Living-Room Video #31: “Equinox – A Hymn”

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #31: “Equinox – A Hymn”. Here’s a video of a song I have written in the last few days, since the Equinox. At the start of the video I’ll tell you all about it. These are the lyrics:

Time comes again when the
night equals day.
Summer is spent and the
Fall comes to play
as the days melt away.

I’m melting too as ice
looms into view.
Daylight is fading to
Indigo blue
then the Solstice is due.

1st Refrain:
Time before I found the Sun
I used to fall and ice-up too.
Footprints were my smoking gun
in the leaves and snow
You threw.

Death’s poignant beauty shines
through sunset’s clothes.
But for the human that
dying exposes
how cells decompose.

Leaves turning brown and
the corpse in the soil:
Signs that this lower
dimension is spoiled
by the serpent uncoiled.

2nd Refrain:
Nothing here is what it seems.
Blinded by false light and lies,
wishful thinking, foolish dreams,
selfhood wears a dark disguise.

Sun now is crossing
equator’s own plane.
Nature reminds me that
only God reigns
and this cosmos maintains.

So as we journey to
Winter’s decline,
Search out the Light of the
world which you’ll find
at the heart of this rhyme.

© Alan Morrison, 2018

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