100% true. I have just sat for nearly two hours in a sort of nauseated stupor. My opinion is that the country I loved is virtually dead and probably beyond hope of survival – we have waited too long; the conspirators have been too clever. So how do you manage to keep a spark of hope?”

This kind of response is one that I love to read. For it is a wonderful springboard towards both hope and an awakened spiritual life. These both begin as soon as we relinquish illusions (becoming dis-illusioned) and try to discover where hope and light *really* lie. You see, all that has happened here is that this exceptionally honest man no longer seeks false hope in his government and is now seeking to find it elsewhere. That is not negative! At first, in the emptiness, he feels as if he is without hope. That is the perfect position to be in — the very best starting point from which to commence a questing journey of education and hope in the invincibility of spirit and light.

So, where do the events which have just taken place in Paris fit into all this? Right from the moment these events began to play out in the media I had questions in my head:

1. Those guys were able to spend a considerable amount of time (acting very casually too — strolling in the street, stopping to reload a gun, etc.) going into and shooting up the magazine staff. They seemed to have no fear that they would be apprehended. The Wikipedia article on the Charlie Hebdo massacre reports that they spent between 5 – 10 minutes in the offices, not including the time spent going to the wrong entrance (the archive office) beforehand and then hanging around in the street afterwards, taking time to shoot a policeman and fire many rounds at a police car before making their getaway. So that means that there was between 10 and 15 minutes for the entire operation from the gunmen arriving and then leaving. Yet no proper armed police response came throughout that entire time. This wasn’t in some sleepy suburb but in the middle of Paris in the Bastille area. This is just unbelievable! I can assure you that if it had been an armed bank heist being carried out by gun-toting masked raiders, the CRS and other elite forces would have been there within a couple of minutes with helicopters hovering above and, at the very least, those little roads around the scene of the attack would have been immediately blocked. I have lived in France for many years. The country has extremely efficient first-responder/emergency services and special forces which it does not hesitate to use. Yet there was no sign of them there until way too late. It was as if those gunmen were being given carte blanche to do their dastardly work and they certainly took their time about it. All of this points to a massive False Flag Operation — one could even go so far as to call it “Europe’s 9/11”.

2. It has to be asked: how did a couple of guys from an HLM in Reims know there would be a full editorial meeting in the Hebdo offices? (By the way, for your interest, the word “Hebdo” is a diminutive of the French word “hebdomadaire”, which means “weekly”). Their timing was perfect. Military precision.

3. The perpetrators purportedly left one of their ID cards in one of the getaway cars. Does that have the ring of truth about it? Not to me! That is a classic sign of a corrupt government operation. Those gunmen are said to have gone about their business with military precision. Yet one of them left his ID card in the getaway car. You have to laugh!

4. The perpetrators had to be killed of course. No loose ends. I knew that was going to happen. Dead men don’t talk. As the character, Bob Lee Swagger, put it in the revealing film “Shooter”: “The first rule of conspiracy is to find some dumb-assed patsy, blame him and then kill him. The second rule of conspiracy is to clean up the loose ends.”

5. Speaking of “loose ends”, whenever these false flags are happening I always watch out for not only the elimination of the perpetrators but also for any inexplicable denunciations or “suicides” of key players. Within days of the attack, one of the police commissioners (2nd in command of the regional police service) involved in the case, Helric Fredou, was killed in his office in Limoges (allegedly a suicide) with a shot in the head from his own gun. He had just interviewed the parents of one of the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack and had also “sent a group of investigators to Chateauroux… carrying out checks as part of the bombing investigation to Charlie Hebdo” (Le Parisien, 9/1/2015). He was waiting for the return of his team for a debriefing when he allegedly killed himself. Ironically, a little over two years earlier, Fredou had found one of his own colleagues (the 3rd in command in the regonal police service) in a suicided state. Internal investigators then unearthed what they called “une ambiance exécrable” in the office and problems with the higher authorities. Naturally, the investigators into Fredou’s death alleged he was depressed. All this is classic and, frankly, stinks to high hell. How much did he know? Was his conscience starting to get the better of him? These are questions to which I would love to know the answer.

One of the problems in any conspiracy such as a False Flag Operation is ensuring that everyone who is in on it keeps schtum. Anyone who jeopardises the cause has to be taken out with the utmost prejudice, one way or another. There must be no loose ends. This is why JFK’s alleged killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, had to be taken out and why the mafia-connected killer who subsequently killed Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, also had to be taken out . This is how it works. No loose ends all the way down the line. It’s an old, old pattern.

[For those too young to remember, Jack Ruby was the unstable, nightclub-owning, mafia-connected “patsy” who was sent in to kill Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK’s alleged killer) to shut him up, not at the time realising that he himself was going to be taken out too. Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article about Ruby: “A year after his conviction, in March 1965, Ruby conducted a brief televised news conference in which he stated: ‘Everything pertaining to what’s happening [about the JFK murder] has never come to the surface. The world will never know the true facts of what occurred, my motives. The people who had so much to gain, and had such an ulterior motive for putting me in the position I’m in, will never let the true facts come above board to the world.’ When asked by a reporter: ‘Are these people in very high positions Jack?’ he responded ‘Yes’.] As Swagger rightly said in the movie “Shooter”, the loose ends must always be cleaned up. This is one of the two primary rules in any conspiracy.

6. The two gunmen at Charlie Hebdo’s offices had been under extensive monitoring by anti-terrorist authorities. They will have known their every move. One of them, Cherif Kouachi, had even been arrested in 2008 for sending fighters out of France to Iraq, for which he served 18 months in prison. Outside the court, Cherif claimed that he had been set up by the French authorities. You can read about that here and see a video of his claims too: . These links between alleged terrorists and intelligence services are ubiquitous. You will even find that some of them (especially in the UK) have been double agents. There is a great deal of evidence to show that IS (or whatever it calls itself now) is a False Flag Operation created and funded by the CIA and Mossad. .

So what is the aftermath of the attack in Paris? There is not one but many. First, it opens the way to hugely increased security operations and, no doubt, more curtailed liberties. Second, as we can see, many operations are in action across Europe in mass arrests. This creates a further wave of fear. Third, the strategy of divide and rule is furthered hugely as people then come to believe that Islam (instead of the power-elite) is the problem. The power-elite always has to have a “bogeyman”, much like Orwell portrayed the character, Emmanuel Goldstein in his book (required reading), “1984” — someone that they portray as an enemy of the people so that they are cowed in fear. []. In the USA during the so-called Cold War, it was Dirty Commies (Reds under the Bed”). Osama bin Laden (really a CIA asset) was another classic example of the bogeyman to keep the people in a state of fear and infantile dependence on their corrupt and power-elite serving governments. Now the bogeyman is IS and Muslims in general. One wonders who it will be next, if this is not the last phase of the power-elite’s strategy and there actually is a “next”.

Another aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo killings has been evidence of it as being not only a classic False Flag Operation but one which is also — in its outworkings — a massive power-elite-induced mind-control psyop. Think about it. They’ve got millions upon millions across Europe to demonstrate for the liberty to publish tee-hee-hee snigger-schoolboy cartoons while they gradually destroy all liberty behind our backs. This is so neat! Those millions who demonstrate for liberty don’t even know the meaning of the word. They wouldn’t know what freedom is even if it hit them in the face. For freedom is not about some caviar trotskyites and communists being free to write some childishly provocative cartoons. That is a complete red herring. Worse, it is a soft target. Where were those millions of demonstrators for liberty when their own governments were killing millions of Iraqis (including a majority of women and children)? Where were those millions when Israel — itself a product of its own heinous persecution by others in Europe — was heinously persecuting and genociding innocent women and children in Gaza? Where were those millions when so many whistleblowers were being ridiculed or assassinated by their governments? Where will those millions be when their government’s security services start coming for upstanding dissidents with a 3 O’clock knock? I’ll tell you where they were, or will be: Hiding behind their doors with a lot of shit in their pants.

Not only that hypocrisy, but these millions demonstrating around Europe actually held up placards saying “Je suis Charlie”. It’s interesting that the “informal” dictionary definition meaning of the word “Charlie” in Britain is “fool” or “idiot” (e.g. “He’s a proper Charlie” or “He’s a right Charlie” or “What a Charlie!” etc.). In French, when describing one’s job, one doesn’t use the indefinite article. Therefore, one says “je suis écrivain”, I am a writer. Thus, the esoteric meaning of “Je suis Charlie” is “I am an idiot”. Now lie back and appreciate the psyop in getting half the world to hold up signs saying “I am an idiot”. Really. You couldn’t make it up if you tried! They are making proper Charlies out of us! And, no doubt, laughing heartily about it.

That, coupled with the picture of many world “leaders” (including a number of known war-criminals) assembling in a street in Paris for a photo-opportunity, makes this whole episode one of the most blatant mind-control operations ever to be pulled off. As if any of those people cares about freedom or free speech! Many have questioned the wisdom of assembling so many world “leaders” in one place at the same time as they could have been wiped out in a terrorist attack. I have to laugh at that. The reason there was no danger of a terrorist attack on them is because those are the very people who control all the terrorist groups in the world!

I could go on to ask if any of those assembled world “leaders” in Paris actually liked Charlie Hebdo as a magazine. Surely the group of assorted Trotskyites and communists who ran it would be anathema to most of the people in the photo-op! One could even rightly speculate that the authorities killed two birds with one stone by not only creating a False Flag Operation which would enable them to clamp down even more on freedoms and set up their phoney New World Order but it also enabled them to take out a bunch of potential dissidents in one fell swoop (and then pretend to mourn for them)! It doesn’t take much research to see how the power-elite is assassinating journalists, writers, artists and whistleblowers en masse in the 20th and 21st centuries. [Ask me for my extended article about assassination and I will send it to you].

Another aftermath is all that grief-porn. This goes back to the assassination of Lady Di in 1997— which was the forerunner in these mass-emotion, mind-control, experimental psyops. (Another notable example was the first election of Barak Obama, with mass hysteria across the world and the mindless slogan “Yes we can”). It’s as if the participants are hypnotised, waving candles and wholly unaware of the implications of their part in the process — in the case of Paris, more or less standing shoulder to shoulder in the cause of “liberty” with all those war-criminal world “leaders”. The irony! One can see the puppet-masters improving each time in their ability to manipulate emotions on a mass scale.

Freedom. We use the word so glibly these days. The same with “freedom of speech”. If there can be any such thing as freedom in this world it is, at the very least, being able to dream and grow and maybe make those dreams come true. But there can be no freedom of speech without self-awareness. We need to know why we say the things we say (and do the things we do) — where our words come from, to understand the sacredness of words. Then our speech can be free. However, freedom to childishly, whimsically, insult people with schoolboy snigger cartoons is not freedom of speech at all but little more than a display of sub-adolescent self-indulgence.

So, we have to see the massacre in Paris as part of a much wider descent into chaos and darkness. This planet is presently permitted temporarily to be controlled by dark powers (darker than you can imagine in your worst nightmares). For now is their hour and the power of darkness. We are in the midst of a vast spiritual battle. The present aeon is predominantly burgeoning under the influence of the darkness and is building to a climax of evil which will make Orwell’s “1984” seem like a Boy Scout’s tea party. But it will not always be so. It is a question of consciousness. Eventually — hopefully not too far away (and I hope I’m still around to see it) — the darkness will destroy itself, for darkness can never prevail. It is only happening to provide us with a lesson. For the darkness is rooted in the maladjusted human ego running rampant in its hubris and with a cauterized conscience. But the more self-aware people become, the more their consciousness develops. The more we develop, the more we pave the way for the new aeon when the old one dies. It is a transitional stage that we are currently passing through. It is bumpy and uncomfortable and will issue in a huge cataclysm across the earth. Many will die — especially those of influence who see through what is happening and speak out about it, uncowed (for the one thing which the power-elite cannot tolerate is the human being who they cannot subjugate and who resists them with every atom of his or her being).

We cannot change all this — all that is to come upon the earth. It will happen inexorably. All the voting in the universe will change nothing. Revolutions will change nothing. Presidents and politicians will come and go as patsies in the process. They are not relevant to anything. It all has to happen — like an abscess which must come to a head and burst before it can be healed. All we can do is educate people about what is coming on this earth, so that they are ready and will not be swept away by it and who will even grow as a result of it. To be fully alive and conscious at this time is a strengthening and enriching process. In fact, if we open our eyes fully, this is a magnificent opportunity to grow and find out who we are really meant to be: no more enslaved to a false system of illusions or a false self but wide-awake and ready to be of service in this confused and latent world.

NoStoneUnturned Wordshop
© Alan Morrison, 2015

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