There is one thing for which you can always rely on the US government: HYPOCRISY!

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THERE IS ONE THING for which you can always rely on the US government: HYPOCRISY. Dollops of it! US puppet-president, Donald Trump, says “no child of God should ever suffer such horror”, lamenting the fact that chemical weapons were used on children in Syria. Yet, the US has run around the world for decades invading many countries, bombing the shit out of them with “shock and awe” (killing millions of innocent women and children in the process), fomenting coups d’états, putting puppet leaders in place then assassinating them when they no longer serve their purpose, etc. Heck, they’ve even deliberately dropped napalm bombs on villages with many “beautiful babies” in them! (The photo attached to this article is an iconic picture from the Vietnam war of children fleeing a village after US troops napalm-bombed it – one with her clothes burned from her body and her body terribly burned).

The US had no problem selling huge quantities of phosphorus artillery shells made at the Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas to Israel in 2007. Both Israel (in Gaza) and the US (in Iraq) have used phosphorus weapons in civilian areas. Note also that the US has refused to sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions, adopted in Dublin, Ireland in May 2008. Between 2003 and 2006 alone, the United States and its allies used 13,000 cluster munitions, containing two million submunitions during the ridiculously-named “Operation Iraqi Freedom”. On numerous occasions in Iraq, US-led coalition forces have illegally used cluster munitions in residential areas housing innocent women and children. On numerous occasions in Iraq and Syria, US-led forces have illegally used internationally-banned white phosphorous weapons in residential areas [Click here to see evidence]. So all that schmaltz from Trump about “children of God” and “beautiful babies” is nothing but that. Schmaltz. Nauseating schmaltz and hypocrisy. And when I think of all the professing Christians and conservative “useful idiots” who think their saviour has arrived in terms of the current president to “make America great again” (er… when was it ever “great”?), i just despair at the naivety and stupidity.

Actually, there is also one other thing, apart from hypocrisy, for which you can always rely on the US puppet-government: THICK-SKINNED DENIAL. If anyone points out that their professed moral justifications for waywardly dropping bombs on other countries or invading them are undermined by the fact that they never change anything for the better (and usually leave the countries in a far worse state) and that they seem to have no qualms about so-called “collateral damage” in killing huge numbers of women, children and elderly people, they start a vendetta against you for being either “unpatriotic”, “un-American”, “Communist” or “pinko-liberal seditionist”. (Yeah, Seditionist! I’ll happily own that title! [But not the colour. Not any colour]).

You may ask why I speak of a “puppet-president” and “puppet-government” in the US. It is because neither of them have any genuine autonomy whatsoever. They are both controlled by the power-elite which quietly runs everything behind the scenes and which mostpeople deny exists (a power-elite which is itself empowered by non-human forces of darkness way beyond the comprehension of mostpeople). This is why nothing substantial ever really changes, no matter who is deemed to be “in power”. The same wars get fought. The same atrocities continue. The same corruptions endure. It’s all one big masquerade.

Trump was voted in on the basis that he would “break the mo(u)ld” and “clean the swamp” of conventional politics. It has been amusing to watch him calling out the mainstream media for the fakers that they are. But he is now showing his true colours as just another puppet. He has to, or he will be eliminated before you can say “JFK”. He is waaay out of his depth and in over his head. As a verse in “Powder & Lies”, one of my songs, states (addressing the suits in politics):

“Blood red is the colour shed by your sun.
You only feel safe at the back of a gun.
Come down off your cloud — face up to the facts.
You have to play ball or a knife’s in your back”.

(Watch the whole song video here)

Trump is certainly playing ball. Hypocrisy at its finest.

© Alan Morrison, 2017

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