Dispossessed [poem]

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Earthy Forest Floor

Decades of weaving days drove by unnoticed
hobbling slidely through
the unkempt meadow of my brevity.
A fierce uncertain frailness flies in heavenly strands
towards the cracked unmended plate of joy
which earlier in my halcyon days had slipped
out of my tender clumsy hands

I brushed the pieces from the brittle floor of hope
and took me broken through
the crashing ocean of my lunacy.
A voice speaks roughly to my soul and battens down
the wayward hatches of my easterish
golgothic scenes (for there all is not what it seems)
and in my mind I saw your crown

I now and maybe neverendly howl with many
shuddering fountains in
the whitewashed hillsides of my sanity.
Then soon I let me go and fall into the ground
amidst the sounds of season-tainted trees
and reaching for some leaves as blurredly I slumbered down
I found the home I never owned


© Alan Morrison, 2018

One thought on “Dispossessed [poem]

    djsbzbee said:
    Mar 14, 2018 at 4:44 am

    Yah, that crown is the elephant in the room. Penetrating, piercing and compelling resolution. Thank Goodness for Grace and Mercy – He is all that. Tomorrow is a new day waiting for our gladness…


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