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TO CONTINUE WHAT I WROTE ON NOVEMBER 9th, MANY HAVE BEEN SAYING, IN RESPONSE TO THE US ELECTION VOTE (and also to the so-called “Brexit” voting) that “democracy is starting to take a dangerous turn”. This seems to mean that people don’t like the way that the voting has gone. The thing is that if one wants to live in even the limited kind of “democracy” which one believes that one has, then one also has to accept it when the vote doesn’t go the way one likes it to go. I have watched with interest how so many on social media avidly badmouth the candidate they won’t be voting for (or didn’t vote for) and will also accept ANY propaganda or obvious lie which is told about him/her on the internet. I have seen this very many times lately, even among my ‘friends’ on social media. It’s just crazy — taking sides like that and then getting so horribly caught up in it that it becomes a real conflict and takes over one’s mind. Facebook, for example, has lately been absolutely resounding with these drama kings and queens! 😀 What a business it’s all been! People only seem to like the present (faux) democracy which they claim to support if the vote goes their way. If it doesn’t, then they start getting all worked up about how “fascism has returned” and other silly propaganda. (In fact, fascism — if by that term one means autocracy or totalitarianism — never really left but has always continued to work under the radar; but I won’t develop that here as it needs a paper all to itself 😉 ). However, the reality is that THERE IS NO REAL DEMOCRACY ANYWHERE. True democracy involves the people being active and welcome participants (or at least privy to the entire workings of the system) at all levels; but nothing could be further from the truth. The idea that the people are empowered by being able to vote for whichever politician matches their chosen ideology, or who they have been inculcated to vote for by a biased media, or who has sufficiently deceived them with lies is frankly ludicrous!

Here’s another thing… I never mention “a global conspiracy” anywhere, yet this is what many bring up in order to make people like me seem daft when we talk about a power-elite. 🙂 It’s the new “C” word. “Aha, he’s into conspiracy theory. That explains everything”, etc. My reference to a power-elite which really controls everything is NOT conspiracy! It’s simply the undeniable way that things are done in this corrupted material 3-D world and always has been, in an obvious or more subtle manner. Up till now, in the present aeon, power has generally been seized on by a few psychopaths and then used against the mass of people with greater or lesser obvious oppression. This happens in small groups or on a national and international level (when it gets called “government”). One only has to be willing to examine what is really going on in this world, instead of wearing blindfolds or blinkers, and it is glaringly obvious. It is NOT a conspiracy. It’s plain for all to see! It only seems like a secret conspiracy when one is not willing to do the research and find out for oneself. The power-elite counts on the fact that most people will not bother to do even the most basic research necessary to see what’s really going on. Then, because they are wilfully ignorant of what is really happening, when someone stands up and speaks about a power-elite in the world, folks will then invoke the bogeyman of “Conspiracy!” and never really open their eyes. That’s actually how the self-perpetuating concealment works. People often say to me “Oh that sounds like all that conspiracy theory nonsense”. But it’s not a conspiracy — it is all in plain sight! It only seems like a secret conspiracy if one wears blinkers (US blinders). Of course, if one is very attached to a particular ideology (e.g. conservatism, marxism or socialism) and wants to believe that their ideology can be achieved in the world through the present system, then it is impossible to admit that the real power in the world does not reside in either the people or the parliaments/senates but in privileged family lines, ‘secret’ societies and occult organisations, banks, mega-corporations, military might, global intelligence networks, etc., (all backed up by a pharmaceutical industry to keep people drugged up and unhealthy and a written and visual media to condition the minds of the masses!). IT IS A HUGE STEP TO TAKE TO ADMIT THAT ALMOST EVERYTHING ABOUT THE WORLD WHICH ONE HAS BEEN BROUGHT UP TO BELIEVE, WITHIN THE FAMILY, IN SCHOOL, IN COLLEGE, IN UNIVERSITY, OR IN THE MEDIA, IS A LIE. But that is how it is.

Here we come to the heart of the matter: What I have generally found is that it is first important to develop oneself inwardly before one can handle or willingly discover what is really going on in the world outwardly. The power-elite depends for its control on the mass of people being exceedingly emotionally and spiritually immature, which indeed they are. That is what they require, in order to accrue their power and maintain the ignorance of the people. Therefore, THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT WHICH ONE CAN COMMIT IS TO DEVELOP ONESELF EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY. If an emotionally or spiritually immature person starts to open their eyes about the world, they can be totally destabilised, terrified, or become obsessed unhealthily with world events. One needs the inner development to be able to handle it. In order to hold onto their power, the power-elite counts on people being either utterly afraid of the truth or becoming so wackily into conspiracy theories that people will regard them as nutjobs. That is mostly how they maintain their control — through people’s fears, obsessions and other elements of immaturity. What we’ve been witnessing on social media recently is simply a manifestation of the mass of people’s extreme emotional and spiritual immaturity. It is very clear that if one hasn’t made any attempt to deal with one’s emotional and spiritual immaturity then one will be firing off randomly in all directions with fear and anger when the world appears to be unstable or is not nestling in the safety matrix that one imagines one needs. This is precisely what has been happening. This is why I say that the most revolutionary act which one can commit is to develop oneself emotionally and spiritually. Once one stabilises and heals one’s old emotional hurts and develops one’s inner growth at a deeply spiritual level, then one will soon see the world for what it is without being thrown in all directions with anger and confusion and getting “terrified” (as I have seen people say many times on social media recently).

What we have been witnessing lately is a manifestation of this extreme emotional and spiritual immaturity. For the levels of immaturity are especially challenged when the world begins to seem chaotic. Chaos and fear are in the power-elite’s best interests because this is how people can be controlled. This is what they love to generate. The more chaos and fear, the greater their level of control. It is a psychological operation (psyop) on the part of the power-elite to generate chaos and fear. They are accomplished masters of it. They have been experimenting with such mind-control techniques for a very long time and especially using their vast resources in the so-called “intelligence community”. (Only very little research is needed to discover this, by the way. It is not “conspiracy” but proven fact, though most people don’t want to hear it).

Finally, I have to say that one cannot topple the power-elite through politics or legislation or revolutions, for they control all those things too. It is actually extremely childish to wait around for someone else to change the world like some political sugar daddy. It is also extremely lazy and shows a complete lack of personal responsibility. If you want real democracy (i.e. people-power), then begin with empowering yourself with change from within. This is why the most powerful revolutionary act in this world is for a person to commit to emotional and spiritual growth — finding the key to oneself and one’s place in this Universe. That is just the start. From that point on, everything will begin to fall into place for the individual (both internally and how s/he understands the world). Insight upon insight will awaken the heart, if one is open to it and not governed by fear or human control. This is the essence of freedom. For, as the Little Prince said: “That which is essential is invisible to the eye”. One will then find oneself saying over and over again: “I knew that already; why have I never thought of it before?” One will also be an invincible warrior for the Light against the darkness arrayed against humanity on the earth today, both internally and externally. Please don’t just take my word for it! Find out for yourself, if you have not already done so. This is the REAL adventure. When I say that I will never participate in any elections by voting (for to vote for parties which have blood on their hands is to corrupt oneself and partake in their karma), people often say to me: “But if voting is a waste of time, what can I do instead to change anything?” Here is the answer: Work unceasingly on yourself in an inner sense. Increasingly dissolve your emotional and spiritual immaturity. Become consciously self-aware. See yourself for what you really are. Decades of social engineering and self-conditioning will have to be overcome. This path is not without its rocks and ravines. It will be a painful process. But you will rejoice to be on it, for it is the way of love and truth. For then you will not be blown about like a lost leaf on the wind filled with fear and hopelessness; but you will develop a beautiful vision of what can be. Then an infinitely fuller life can begin which isn’t determined or undermined by the insanity on this planet. You will see everything with new eyes. This is the real revolution. Then the world will begin to change. The more who follow this path of conscious inner change, the quicker the transition as we move from the old aeon of corrupted power-mongering and egomania to the new aeon of community and human oneness. On earth as it is in heaven. As above, so below. Outer always follows inner. It’s a sacred law. 🙂

© Alan Morrison, 2016


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