What Lies Behind the British General Election 2017

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Politics as Entertainment Division

SO OFTEN, I FIND A LITTLE SIGH COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH when I see so many of my friends — both in real life and on social media — become so easily caught up in the razzmatazz of national election processes, whether presidential or parliamentarian. How any mature person could take seriously these very obviously staged theatrical productions is quite beyond me. Every few years, the power-elite (secret global government) which really controls everything — consisting of secret fraternities, ancient families, plus the upper echelons of military, intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies in collusion with diplomatic/civil services — allows the people to imagine they are part of a democracy which chooses its government. It is an extremely clever and effective strategy. But it makes monkeys out of everyone.

If one uses a modicum of insight, one can see the hidden agenda of the British General Election held yesterday. It mainly centres on the relationship between Britain and the European Union. First, let it be understood that there is no way that Britain will ever be allowed to leave the EU. All the liberal luvvies went into meltdown last year after the “Brexit” vote. But they needn’t have wasted their tears. Britain is going nowhere except into the pocket of the secret world government which demands an ever-growing EU superstate which, along with a small number of other superstates, will eventually be co-opted into a global superstate. This is an unstoppable process. To imagine that you would be allowed to vote that process away is the height of naivety. As I wrote last year after the Brexit vote:

“On the eve of the recent United Kingdom/European Union referendum, I received a number of communications from friends and relatives asking what I thought was going to happen the next day. My response was simply to say that the UK would never be allowed to leave the EU. It’s a ‘Hotel California’ situation: You can check out any time you like… but you can never leave!”

The EU has a way of ensuring that there can be no renegades in its ranks. Countries have even been made to keep on voting until they get it right! Don’t believe me? That’s what they did in Ireland after there was a majority vote there to reject the Lisbon Treaty in 2008. The country was going to be made to keep on voting until it got it “right”, i.e. until they voted in exactly the way that the EU required. Even the liberal Guardian newspaper published an article berating such audacity, (see https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2008/dec/13/eu-ireland-lisbon-treaty ). Therefore, the rebellious nation of Britain was also going to be “managed” until it learned its lesson.

So, in the immediate wake of the Brexit vote in the UK last year, Theresa May was put into the office of Prime Minister. Forgive me, but my gut feeling has been that there is something dark and inwardly angry about this woman. I get a feeling of a “deputy headmistress type” who is emotionally repressed and sitting on a mountain of issues. Mrs. May was actually a firm “remainer” in the EU. Thus, she was the perfect person to put in charge of what was always going to be a car-crash situation. Suddenly, she became a firm advocate of Brexit, making out that she was being guided by “the democratic will of the people”. (Such is the hypocrisy involved that I almost have to gag when I use those words 😊). Her devotion to Brexit is disingenuous to say the least. If she continues as chief negotiator with the EU after this election, it will merely be to undermine the “divorce”, which can never really be allowed to happen without disaster. There will soon be calls to have a second referendum, on the basis that “people didn’t know what they voted for at the first referendum”. Next, thing, completely out of the blue (after, as she claimed, discussions with her husband, though we can easily guess with whom the real discussions were held!), Mrs. May calls a General Election and then conducts a very obviously lacklustre campaign which was clearly designed to undermine the success of the Conservative Party in the election. As if that wasn’t enough, two major terrorist atrocities on UK soil conveniently occurred in the run-up to the election. Knowing that politics and elections are stage-managed and run by MI5 (the British internal secret service) and knowing also that terrorism on UK soil is also stage-managed by them, it is not difficult to see what has really been going on.

It doesn’t matter which political party one supports. Conservative, Labour, Liberal. They are ALL part of a corrupt adversarial system that has no balls to do anything apart from move the deckchairs around on the Titanic. I freely confess that mostpeople (to use genius poet ee cummings’ neat portmanteau word for the clueless majority in any population) will find all this too hard to stomach — either because of social conditioning, extreme naivety or an unwillingness to see that everything they have been taught about their country and its institutions has been a lie. Recently, I had an anecdotal reminder of this. I met a Spanish couple who, on learning that I was English in origin, wanted to know what I thought about the Brexit vote. These were educated people who worked as teachers. I gave it to them in full and they were shocked, assuming that, as an artist, I would be a firm supporter of the EU as a symbol of liberal democracy and a torchlight for the way forward to a peaceful future in the world. The man was the more understanding of the two, who could get what I was saying, even if he didn’t agree with me. The woman, however, was horrified. She believes that, as a liberal humanitarian and caring human being, the only way to a better world is a completely borderless society. Borders to her represented closed minds, hampered by outmoded nationalism. She looked at me as if I was an enemy of mankind and obstruction to utopia. She is a lovely lady, full of idealism; but, unfortunately, her naivety means that she is extremely manipulated by forces of which she has no awareness. Certainly, in a utopia, borders would be passé, as indeed they will be when the new aeon has finally manifested in its fullness in this world. But we are not in a utopia by a long stretch. We are living in a world-system which has been manufactured by the forces of darkness, in which deception and mendacity are the foundations. In the present state of the world, a borderless society is the terrorist’s and drug dealer’s dream. To try and create a borderless society now is out of sync with the real plan for this world in the power of the Light. As I wrote in a previous article:

“Separate nations have existed and continue to exist for a very good reason: It is to prevent the world from a premature oneness being forged by people of darkness who are not aligned with the Light and who are forging this oneness for very different ends than those which are in the minds of the idealistic left/pseudo-liberal/alternative people who are supporting it, who have not realized how they are being duped. They are supporting a oneness which is not being manifested mystically by the powers of Light (as the true oneness will be) but is instead being enforced politically to fulfil the interests of the power-elite. The two onenesses — counterfeit and real — are as different as chalk and cheese.”

The EU is part of the global strategy of darkness posing as Light. The British General Election held yesterday has also been another part of that global strategy of darkness. The masses of liberal/leftie/alternative types dancing with delight today that the Labour Party seemed to fare so well in the election will one day be laughing on the other side of their faces when they realise what has really been happening. History repeats itself. Those same people were dancing with delight when caviar-socialist millionaire, Tony Blair, was swept into 10 Downing Street on 2nd May 1997 in a landslide General Election. But did the world suddenly become a better place? Not at all. During the reign of Blair’s New Labour Party, the country was dragged into war in Iraq and Afghanistan with George W. Bush in 2003. The whole thing had been stage-managed by the secret world government and was actually a harbinger of the terrorism that we have now on the streets of the UK. So, to all those celebrating the British election results today, I say this:

“You are brainwashed people with no minds of your own. You have been duped yet again into an illusory euphoria based on manipulated events. You may ridicule what I write as ‘conspiracy theory’ but your jubilation today is merely the manifestation of a successful psychological operation of mind-control on the part of a secret cabal, the existence of which you deny”.

The way that the power-elite (secret global government) works in human affairs is like this: The law enforcement, military and security services are responsible for implementing and enforcing the plans of that secret government. Then the politics that people take so seriously is simply the “entertainment division” of the secret global government which really runs your country, providing entertainment for the masses, so that they imagine they are participating in some kind of “democratic” choice of government. Alongside of this, the mainstream media is the “propaganda division” of the secret government. Thus, there is a kind of “triumvirate” of departments or divisions acting exoterically on behalf of the secret government in this world: The Enforcement Division, the Entertainment Division and the Propaganda Division. This is how they keep everything covered. The Enforcement Division involves law enforcement, military & security services. The Entertainment Division involves politicians, governments, parliaments, senates & congresses. The Propaganda Division involves newspapers, journals, TV & news corporations. For the real power in this world does not lie in the elected people in your parliaments and senates. A general election is the regular reality drama production designed by that entertainment division on behalf of the secret global government for the purposes of diversion, distraction and illusory participation. Thus, elections and the subsequent workings of parliaments and senates are merely one huge charade, acted out in order to anaesthetize the mass of people into a crippling mindset of ignorance and illusion. The lower grade of politicians are unaware of this and imagine they have autonomy to change the world. But the higher up the scale one goes, the more they know very well the charade in which they are participating. The reality is that democracy is entirely non-existent on this planet.

But this is not merely about the work carried out by the law enforcement, military and security services. For the people and institutions which control the direction of this world as it is presently constituted are the banks and corporate conglomerates which control finance and production. Thus, the law enforcement, military and security services do not exist in a vacuum to promote only their own affairs. For their affairs are derivative of the plans and policies of the banks and corporate conglomerates, existing primarily to enforce those plans and policies. This is what government is really all about. Anyone of influence who gets in the way or who tries to expose what is really happening will be exterminated as quickly and efficiently as you may swat a fly. For death is the regular business of these organisations in their relentless and heartless accrual of wealth and power.

This is why neither a conservative nor socialist ideology can be of any significance to world affairs. They are both used in the service of the charade. Right wing, left wing, liberal, independent — they are all of no consequence whatsoever but simply provide the actors in the stage production in the entertainment division of the secret government. The more colourful the better. Although they do not realise it, they are all actually representatives of the Monster Raving Loony Party! 😊 Remember them?

This whole rotten show will play itself out until it disappears up its own backside, as it surely will. For we are fast approaching the climax of the old age, an order which is the result of a fragmented consciousness and corrupted ego-driven mentality — a temporary but necessary condition on this world’s pathway to the highest realization. The faces that you see on your TV screens right now and on election platforms and in senates and parliaments are a manifestation of all that. This projection of fragmented human consciousness is the real reason behind the overtly adversarial nature of politics. The hustings, the heckling, the backbiting, the divisiveness, the parties at each other’s throats, are all the natural outworking of a human consciousness which is dysfunctional, broken and cut off from Source.

Thus, what is happening currently in the United Kingdom elections is of no consequence whatsoever to the direction in which the country or the world will be heading. An election is the ultimate in Bathos. Much ado about nothing. All the snobbery, greed for big wages and pensions, class hatred, tactical manoeuvres, propaganda, vitriol, party partisanship and euphoria or disappointment (depending on whether your party wins or loses) are merely indicators of that fragmented consciousness and ego-driven mentality. One needs to pull back and see the big picture in all this political hoo-hah. As far as the evil institutions and their servants are concerned, one can say that this is their hour and the power of darkness and has been for some while now. They are being permitted (so far) to fulfil their work. But it will not forever be so. For evil must always come to a head in order for it to be revealed for what it is and then toppled. When this world and age has been wound up as simply as rolling up a parchment scroll — having served its purpose in the movement from darkness to light — then a new world, aeon and order can properly begin.

In the meantime, we do not have to be passive observers of this charade. For that would be as fruitless as being a duped participant. A global network of careful education, revelation and understanding is already underway. But we must be careful not to be side-tracked by, or obsessed with, countless conspiracy ideas or the increasingly bizarre and uncorroborated (and often contradictory) multitude of “channelled” revelations popping up today. That is just sensationalism and diversion and part of the deception and disinformation which characterise the present dying age. There is quite enough that is already verifiable. If we do all that we can to ensure our self-awareness, personal growth, insight, intuition and understanding, while gently encouraging others along the same pathway, then our work will be done.

The next years are going to be mindblowing in their outworkings. There will be much general turmoil, chaos and uncertainty but also much epiphany and visionary insight on the part of many. These are the birth-pangs of the aeon to come. May we be open to understanding all that will come to pass and have the necessary courage, love and passion for truth on this journey in our joint quest for the fulfilment of the true destiny of humanity rather than the counterfeit which is being engineered today.


© Alan Morrison, 2017

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