LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #30: “Love-Dust Dream”

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Been living underground;
there, water’s deep and most of me drowned.
It’s of no consequence;
tore down some walls — undid all pretence
[climbed off the fence]

I have no table here;
walked on hot coals and burned away fear.
For I’ve lost everything
except this dreamful song that I sing
[flowers I bring]

[1st Refrain]
Love-dust dream hits me
right between my eyes.
Familiar theme takes me by surprise;
there’s a girl — I’m within her thighs

Look but don’t touch (it seems);
perfection only comes in my dreams.
No compromise from me;
I climb on tightropes over the sea
[need to stay free]

From there I can survey
all of the acts in life’s cabaret.
It’s all a crazy game —
cowboys and whores and seekers of fame
[but love’s not to blame]

[Vocal bridge]
This world’s unreal,
yet dreams could be true:
Can’t deny what I feel.
I can’t stay here;
I’ve seen her light;
guess I’ll soon disappear.

So I stay dreaming there
for on this Earth it’s just solitaire.
Someday my wings will die
then to that realm I’ll no longer ride
[so maybe I’ll glide]

I know I don’t belong
in earthly trysts except through my song.
When I can sing I fly;
so to this globe I bid you goodbye
[melt through the sky]

[2nd Refrain]
Love-dust dream,
my recurring theme in white.
She’s imagined and made of light:
That’s the best I can do tonight —


[Living-Room Video of this song coming soon]
© Alan Morrison, 2018

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