“What are you Contemplating?”

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SO I’M SITTING IN A CHAIR JUST NOW, thinking deeply. And my sister walks past me and says “What are you contemplating?” So I reply: “I’m just thinking how what that evil Tunisian twat did in Nice the other night is actually very little compared to what the US and UK military forces have done in Iraq and Libya, where they’ve killed MILLIONS of women and children”. That’s what I said to her. Then I continued contemplating about how the presidents and prime ministers — empty men and women (whatever happened to the idea of a “patriarchy”? 😉 ) — have the nerve to give talks on TV with their fake pomp and phony manner and speak about how they will “take a stand against terrorism” and will not be cowed by those who are “jealous of our freedoms” and all that bla-bla bullshit, when it is the governments themselves who are the real terrorists — far worse terrorists than the ISIS mercenary psychopaths (who are in any case funded by the CIA and its satellites) or the fucked-up, angry, trigger-happy, Maghrebian misfits in France. I say “far worse” because at least you know where you stand with the ISIS mercenaries and Maghrebian misfits, in that they declare their evil and violence with pride, whereas the politicians pretend they are humane and peace-loving.

All the “sympathetic” people saying “Je Suis France” or changing their profile pics to the French flag and so on, did they get alongside the women and children of Iraq who have been bombed and raped and pillaged in their homes? Did they hold their plastic “leaders” to account for their war crimes? No. They couldn’t give a flying fuck about dead kids and their mums in Iraq because it’s not trendy and it doesn’t reflect how governments want them (like little puppets) to behave. Psychopathic governments are very happy for people to be selective in their sympathies and to virtue-signal that selectivity by changing their profile pictures with the herd. Just so long as you don’t signal your awareness that those governments are the source of all terrorism. Come the next election the people who followed the herd to change their profile pictures will be eagerly voting some smooth-talking psychopath into office who will continue the tradition of warmongering sanitised insanity while those same voters will blurb on about global warming and the need for a better world. There is a serious disconnect somewhere. Cognitive dissonance, it is called. No, it is worse than cognitive dissonance; it is Doublethink — simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct.

Your psychopathic government wants you to be unconcerned about all the atrocities it commits day in and day out but to be hugely (disproportionately) concerned about the anti-social acts of some individual psychopaths. Your government wants those individual anti-social acts to serve as a smokescreen behind which they can hide their governmental atrocities. Those governments also count on your fears to prevent you from connecting the dots and realising that it is they who secretly finance and/or incite almost all the terrorist acts of today. They don’t want you to become an ace researcher who understands from the heart the increasingly degenerate nature of the world in this present evil aeon. They don’t want you to grow into a courageous dissident who is unafraid of governmental or official propaganda and evil. They don’t want you to find your centre and become the fully-realised human you were meant to be. For your government fears hugely all those things. Your government is a filthy wart on the face of humanity but so many support it and allow it to push their buttons and condition them to behave in ways that are most conducive with its evil. The time has come to stop being selective in what we react to as being unacceptable in a loving society and to show that we deplore ALL terrorism, whether governmental or otherwise. It really is time to choose — time to make a stand — time to declare your hand — time to acquaint ourselves with what is really going down in the world today. This is the real nature of the spiritual life.

There comes a time in a life-spark’s span of days when all conditioning (cultural baggage, national/ governmental /political /family / school brainwashing, self-imposed stupidity, etc) has to be rigorously opposed and overturned if one is to begin living authentically. This is simply the natural order of things. Passivity, stupidity and all other forms of sleepwalking will then dissolve. All defensive posturing and kneejerk sniping will also melt into the mass grave of nothingness. Following the herd will then no longer be an option. Seeking the approval of others becomes superfluous and unnecessary. The former way of life becomes completely redundant. From the moment that the revolt against one’s conditioning begins, a painful, beautiful, solitary, hilarious, challenging, fulfilling, promising, harrowing, delightfully crazy pathway opens up. There will be ridicule and enmity from others but NOTHING will be able to stand in the way of this process of self-dissolution and inner discovery. All that matters after that is truth and love. Everything is then subsumed under those rubrics / touchstones. Life finally begins.

Remember this: Truly spiritual people are outspoken dissidents and non-conformists rather than passive participants in governmental or any other kind of evil. By all means sympathise with the victims of individual terroristic acts; but don’t take your eye off the fact that your government is a far worse terrorist than any other in the world today.

© Alan Morrison, 2016

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