There comes a Watershed Time

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THERE COMES A WATERSHED TIME when the truly evolving person will finally cease from the daily mêlée of conditioned madness: openness to brainwashing and deception, ignorant contending, struggling, thrusting, grasping and sniping; unstable posturing; desperate gestures; self-deception; empty virtue-signalling; getting offended; being stuck in destructive relationships; having easy-to-press buttons and being easily fazed; placing all hope in human institutions, lovers, coaches and gurus… and, instead, will go within, find the centre (the eye of quietude in the midst of the storm) and b r e a t h e while smiling gently and knowingly (sometimes laughing bemusedly) at everything swirling around us in this crazy, temporarily broken world (even though that world will call you mad — a compliment, if ever there was one! 😉 ). When that time comes, one will know that there is no need to be anything other than authentic, joyful, loving and pro-actively creative. From that point on, everything else of worth will follow and, linking minds and souls with like-minded others, in the fullness of time [and not without a great deal of global turmoil] a new world will be born. {PS: It’s already happening}.

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