Choose your Crazy [sonnet]

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Two kinds of crazy live here in the main:
“A” doesn’t fit (square peg in a round hole);
Whereas “B” thinks s/he’s normal, straight and sane.
B “belongs”; A has fire in the soul.

At home on the earth in its 3-D form,
all the Bs think it’s cute to be anchored
in flesh — enmeshed in a straitjacket norm,
with their spirits enslaved, quelled and conquered.

A, on the other hand, feels it’s insane
to collaborate here with the psychos
who imagine that the sign of “humane”
is to slaughter and control all that grows.

Armed with this pen I’ve been crazed since my source.
When “A” has prevailed, ascension’s on course!


© Alan Morrison, 2016

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