What we Honor [poem]

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Oh, by the way, there’s something I must nowly
say to you: That lovely face of yours on which
you lavish so much slavish concentration — e.g.
mirror-time and paint — will not be here for long.
You’re just a temporary Graphical User Interface
(or GUI) within this world for someone you forgot.
What’s more, no matter how you try, you’ll never
stop that face from being worm-food in the earth.
The beauty which you think you see will surely rot.
It’s coming soon; you’ll then learn life’s true worth.
And with a cheeky smile I say the person who you
think you are’s the one who you are definitely not!
And if that seems too riddlelike for you to handle
at this tender time of day, then crack the code so
you will understand & know yourself without delay.

Who is it gazing out from deep behind those eyes?
The mirror-face you see is an impostor — the result
of what has been a lifetime of rehearsals for a lie.
Each time I see my face, I have to laugh out loud
(which can be quite a joke if I am in a public place
or on a train or out with friends or milling in a crowd!).
We are not here for long and it’s our solemn duty to
discover who or what it is that pulls our strings
(for better and for worse), directs our hidden path
and what it is that really sings the tune behind it all.
The time has come to vandalise (destroy) the wall.

Walls intruding everywhere, between us & our selves,
between us & each other’s souls, between our colours,
races, genders, places, which are accidents of birth.
We foster sibling rivalry — symbolic and for real —
so much that we no longer can connect or handle
true emotions, understand our hearts or what we feel;
grappling with our engrams undermines life’s worth.
So let’s unload that smoking gun from hurts we still
perceive as being extant in our lives from long ago.
Let’s now unload the baggage too which interferes
gratuitously with connections & our energetic flow.

This crazy cuspal time, as aeons change and angels
from above and from below reveal themselves in
multiple identities (and, yes, we have been called
to know the difference or our heads hide in the sand),
is one in which we’re also called to come down off the
fences where we sit, to love the light & make a stand.
And if you’re lacking courage (for to love the light in
this dark world brings not just overwhelming joy but
spiritual challenges and often pain), then ask for it
and you will know such strength as you have never
known before. I guarantee that it will come, for sure.

So if your heart is nestling in the bosom of the tears
of love’s divine eternal flow, no matter what befalls
you on this (so far) stricken (yet to be exalted) globe,
you will be given all you need to say & do whatever
must be said and done, whatever strife may come.
Even though we may be killed for what we know,
believe or say, or for who we will refuse to worship,
give obeisance to (for we will then be consciously
attuned & full devoted to another realm — the seeds
of which on earth have long ago been sown), that
sacrifice will be for us a pleasure and delight, for in
this fleeting life the joy to serve we will have known
and thus encouragement to others on the path will
have been given — what we honour will be shown.

© Alan Morrison, 2016

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