Silent Sonnet [sonnet]

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Each time I try to write some wordage now,
I realise I’ve written it before.
I think the fertile ground I can replough,
until I realise that there’s no more.

If what has gone before was not received,
then I, the messenger, cannot be blamed.
The aiming of my arrows was achieved
in scattered hearts, so I am unashamed.

Yet, there are times when I am filled with doubt
and reckon there’s no point in what I do.
The only consolation felt throughout
has been to know I do it all for You.

I feel I’ve uttered all there is to say.
There’s only music left; so that I’ll play.

© Copyright, Alan Morrison, 2017

One thought on “Silent Sonnet [sonnet]

    djsbzbee said:
    Jul 23, 2017 at 9:41 pm

    Isn’t that the truth? Peeps are so saturated with things to think about they
    can’t think about what is truly relevant. What was it William of Ockham said?
    The devil loves to keep us in a doubting position. Something like that. It’s
    exactly what lawyers do to discredit you and win their case. Some peeps just
    have to win at all costs – they presume that it makes them fitter human
    beans. Justice will come but it’s patient grace and mercy in the meantime.
    The elastic in a balloon can only last so long when hot air is continually being
    pumped into it.

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