Do not be Fooled by Toytown Détente!

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HAVING JUST WRITTEN A PIECE ON THE NECESSITY OF BEING ABLE TO SEE THROUGH BULLSHIT, how ironic that immediately after that I am observing New Age people on my Facebook newsfeed saying how wonderful it was to see Trump and Macron cuddling up to each other (supposedly being a sign of their melting egos and the ability to show their vulnerability, sheesh 🙄). Also, according to these New Age fantasists, now that the two Korean leaders are chinking champagne glasses together (tchin-tchin!) it is apparently a wonderful sign that the world is changing and we are truly on the brink of some Golden Age of Peace and Ascension. They imagine that all their 100th Monkey meditations for peace on earth are now starting to pay off. (Heck, they’re even crowing with delight about the new “Royal baby”!). Dear friends, please don’t be fooled by all this toytown détente.

I sometimes (correction, mostly) wonder what planet I’m on. Is it Zargon? Or one of those out of dark worlds in e.g. Alien vs Predator? 😃 I once attended a religious meeting at which there was a sign on the door saying “Please leave your brains at the entrance with your shoes. Thank you”. That seems to be what’s happening everywhere in the world today. But one has to look well beyond the surface in this deceptive world to understand the Truth. If you accept the merest evidence of your eyes you will be ‘taken for a ride’ again and again. Just as when one meets another human one has to listen to the music behind the words to get the complete picture, so it is necessary to listen to the music behind the actions of psychopathic politicians and world developments. All these men and women in political office are merely puppets, pawns in a game which is well beyond the understanding of so many today because they choose to be wilfully ignorant and clutch at straws to stop themselves from facing up to the Truth. Nothing… I repeat NOTHING… happens in the world of politics and governance without either the approval or actual machinations of the secret (unelected) power elite which runs this world (which is itself empowered by demonic forces few will admit exists). Everything you see happening is for the furtherance of their dark agenda. I remember all these New Age types crying for joy when Tony Blair was elected as Prime Minister of the UK (they’ll be doing the same when Jeremy Corbyn or his equivalent is elected too!) and woowoowooing when Barack Obama was elected as President of the USA. They thought that Messiahs of the world had arrived to bring peace in our time. Really, do people live in a drainpipe or what? Nuts! Of course, one can see in hindsight that those elections were staged events to inveigle the masses with a dose of imaginary wonderfulness, just as the Korean détente is. Blair went on to start the genocidal war in Iraq and Obama presided over a regime which exacted more bombs and bloodshed than his predecessor. And as for the physical closeness of Trump and Macron, I was almost throwing up in my throat when I saw that! Utterly creepy, slimy and smacking of sleaze. (Reminded me of the way that that creep, former Vice-President of the USA, Joe Biden, touches up women and young girls). That Macron guy is waay out of his depth (though I suspect that his older and wiser wife isn’t quite so much).

I can assure you that this present world-system, which is controlled by ‘dark satanic mills’ working away behind the scenes, is not going to become a New Age paradise because some dewy-eyed optimists have convinced themselves that this will be so. I look at the evidence of history (with the benefit of hindsight), the tenor of prophecy, the reality of this world as run by the powers of darkness (which are utter masters at disguising that darkness as light), if I want to understand what is happening today. So when I see a couple of multi-millionaires (who have achieved their positions through wheeling and dealing and socio/psychopathic behaviours, and who condone militarised madness and black operations as their tools of peace) getting physical with each other or chinking champagne glasses, I am not going to be fooled into imagining we are on the threshold of the New Age.

There are two major events which have to happen before there is going to be any transformation of this world: The first is the Great Apostasy as narcissism and satanic self-worship come to their inevitable penultimate head. This is already well under way, as we can see all around us, but has not climaxed yet. The second is the revealing of the Antichrist, which is yet to come — the ultimate manifestation of satanic “humanity” incarnated. Don’t be expecting any utopian developments before that has happened, for we are on the cusp of hell on earth before the false peace and safety of the “miracle”-working Antichrist occurs, which will fool mostpeople with its satanic “power, signs and lying wonders”.

Finally (speaking of things satanic), here’s a bit of coincidental information (or is it?) which you can just brush off as tin-foil hat madness, if you wish (but these things do not happen insignificantly). Was it just a coincidence that Kate appeared for the first time with her newborn baby in a dress which is an almost exact copy of one worn by Mia Farrow’s character (the mother of Satan’s baby) in that extremely nasty satanic horror movie “Rosemary’s Baby” (a book and film which has brought a curse on many of those involved in it)? . Was it also a coincidence that the Royal child is actually named after that Satanist and paedophile (and Prince Charles’s uncle), Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was assassinated by the terrorist Irish Republican Army in 1979 (although, because the IRA was virtually run by the British Special Intelligence Services, MI5 & MI6, it would follow that Mountbatten was wasted by those security services, as presumably because of his “proclivities” he had become a liability to them, and MI6 is guardian of British paedophile networks)? Is all this too much for you? You’d better fasten your safety belt! Mostpeople have no idea about the depth of sheer evil behind the workings of this world. Years of brainwashing have to be overcome. If you don’t believe what I just wrote about the IRA being run by MI6, then read this article in the respected Belfast Telegraph: and also . (Note: I will never trawl articles from bad “alternative” news services such as YourNewsWire or Natural News, etc.). See also the Australian TV 60-Minutes documentary, “Spies, Lords and Predators” about the paedophile network involving the leaders of your society, . Read this too for more related info: .

As they say in movies in Langley CIA headquarters: “Listen up, people!” Yes, listen up! Do your research. Don’t be fooled by false and manipulated events (which is most of those in the political, military and intelligence world), and especially don’t be fooled by staged toytown détentes. See through what appears to be happening in the world. But don’t let the fruits of that research obsess you or get you down. For there is a golden lining to these dark clouds: It is that regardless of all the darkness, the Light is in control and will prevail when the manifestation of that Light (the Christ) will mindblowingly bring this phase of history to a conclusion (known as “The Second Coming”, but VERY, VERY different to the first). All of history (the blink of an eye) is happening for a reason: To show the futility of human autonomy, which is destroying this civilisation. Without God, we are nothing and can do nothing. Believing that is the purpose of this creation and the key to real change. Swimming with the divine through the uncharted waters of this and any world is our true destiny, if we will take hold of it.

I will be developing all this extensively in my upcoming eBook.

We certainly live in interesting times.


© Alan Morrison, 2018

One thought on “Do not be Fooled by Toytown Détente!

    adelamcadams said:
    Apr 29, 2018 at 4:29 am

    My mother always warned us to keep our eyes peeled around everyone who watched our kids. Everyone in the family too. No surprise that the poor are seen as expendable too. In fact, most especially. Heinous, just heinous.


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