Reception [poem]

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Welcome to this world of mine
which tries with all its heart
to intertwine round every
perfume-scented wind of change
in hope that love and coloured light
will be diffused across your stage
where lessthanloveslight lurks
in darkened corners underlaid
with childhood hurt and primal pain
the fruits of which have never
brought a grain of beauty’s breath
to the banquet richness
safety net of friendship —
only death

Welcome to this stream of mine
wherein you fish and genely bathe
and hidden depths bring treasure
so you’ll no more be enslaved
to ancient engrams plaguing you
from time of birth and long beyond
(that dim polluted pond of
shadowy undreams which pull
your strings of desperation —
repeated vacuous infatuations)
for soon you’ll know your worth
compared to every swirling
nebulously starful
future sun

© Alan Morrison, 2015

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