Conversation about Spotify

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NICE GUY: “Are you on Spotify?”

ME: “No way! It’s basically a music pirating channel disguised as a legitimate download company and although it makes money it pays artists next to nothing. Really, almost nothing”.

NICE GUY [laughing]: “True”.

ME [also laughing]: “It’s weird how people will not think twice about buying a fika in Espresso House and yet do anything they can to wriggle out of paying the same amount of money for an artist’s hard work”.

NICE GUY: “Yeah, so do you have an actual album for sale then?”

ME: Yes, I do! [producing album magically out of box]

NICE GUY: “Great, I’ll buy it then!”

ME [thinking in my head]:
“Now there’s a real gentleman who gets it” 😉

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