Lord Greville protected from Prosecution

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SO… LORD GREVILLE JANNER (UK), PAEDOPHILE, HAS BEEN PROTECTED FROM PROSECUTION on the basis that he has Alzheimers. No surprises there. The nefarious activities of this former Labour member of parliament (1970-1997) and now member of the House of Lords are just the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg of paedofilth in the establishment — not just in the UK but worldwide. It is endemic and also a pandemic. The ‘intelligence’ [sic] agencies (MI5, MI6, CIA, etc) and law ‘enforcement’ [sic] agencies are continually stepping in to prevent exposure of establishment figures. That is one of their major functions as a part of propping up the status quo of masked corruption of the highest order. This whole thing goes waaaay further than mostpeople would imagine in their worst nightmares. Every so often, a few legendary showbusiness characters are hung out to dry as a bit of bloodletting so the sheople think that justice has been done. The many paedos active in the judiciary, parliament, law ‘enforcement’, think-tanks, government agencies and other ‘higher’ echelons of society will generally be protected from any kind of exposure or prosecution (with the occasional exception who has trodden on someone’s toes or who has become a threat). Also, this has nothing to do with left or right wing. It is right across the board, whether the ancient Monday Club or Tony Blair’s New Labour and so on into the present day. This paedofilth activity is actually used by the intelligence agencies, on behalf of the power-elite, as a way of controlling people. It goes even deeper than everything I’ve said so far (for sex with children is really an occult activity from the blackest bowels of darkness, perpetrated and encouraged by beings that mostpeople couldn’t even begin to grapple with or comprehend)… but I’ve said enough on a medium such as Facebook. This is an area in which, if you know too much and you are influential, you will get whacked. That’s why no mainstream journalist with a sense of self-preservation will probe this. He or she would become history before any part of the story saw the light of day. They would just hit a “huis clos” and a nasty end. The protectors of this evil are utterly ruthless and clinical (with 24/7 on-call clean-up teams ready to vapourise evidence in minutes). You would be hit/taken out/terminated in no time (fake suicide being the most likely cause of death, with the coroner declaring that “the balance of your mind was disturbed”). The brave and lovely BBC Crimewatch presenter, Jill Dando, was investigating the establishment paedophile ring (BBC division) when she was assassinated in a professional hit with a bullet to her head outside her London home almost exactly 16 years ago. When she passed on the fruits of her investigations to her BBC bosses no one wanted to know. See this link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2698820/Murdered-Crimewatch-presenter-Jill-Dando-tried-bosses-investigate-alleged-paeodphile-ring-inside-BBC-no-one-wanted-know.html . (Jill Dando had also created an organisation to help children spot paedophiles). It’s going to take more than a few stitched-up, deliberately-not-deep-enough pieces in the Guardian to bring the depths of this filth to light. For we are dealing here not with an anomaly, exception or rarity but with THE VERY FABRIC — the actual warp and woof — of society today in the world as it is presently constituted. The storm clouds are gathering. This is a spiritual battle of immense proportions. We need to ensure we know which side we are on. There can be no neutrality…

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