Terrorism in European Cities: The Only Conclusion

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REGARDING ALL THE TERRORIST ATROCITIES happening regularly in European cities — after all the information available has been digested — there is only one conclusion to which any sane, honest, informed and rational person can come: That governmental security services, intelligence agencies and even the upper echelons of those governments themselves (i.e. presidential, prime ministerial and ministerial levels) are complicit in those atrocities. To fail to come to that conclusion, one would have to be either extremely stupid, an escapist living in la-la land or simply too fearful to face up to the implications of that life-changing revelation.

Have you noticed that each time a terrorist atrocity happens in Europe, within twenty-four hours it emerges that the perpetrators were already “known to the security services” of the country involved? Does that not strike you as rather strange, in view of the fact that they were then freely able to commit the atrocity? When it says, “known to security services”, it very often means that those perpetrators are, at the very least, “assets” or even double-agents serving both the Western intelligence agency and ISIS. Were you aware that intelligence agencies use ISIS affiliates as assets to provide them with information and also carry out atrocities for them in Middle-East countries which they want to infiltrate and take over?

Many in conspiracy circles have been bamboozled in recent years by the claim that dummies and fake blood have being used in the atrocities rather than genuine dead bodies. That diversionary notion has clearly been injected onto the internet into conspiracy circles by the many disinformation agents employed by intelligence agencies as a form of psychological operation (PSYOP) to deflect people away from the real issues. (Yes, they really do have masses of trolls employed specifically to side-track truth-seekers away from the real issues and get bogged down in irrelevant minutiae. See here: http://filmingcops.com/yes-there-are-paid-government-trolls-on-social-media-blogs-forums-and-websites/ ). The real issue, in the context of this article, however, is the way that known terrorists are being allowed to live and remain in European cities and towns and even cultivated and supported as “sleepers” in those cities and towns by the home country’s ‘security’ services.

For example, the guy who drove the lorry down Drottninggatan in Stockholm recently was also “known” since 2010 to both the Norwegian and Swedish intelligence agencies as a sympathiser with ISIS. He even had a certificate in the handling of explosives, as one of his employers testified. Amazing! You couldn’t make it up! Yet, he was still allowed to remain there even after being refused a visa. In Sweden, the policy has been that when you’ve been refused a visa, instead of some burly guys turning up at your door to escort you to the nearest airport to the country of your choice, they simply send you a polite letter informing you of their decision — at which point the now illegal immigrant (most of them Islamic and Middle-Eastern) disappears into the woodwork to become a renegade and potential terrorist, along with about 12,000 others in Sweden. Why would they be aloowed to do that over so many years — a state of affairs which must be almost impossible to reverse now.

Similarly, the guy who detonated a bomb at the concert in Manchester recently was “known to security services”. In fact, his history is typical of so many of these atrocity perpetrators. His family had long been involved with an organisation in dissident activity against Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. In fact, those organisations in opposition to Middle-East national leaders (such as Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Gaddafi in Libya and Assad in Syria) are basically terrorist opposition groups which are then supported by the Western powers who wish to remove those leaders so they can seize control of those countries’ strategic position and national resources. The Western powers disingenuously project through the media that their takeover of Middle-Eastern countries is “humanitarian action” and “to bring democracy to the region”. But these are simply covers for their hegemonial intentions. The lawless, terroristic cultures in countries like Iraq, Libya and Syria can — as things stand now — only really be controlled by what seems to the pseudo-liberal West to be a dictatorial leader. For all their excesses and abuses of power, the Husseins, Gaddafis and Assads of the East successfully controlled their countries’ terroristic warlords and factions and provided a decent standard of living, education, healthcare and infrastructure for the people. (In Saddam’s case, the CIA actually put him into power in the first place through a coup d’etat, then, when he no longer suited their purposes, they set out to depose and assassinate him). Of course, the reign of these dictators is not satisfactory by truly civilised human standards but in those renegade regions it’s the way things are done best. Look at Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. After years of having their ruling parties deposed (and, in the case of Iraq and Libya, their leaders also assassinated) by West-backed terrorists and now  being under Western control, are they any better off? Not at all! In fact, those countries are far worse now than they were under the leaders that the USA and UK declared to be “evil monsters who must go”. Saddam Hussein actually predicted that with him gone, all hell would break loose and chaos reign. He was absolutely right. In tribal and warlord country, this is the way it will always be. But then the Western powers must have been well-aware of that. Yet, they still did it anyway. Now you must ask yourself “Why?”

Many would agree with what I have said so far in the above paragraph. But what if I went even further and said that the Western countries who invaded those Middle-Eastern countries and deposed and executed their leaders knew very well that chaos in those countries would ensue and that, as a result, a vast wave of terrorists would come to the West and commit serial atrocities here, also causing chaos? This is another conclusion to which I believe that one must come if one is honest, sane and informed. The man who made the bomb which killed twenty-two men, women and children in Manchester recently was a known terrorist who was part of a terroristic circle which was supported by the Western countries to oppose and assassinate Colonel Gaddafi in Libya. He and many of his murderous ilk have been welcomed and housed in the UK, given a passport and money plus the ability to travel to the Middle-East as much as, and whenever, they wish.

Thus, known terrorists have been nurtured within ordinary communities in Britain. Those Middle-Eastern opposition forces which the West supports are virtually synonymous with ISIS and Al Quada. So, for all its pretence of opposing those Islamic terrorist organisations, the UK (and USA) has actually been supporting those terrorist outfits and providing their terrorist members with homes slap-bang (pun intended) in the middle of suburban communities in the UK. Now, the intelligence agencies in the UK know very well that those people are not only opposed to the men who lead their countries in the Middle-East but their brand of Islamic beliefs (for religions are wax-noses which can be turned in any convenient direction) mean that they are also opposed to what they regard as the decadent way of life in the West. The guy who bombed the concert in Manchester recently clearly chose that concert deliberately because the singer who was performing there is a typically over-sexualised, manipulated and manipulative money-spinning act aimed at brainwashing teenyboppers with bawdy narcissism posing disingenuously as feminism and women’s liberation. (Bizarrely, Ariane Grande actually claims to be a feminist standing up to misogyny and sexism!). As the West spins increasingly into decadence and lewdness, the religious extremists who believe that the only way to deal with that is mass murder through terrorism are clearly going to strike at it. Essentially, the security services have imported people into UK neighbourhoods who detest the typical Western way of life. Why would they do that?

What is revealing is that as soon as such an atrocity happens, they somehow know exactly where the terrorists are situated so they can go and raid their homes. The terrorist guy in Manchester had just returned from Libya a few days before his attack, coming via Istanbul, Düsseldorf (another hotbed of terrorist types) and Prague. How come that didn’t bring up any red flag at his UK airport Border Control? One has to conclude that these terrorists are given free rein to travel where they want and do what they want, with impunity, so long as they serve their masters in MI5 and MI6 in some way. These people are being used by government agencies for their own nefarious purposes in the Middle-East countries of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria to manipulate events in order to maintain Western governments’ control of natural resources and power-players in those regions. Meanwhile they are nurtured in your European towns and cities and from time to time are permitted (by a spurious “negligence”) to conduct an atrocity in them. It’s a twofold strategy because nurturing the terrorists on European soil not only provides assets to carry out their dastardly plans in Middle-Eastern countries but it also ensures that European populations are kept in a constant state of chaos and insecurity by knowing that terrorists are among them but not who they are. This fulfils the desire of the power-elite to maintain global control through fear, carnage and mayhem. The security services do not exist to provide security to the people in their countries but only to strengthen and protect the corrupt machinations of politicians and the power-elite. However, most people refuse to join the dots and come to these conclusions, although an increasing number are beginning to see through the charade (as the readers’ comments sections of newspapers these days clearly show).

However, for any courageous journalist to fully investigate all this would quickly result in his or her denunciation or assassination, for this knowledge is at a “kill-stop” level for these out-of-control intelligence agencies. As there are virtually no courageous journalists left in the West — and certainly not in mainstream outlets — and as there are virtually none who aren’t what I call “presstitutes”, one won’t see any whistleblowing here. But it happens not infrequently in other parts of the world to anyone who gets too close to the truth or knows too much. For example, check out the deaths of former BBC correspondent, Jacky Sutton, who allegedly “hung herself” in the toilets in Istanbul airport because she missed a connecting flight (an act her friends and colleagues described as not credible) and US journalist, Serena Shim, whose car was totalled by a mysterious cement truck in Turkey while she was investigating the movements of ISIS. I highly recommend that you watch the 2013 film, “Closed Circuit”, with Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall.Based in the UK, it skilfully depicts this whole scenario right in your face, complete with a lorry-bomb in central London, MI5-nurtured terrorists, corroboration at the highest level of political office and the assassinations of journalists and others who tried to expose what was happening. The film is a good primer in the kind of espionage to which I am referring in this piece. It is the kind of espionage which nurtures terrorists right in the countries of the West and uses them to fulfil its nefarious deeds in the Middle-East.

In that film, one sees the typical response from MI5, when accused of skulduggery, about how they have to make day to day “dirty” decisions which no one else will make in order to “ensure that you have the freedom to challenge us”. I’ve heard it all before. They are very good at “gaslighting” the public to make them feel guilty. Those governments and their intelligence agencies are both self-serving and subservient to the secret power-elite which pulls the strings in this world, in their evil machinations to grab power and maintain control. We are merely pawns in that process. They can easily turn a blind eye to the actions of the terrorists who they nurture on UK soil. They don’t really care what they do, so long as they get what they want. That’s why they only ever spring into action immediately after the atrocity has been committed (thus, they clearly could have done so beforehand). So, when an atrocity happens on Western soil and it comes out that the perpetrators were already “known to security services”, it is made merely to look like incompetence and bungling on the part of those security services — after which a government inquiry is convened, in which no one is held responsible and a pledge is made that “lessons will be learned”, blah-blah-blah. And most people buy all that or, knowing it’s patently false, they just ignore that because the implications are too horrific. How long will it be before people wake up? I am convinced that if most people woke up to what is really going on in the world around them, they would subsequently wake up in many other ways too. When people realise that the “civilisation” of this present dying aeon has been fatally corrupted and is due to fall into ruin, they will apply themselves to thinking about the possibility of a new civilisation in a new aeon and what that implies for future relationships, administration and the next phase of human development.

I agree that the implications of my conclusions in this piece will be very hard to swallow for the average person in the street, especially in western society where a faux democracy exists and governments — despite some corrupt aspects being acknowledged — are projected as being non-totalitarian and essentially geared towards goodness rather than malice. From birth, we have been brainwashed with the idea that our governments exist to protect us. But if you look back through history at the Kings and Queens and their “courts” (as typically taught in schools), you will see that oppression, manipulation, theft, duplicity, plunder, deception, assassination, genocide, exploitation and power-grabbing avarice were the norm. Modern governments in the West have simply taken over from the depraved malevolence of the royal courts of old, then coated those same evil characteristics of governance with a veneer of “democracy” and pretended care. Ultimately, this isn’t going to go away anytime soon; but it will worsen. I’m now waiting for the European terrorist attack which uses a chemical, biological or nuclear backpack weapon. It’s coming. I’m sorry to have to say it but what we’ve seen so far is merely the beginning…

[POSTSCRIPT: As if it wasn’t galling enough that the London Bridge atrocities happened a few hours after I published this article, inevitably one now sees that at least one (so far) of the Islamic perpetrators had been reported to police two years ago for “radicalising children”. The Daily Mail, which has outed all this 24 hours after the atrocity (complete with photos of him spouting ISIS crap in Regents Park), writes: “The security services face difficult questions today over how at least one of the London Bridge terrorists slipped through the intelligence net”. They are not slipping through a net. There is no net! Just as I stated in the article above, they have been permitted by the people who are supposed to protect you from this crap to develop their terrorist cells right in your towns and cities of Europe.]

© Alan Morrison, 2017

One thought on “Terrorism in European Cities: The Only Conclusion

    Adela said:
    Jun 3, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    Alan, so few want to “wake up” as you stated so eloquently because they are comfortable with the status quo. They give us just enough to hang ourselves. The little niceties that go so far in the Western world. Were they to visit third world countries and live as the commoners do, perhaps it would not be so. In any case, one day soon, one day soon. Excellent article as usual.

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