More on the Jacky Sutton alleged “Suicide”:

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Quote from the Daily Mail: “Lorna Tychostup, who worked with [Jacky] in 2010, said: ‘I lived with her in Baghdad in her compound in her villa [for] at least four months. I saw her under a tremendous amount of stress. She handled herself with dignity, with strength. So it’s nonsense [to say she was] crying because she missed a flight. The idea that she would not have funds to take her wherever she wanted is ludicrous. She definitely rattled cages. I’m sure she had some people who didn’t like her in places of power.”

Well, yes. That’s plain! There is no doubt at all that she was murdered by some scumbag(s) as a result of a hit ordered by “people in places of power”.

Then we read that Jacky “had recently spoken of fears she would be targeted by Islamic State”. But Islamic State is just a puppet organisation for the military/intel powers in the West (primarily the USA but also including the UK). IS or ISIL or ISIS (or whatever other bullshit name it gives itself) is just a bunch of mercenaries hired, armed and kitted out by the Western powers for two reasons: 1. To oppose regimes that the US doesn’t like in the Middle-East and 2. To terrorise the world population with irrational fear (taking over from Al-Qæda, which was another phoney outfit originally set up by the USA). That’s why they keep showing us those fake IS beheading videos and conveniently photogenic IS drive-bys in fleets of Toyoya pick-up trucks! Were it not so evil, it would be laughable. And all the couch-potatoes lap it up as they’re hypnotised by the TV News each evening! I’m living on a stage-set… and the show is descending into a farce!

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