Terrorist Attack in Nice not a hoax

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SOME OF MY FRIENDS may now be confused to see me write about the terrorist attack in Nice NOT being a hoax involving dummy bodies and fake blood. (See my article, entitled “Easily Fooled: The Nice Lorry Massacre was no Hoax”, which you can find here: https://thenakedtroubadour.com/2016/07/25/easily-fooled/ ). There is now a widespread acceptance and rigorous assertion that when one of these massacres happens it is a staged event with many less dead than is claimed and lots of fake bodies on the ground and crisis actors. It is de rigueur to think that way instantly if one has a conspiracy mindset. One is virtually bullied into believing that by those who fancy themselves as teachers in the conspiracy scene because if you don’t then you will be accused of being “a stupid sheep” 🐑 😀 🐑 , as one of those self-styled teachers wrote to me in a message yesterday.

At one time, people began to look into conspiracy because they desired truth rather than lies from governments and authorities. They researched diligently in order discover that truth, or at least get as close to it as possible. They didn’t do it to big themselves up or boast about their investigative skills and they certainly didn’t hurl insults at anyone who disagreed with them. They simply desired honesty and transparency and they refused to accept a narrative of lies and cover-ups. So what went wrong? Why are so many of those who believe in conspiracy now jumping on any fashionable bandwagon of wacky beliefs, wild speculations and unsubstantiated assertions merely because of the huge amount of peer pressure to believe them?

Personally speaking, I am only interested in uncovering truth — NOT in mindlessly accepting what others say and which I can’t prove about an event which happened thousands of miles away! I will not commit myself to raising the status of speculation to that of absolute truth — which is what has happened with all the speculation about the possibility of a hoax at terrorist attacks. I’ve been waiting for the moment when I CAN prove it, one way or the other; rather than just going along with what so many speculatively believe. That moment arrived with the attack in Nice because of my intimate knowledge of the area and the fact that I have children who live and work there and know a number of people who were severely impacted by the attack. It matters not one iota to me if the “rock stars” and big wheels in the conspiracy scene now think I’m a “stupid sheep”. 🐑 😀 🐑 When aligning oneself with truth rather than fashion or peer pressure brings accusations of being a “stupid sheep” then you know a threshold has been crossed. I have always believed in differentiating between speculation and truth. That has been a hallmark of my researches and writings for more than forty years. There is a place for fruitful speculation but it must be very clearly stated as such.

For me, conspiracy research is about a quest for integrity and a desire to uncover truth where obfuscation and cover-up has prevailed. This is the mission of the one who would be a whistle-blower. But as I look around the so-called conspiracy scene today, I see that this vital differentiation between speculation and truth is no longer being made. This is the threshold which has been crossed. Speculation is the new dogma taking precedence over the quest for and establishment of truth. The people directing this process — as I showed in my article on Facebook two days ago — will stop at nothing in order to establish their speculation as fact, even using crude propaganda and outright lies. In this way, the conspiracy movement has officially become part of the corrupt establishment which it was supposed to be unveiling. This is all part of the Big Degeneration which is affecting all systems, developments and movements in the world during the closing stages of this aeon.

This is why I will have nothing to do with the so-called conspiracy movement today. It has been corrupted by smartass know-it-alls, big-mouths, bullies, false teachers and fantasy merchants. What was originally supposed to be the uncovering of truth has degenerated into a speculation-fest. Many now merely parrot what some character on the internet has taught them and they fact-check nothing. That is the perfect breeding ground for the propagation of falsehood and outrageous flights of fancy — all overseen by gatekeepers in denial who rigidly apply the rules and ridicule anyone who dares to break free from their orthodoxy. Thus, the conspiracy movement has not only become a caricature of itself but it is also now a conspiracy in itself. A sign of the times. No surprises there.

It is not “unloving” (as someone suggested) to delete comments on Facebook which propagate these speculative narratives so vehemently and arrogantly. It is called responsibility motivated by a love of truth. I do not want my page, wall, timeline or profile to be contaminated with what I know to be speculative nonsense. This isn’t one opinion versus another. It is the heartfelt desire to get to the truth versus irresponsible dictatorial speculation. Being loving does not mean tolerating everything with a smile! To be intolerant of lies is a loving contribution to the world.

I know from my contacts that many others have felt badly about all this for some time but have felt too intimidated to question what is being taught by so many others. Please do not let their insults and mocking deter you from your adherence to authenticity and integrity. Now the time has come to speak out unashamedly so that genuine conspiracy findings are not brought into complete ridicule and disrepute by those who follow a speculative agenda which they claim to be the “truth”.

[Postscript: I’ve said enough about all this now. It’s only going to get worse anyway. It’s a madhouse. The craziness of it all jars with my soul. I’ve said my piece so I’m going to shut up and pull back, concentrating purely on my poetry and music for the foreseeable future. C’est tout].
© Alan Morrison, 2016


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