If You’re Wondering Why this World seems to be run by Psychopaths…

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IF YOU’RE WONDERING WHY THIS WORLD seems to be run by psychopaths while being so chaotic, unpredictable, steeped in subterfuge and deception and outrageously violent — so that you hardly know whether you’re coming or going — it’s because this dimension has been under the control of parasitic beings which have come from a parallel dimension from the earliest time in history. Many are worried about the destruction of the world. But this tough old world of ours has already been through a number of long-extinct civilisations, one or more of which have been even more technically advanced than ours. Many people do not realise that this earth is a living being which cannot be destroyed by us (with the emphasis there on the word “us 😉 ). It is an extraordinary, magnificently complex, unfathomable, multi-faceted theatre which has been designated for this creation to play out its story in all its gore and glory. We don’t need to worry about the planet, for it is entirely self-regenerating and will be here long after the present “civilisation” has been wiped out (which, thankfully, is coming sooner than we think).

If people knew what is really happening behind the gross charade of what we call “civilisation”, they would realise that the horror films they love to watch are, in comparison, a walk in the park. In fact, horror films have been deliberately designed by the dark powers (human and discarnate) to desensitise people to the escalating horrors of this world. (In other words, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!). Only a deeply sick human being would want to watch them. But this world, in its ignorance and arrogance, is being temporarily controlled by beings of great darkness. Mostpeople are under their control too, behaving like little robots who can be pulled in any direction those dark powers wish. Just a cursory look around the world today confirms that.

Due to wilful ignorance, acute fear, irrationality, cultural conditioning, media brainwashing and social engineering, mostpeople are entirely unaware of why the world is heading inexorably in its present catastrophic direction. And it will be catastrophic. Civilisations come and go and this one is going out with a bang. No doubt about that! Protection from the darkness is needed. This will never be provided by governments, religions or political ideologies (which are all methods of control which thrive on fear and the inculcation of a victim-mentality). They are all heading towards their inevitable violent end, as everything will be destroyed in the purging of this earth, with the exception of truth and Light and those who follow them. Only by pledging ourselves to the cause of truth and the beauty of Light can we find our true refuge. Then we can begin to become who we are really meant to be and live an authentic life of growth and insight, even in the midst of a degenerating world — ESPECIALLY in the middle of it!

The big question is this: Can enough members of the human race be raised to a higher-dimensional way of thinking and being so that they become the necessary survivors from the old corrupted civilisation (old aeon) and then build the new civilisation (new aeon) based on harmony instead of conflict; insightfulness instead of naivety; altruism instead of acquisition; courage instead of fear; humility instead of narcissism; transparency instead of deception; sensitive leadership instead of manipulation; wisdom instead of ignorance; service instead of dominance; delegation instead of the accrual of power; self-awareness instead of unconscious existence; cooperation instead of competition; the promotion of gender as complementary rather than contrary; awareness instead of stupefaction; exciting anticipation instead of ominous dread; collaborative self-sufficiency instead of consumerism and greed; fruitfulness instead of vanity (futility); etc.

The time has come to take a stand. Not to save the earth — for she will save herself! — but to stand up to the dark powers which control this planet and its people and then create a new enlightened civilisation (a new aeon) out of the present corrupted one — to be an avant-garde of forerunners who are the heralds of this new aeon right now, as a kind of benign, higher-dimensional fifth column right in the heart of a dying age. This is the task now for all Light-followers.

However, we live in the midst of an extremely deceptive age which is steeped in subterfuge and darkness. The parasitic beings which temporarily control this earth are very adept at presenting themselves as “beings of light” or “good aliens” — whatever disguise will most easily appeal to their dupes. In this way, even many potential followers of true Light can be railroaded and “led away with the fairies” (even literally!). We must be extremely vigilant in this respect and not allow ourselves to be taken in by anything and everything, just because it presents itself to us in a positive light.

In order for us to take a stand against the dark powers and ensure that we are on the genuine pathway of Light, we should set out to purify ourselves as much as possible. To do that, we must become in tune with a higher dimension than this merely fleshly one and set about liberating ourselves and — through our example — others on earth from the destructive engrams (traumatic memory-based mind-patterns) laid down in our lives by our crippling early experiences. Those engrams are then reinforced by the corruption of a world system of fraudulent politics, phoney “democracy”, degenerate media, serial wars and corporate evil — the whole of which has been initiated on earth by those parasitic beings mentioned above, which operate from a parallel world from where they control the earth’s power elite as well as interfacing directly with individual minds which they control through corrupted emotions such as fear, envy, jealousy, uncontrolled anger, mendacity, deceit, cowardice and other similar manifestations of darker comportment. Only when we have freed ourselves of enslavement to all of these things can we begin to blossom into fully liberated human beings.

This is a remarkable time to be alive. It is not a time for despair but exhilaration at the prospect of a new civilisation rising phoenix-like from the dying embers of the old. It is also a time to choose whether to be part of the problem or part of the solution. As I wrote in a recent sonnet:


We wrestle not with things which we can see.
Yet, unbeknown to most, there is a war
enshrouded with invisibility,
which all who love the Light come to explore.

The world we see is just an outward show
of what is nowly hidden from our eyes.
The truth’s revealed to those who want to know;
for there is more than blueness in our skies.

Around this earth swirl skirmishes now veiled
in parallelsome ether’s cunning cloak.
Through phantoms there the blind will be derailed
but not those who to truth and Light awoke.

The time has come to choose which side to take;
for soon upon this world a storm will break.

© Alan Morrison, 2015

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