Breaking News! Christ was not born on 25th December

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BREAKING NEWS: CHRIST WAS NOT BORN ON DECEMBER 25th or on any other day in December! That date was simply a disingenuous attempt a few centuries later to forge a union between the religion of Christianity and the pagan festivities which occurred around that date. Church history has been full of wimpish compromise and the complete betrayal of Christ for 2000 years. He didn’t come to create a religion or a global authoritarian church structure but to light the way for genuine spiritual pilgrims and to warn about the decisive catastrophe coming at the end of the aeon — which is around now! Certain events in the bible show that his birth could not have been in December. For example, it is written that shepherds were watching their flocks in the fields at night (words which have been immortalised in the well-known carol). However, December would have been too cold for that to happen out in the open countryside. Also, the bible says that a census was being taken at the time and Christ’s parents had come to Bethlehem to register. Again, a census would not have been called in December as it would be too difficult for many to travel. The most likely time for Christ to have been born would be sometime in the latter part of September, which can be concluded by checking the timeline shown in the first chapter of Luke’s gospel regarding the conception of John the Baptist and the fact that Christ was six months younger than him. I can understand the importance today of having annual cosy family get-togethers in the dead of Winter when the sun is at its lowest and the temperature is at its coldest. But December 25th is now just an excuse for gift-porn and consumerist-gluttony. Nothing to do with Christ’s birth anyway. A much more pertinent question than “When was Christ born?” would be “WHY was Christ born?” That, my friends, will be the subject of a forthcoming article 😉


© Alan Morrison, 2017

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