Naked Knees [a poem-prayer]

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May I never have my knees securely underneath
the fleeting table of this passing world,
imagining that it’s the only way to be.
May I never live without a dream adventure
taking me to distant reaches way beyond
where I have ever been or ever wish to see.

May I never follow spineless grey neutrality
but always, with the utmost clarity,
may I refuse to take the level easy way;
instead to walk on stony tree-lined unworn
bridal-paths where mediocrity & all the other
dark hypocrisies could have no sway.

May I never blindly chase deluded dreams —
become involved in others’ pointless schemes;
but always act on what my heart finds fit
and never blind conform to peer group force
or follow only social norms or governments or
trite perspectives or socially-engineered objectives.

May I never compromise my choice of sacred art
but always wilfully refuse to waver or depart
from what I hold as precious to my soul.
May I never be manipulated through some guilt,
forever have a broad-mouthed inner smile —
refuse to do things just because of style.

May I never bow my knee to idol (flesh or fantasy)
and never awed by kings and queens or princes
or by anyone who thinks that he or she, through
accident of birth, inheritance or property,
should thus receive esteem, obeisance or some
special treatment, slime, civility or sycophancy.

May I, when dead, be coolly found upon some
crazy dangerous ledge, farthest hardest edge
or mountain-top or bubble-boiling molten rock.
But most of all may I refuse to be a clone —
integrity intact, uncompromised in fact,
while memories fade of all the countless times
that I have been so fatuously thrown off-track.

© Alan Morrison, 2017

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