Last Night I found the Girl of my Dreams

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LAST NIGHT I found the girl of my dreams. She was smart, svelte, sorted, funny, curious, quirky, unconventional, endlessly interesting, comfortable in her skin, mature but youthful, resourceful, fearless, courageous, faithful, loyal, talented and she played alto viol in a consort of viols. Yes, last night I found the girl of my dreams. Only thing is… it was literally in my dreams! Yet, it was so real. The setting was the late 17th century when I was living as a fugitive poet and had been offered sanctuary in the house of an off-beat nobleman near Pau in France. It was midday and I was shown into a room full of people discussing music prior to an evening of concerts. In the corner by herself, quietly studying drawings of viols in various states of repair and manufacture (I discovered that her father was a luthier) was this girlofmydreams. I was drawn to her like a magnet and, feeling shy, I sat down silently near her. She looked up and I was burnt to a cinder in an instant. That’s the only way I can describe it. Next thing we were lying on the grass outside surrounded by music partitions and talking about everythingunderthesun. It was a conversation that I wanted to last forever. Her smile! Her laugh! Her searing expressions. I had arrived. I was at home. That was where I belong. When I then awoke (due to neighbours moving furniture upstairs at 7am!) it was as if a whole world had been wrenched from me. It was the most vivid dream I have ever had. All day long I have had the mixed feeling of a yearning ache within and a consummate fulfilment. It has all been very strange. And wonderful. The End.

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