“The Key” (official video)

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“THE KEY” – THE VIDEO by Alan Morrison. The official animated video, displaying lyrics. This inspirational song for the downhearted, from my heart to yours, builds to a climax of orchestral & choral power to accompany the message. This is the title track from my new album, “The Key”. It has an 8-piece band plus the Stockholm Concert Orchestra, including tubular bells, timpani drums & choir. The credits are at the end of the video. Here is the essence: “For I have found that when I love, then strength will fill me from above.” Please share as widely as possible on social media. Thank you!

(Click on the link below the video to read the lyrics)

The Key – Lyrics:

When darkness falls —
obscures the view,
I will not fall me too.
For I have seen
a secret light
and I cannot deny that sight.

When stormy times
stir up my sea,
it will not hinder me.
For I have heard
a hidden sound
and through that song my voice is found.

Therefore I take these words
and live them in my life.
I will stand firm and strong
no matter if some strife
comes my way… today.

When leaves have gone —
made branches bare,
I will not feel despair.
For there’s the scent
of coming Spring
when I will spread my sleeping wings.

Strange times and bad rhymings
have almost broken me.
But hiding inside me
I found the key…
to me.

When hope is spent
and all is lost,
I will not count the cost.
For I went through
an open door
and it will open soon some more.

When I am weak
I will get strong —
it will not take me long.
For I have found
that when I love
then strength will fill me from above.

Therefore I take these words
and live them in my life.
I will stand firm and strong
no matter if some strife
comes my way… today.

So hold these thoughts
within your soul;
you’ll find they’ll make you whole.
Then take my hand
so we’ll be free
to live with grace and poetry.

Lead vocals & acoustic guitar: Alan Morrison.
Drums: Fredrik Björling.
Bass: Samuel Laxberg.
Electric guitar: Staffan Johansson.
Piano: Otto Wellton.
Soprano: Aminah Al Fakir.
Backing vocals: Aminah Al Fakir, Linda Öst.

Violins: Kristina Ebbersten, Sarah Cross.
Viola: Petter Axelsson.
Cello: Samuel Coppin.
Trumpets: Eirik Bernhard Steinsvik.
Timpani drums, Glockenspiel, Tubular bells, Cymbals: Magnus Einarsson.

Johan Ahlin, Petter Axelsson, Samuel Coppin,
Sarah Cross, Kristina Ebbersten, Linda Öst, Otto Wellton.

All music composition, lyrics & general song arrangements: Alan Morrison
Orchestral Arrangements: Johan Ahlin
Recording, editing & mixing: Kingside Studios, Gnesta, Sweden
Production: Otto Wellton
Mastering: Sören von Malmborg, Cosmos Mastering, Stockholm, Sweden
Video design: Michelle Daalman, Stepstone-Design, Lausanne, Switzerland

© Alan Morrison, 2017

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