Brexit Schmexit!

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Brexit Schmexit

IT IS MOST BEMUSING TO WATCH THE “PLANETARY PLAY” being acted out on the theatre of Planet Earth. It has all the qualities of a typical London West End theatre production: Drama, emotion, suspense, conflict, high comedy and, of course, lashings of farce. However, even more interesting for me to observe than this “Planetary Play” is the global audience watching it, which has been conditioned not to see it as a theatre and not to recognise that the actors are wearing masks. They take the play so seriously, as if a spell has been put on them: The spell of Mesmerisation with Current Affairs, daily served up to them by actors of a different kind on something called “The News”. One can see that audience undergoing all manner of exaggerated emotions as they watch the script unfold from the comfort of their living-room armchairs, “Oooing” and “Aaahing”, getting angry and filled with outrage, jeering, cheering or applauding robotically on cue with their hands remarkably like the seals’ flippers in a David Attenborough documentary.


2018 is turning out to be the watershed year that could easily be envisaged at the chimes of Big Ben on January 1st. One didn’t need to be any kind of genius to make such a prediction. On the contrary! The scene was already set long before. All that has been necessary is for the actors and audience to play their scripted parts. Yes, that’s right. This is a play in which not only the actors have been scripted but the audience too, by malevolent forces that I call “Darklywood” (a play on the word Hollywood). [Sidenote: The trick in this life is to reject that tawdry script provided by Darklywood Productions and discover the authentic one that your Lightsome Creator has written for you]. Even in Hollywood itself, this manipulative scripting can be seen in many Hollywood movies, in which the experience of the audience is deliberately “engineered” by schmaltz and high drama to feel and express all the emotions designed by the scriptwriters. In the same manner, complete fiction is presented as “genuine biography” to make people imagine they are watching a true story unfold, but it is mostly manipulative fakery. (“The Greatest Showman” is a classic recent example. If you found that film to be wonderfully uplifting, inspiring and a picture of positivity, then you are a successfully developed Hollywood lab-rat 🙂).


Hollywood is a big part of the mind-control factory designed by the power-elite, so that ersatz emotions can be generated in the masses to such an extent that they no longer know the difference between genuine emotion and emotionalism (manufactured emotion). Hollywood is really Darklywood in disguise, though most people have no conception of that. Other avenues of this mass manipulation of emotions by Darklywood Productions to generate emotionalism occurs in the weddings and deaths of “celebrities” (e.g. actors, heads of state, royalty), the “election” of certain key individuals to political office, the waging of serial wars (and the patriotic posturing which accompanies them), the founding of mass social movements, the making of false-flag operations (in which governments either manufacture or permit atrocities against their own populations), and the explosive nature of various political events. This is what links such seemingly unlikely scenarios as, for example, 1) the setting-up of the so-called “Cold War” (where fear and division was manipulated into people to such an extent that they were virtually afraid that the enemy would be under their beds 😀); 2) the 1997 assassination of “Lady Di” (with its entirely unwarranted outpouring of extreme grief, in which people turned up hypnotically to grieve at predesignated locations with a candle without even knowing why they were there); 3) the triumphal coming to office of Tony Blair (as a cleverly-connived pseudo-balm after the prolonged hatred which had been manipulated against Margaret Thatcher); 4) the 9/11 false-flag operation in the USA (by which the intelligence and “security” agencies manipulated the population to allow the military to wage war in the Middle-East); 5) the waging of wars on Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria (generating deliberate chaos, destroyed infrastructure, homelessness, enforced human migration across Europe, and the ghoulish harvesting of millions of people through gratuitous deaths in towns, cities and battlefields); 6) the election of Donald Trump (in which many gullible people were made to believe that Amerika could be made “great again” [though it never has been great before!] by a man suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder); 7) the creation of the feminist offshoot #metoo style movements (generating mass misandry, division and uncontrolled rage in women); 8) the wedding of Harry and Meghan (propagating distraction and a mass mesmerisation with celebrity and fairytale-romance) and… 9) wait for it… BREXIT. (“Brexit” is a portmanteau word for the British Exit from the European Union). These are some of the many key acts in the “Planetary Play” which are designed to manipulate human emotions just as surely as Pavlov’s experiments were used to generate behavioural characteristics in his laboratory dogs. For the power-elite which manages Darklywood Productions, this planet is nothing more than a laboratory in which they can wantonly carry out their mind-control experiments and psychological operations (PsyOps). And they are getting better at it with each new act.


The farce of Brexit is another important act in the Darklywood Productions “Planetary Play”. I say “farce” because people have been bizarrely manipulated with increasingly ludicrous scenes on stage. A farce can be defined as “a comedy that aims at entertaining the audience through situations that are highly exaggerated, extravagant, and thus improbable. Farce is also characterized by… the use of deliberate absurdity or nonsense”. If anything describes Brexit, those words do! A classic farce was the TV series “Fawlty Towers”, featuring John Cleese and his then-wife, Connie Booth, as both actors and scriptwriters. And it is as if we are watching such a programme today as the Brexit farce unfolds with “highly exaggerated, extravagant, and improbable” events from one day to the next. Of course, it is designed to be that way. The ultimate in a brazen distraction for the masses, absorbing them in bathos and pantomime.

As one watched some “vox-pops” (soundbite TV interviews with the public) on Brexit (formulated by Sky News as “The Nation Speaks”, or some such other ridiculously pompous title!), one could not only see how seriously the public takes all this but also how gullible they are and how easily they have been made to imagine that they are involved in a fantasy-production called “the democratic process” in which their wishes are being carried out by dutiful politicians. When one guy in the street said, “They should just get on with it and carry out the mandate they were given in the referendum”, he was showing how deceived he was by that referendum, which was merely a gateway for the chaos fabricated by the power-elite. The whole thing is a show, designed to distract and immerse, deflect and rehearse for another, much more devastating, soon-to-come production.


The public loves to single out public figures as the objects of their hostile animosity. In fact, politics is one vast ad hominem manipulation. Here on my Facebook newsfeed, I see so much hatred being directed towards Teresa May, as if she was the personal architect of the 600-page document which is currently being touted as the basis for “Brexit”. But she is just the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the gullible public for a drama which is being devised behind the scenes for Darklywood Productions by a combination of its power-elite, the European Union nabobs and apparatchiks, MI5 & MI6, shady policy advisors, and assorted civil service lackeys. So mesmerised are the masses that they have no conception that they are being dragged along by the nose by unseen forces, yet imagine that Teresa May is somehow solely to blame for this mess. But she is just superbly playing her part in the “Planetary Play”, as did her predecessor David Cameron. No one in politics, whether of the left, right or centre, can do anything other than (unwittingly or not) act out the part provided for them by Darklywood Productions. The threats which persuade them to continue with their work are either the public exposure of their peccadilloes (MI5 keeps tabs on their sexual deviancy or other corruptions/crimes) or, if that blackmail doesn’t work, assassination. The reward they receive is a lot of money and prestige and the satisfaction of having served the elite. Teresa May has no desire for the UK to leave the European Union and she is completely in hock to the EU players. Indeed, she knows very well that it is impossible for the UK to be properly out of the clutches of the EU, for it has gone way beyond that now. Anyone who imagines that Brexit can be achieved as a totally clean break from the EU with the UK as a totally independent nation-state is living in la-la land (aka cloud-cuckoo land).

This is why I have entitled this article “Brexit Schmexit!”. To put the prefix “Schm-” in front of a word is a Yiddish way of calling something out as nonsensical and unachievable. For Britain to imagine that it can “exit” the European Union is nonsensical and unachievable. Brexit Schmexit!


There is only one thing which the EU has been about from its inception and that is the eventual formation of a European superstate as one of a number of superstates to lead the world into a united dictatorial world government under a charismatic world leader who initially poses as the answer to all the world’s problems but who will eventually show his dark origins as he sets himself up as the god of this world — a world which will welcome him with open arms. One can already see significant rumblings of this superstate process, for which we are already being primed on all sides. On the 12th November 2018, a headline appeared in an article in UK newspapers: “France calls for Europe to become ‘an empire’ to rival China and the US”. . This was a report of an interview given by French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, to the German newspaper, Handelsblatt, [see ]. Then, the next day, on 13th November, the headline appeared in the Guardian newspaper: “Merkel joins Macron in calling for a ‘real, true European army’” [ ], a concept which Macron had already mooted on 6th November. The “European empire” being touted for the EU fits exactly into the multi-superstate scenario which will form the precursor to world-government. As well as the European superstate, there will be other “empire” superstates centred on the Americas, China, Russia, Africa, the Middle-East and India (just like in the book “1984”, with its three world-superstates: Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia). The formation of those superstates will merely be the harbinger for a one-world government.

This is why the farce of Brexit is being run in the chaotic way that it is: To demonstrate, as a warning, that any nation which tries to duck out of being part of any of the superstates-in-the-making will be sorely made to regret it and be punished as a pariah-state for their desire to divorce. This is the real framework in order to understand what is happening in the UK right now. For the UK is nothing more than a vassal-state of Brussels (by way of proxy to the power-elite) and was sold out to be that way some forty-five years ago in 1973, followed by a referendum held two years later in 1975, in which 67% of the UK vote was a big “yes” to EU membership. And here’s the bottom line: The UK can no more finally leave the EU superstate than, say, Ohio can leave the US superstate. This is not a whimsical game. It is not something which the public decides, or which is genuinely subject to change by any referendum.

Please get this into your heads: True democracy does not exist. The power-elite, the intelligence networks, the secret think-tanks — even the government itself — could not give a flying fig about what “the electorate” wants. They get what they want, regardless of which politicians get elected in the window-dressing process of elections. The elections and referendums exist solely to convince the gullible masses that they are being consulted in the dictatorial processes of governance. This is true also of the process known as “Brexit”, which will drag on until people will be so fed up of it that they will settle for anything — even another meaningless referendum. The way of the EU is to make people keep voting until they get it “right” — that is, until the masses do exactly as the EU requires, for that is what the EU regards as “right”. That is what they did with Ireland, whose people had voted against the EU’s Lisbon Treaty in a referendum in June 2008. Through threats and pressure, a second referendum was held in October 2009 which then was voted through. The people of Ireland got it “right” in the end!


The dark process by which a single world government is being birthed on this planet is unfolding right before our eyes, but few want to believe it or admit it; for to do so would mean that one’s false conception of life on earth would be thrown into jeopardy on so many levels and one would be forced to awaken from one’s artificial slumber, cast off one’s manufactured (manmade) moorings and discover that what we are observing in Brexit and many other global developments is part of a much wider spiritual battle of cosmic proportions between darkness and Light. For the chaotic conditions on earth that we are witnessing today and the formation of a world-government under a global leader posing as a “light-bringer” were prophesied two-thousand years ago by the Christ when He walked among us and the writings of His chosen apostles. The spiritual battle which He came to reveal, and its epic outcome, is precisely what the Bible is about from the first word to the last. But, as a key strategy of the forces of darkness in that spiritual battle, people have already been brainwashed to believe that the Christ is a myth and that the Bible is a forgery of priestcraft. Thus, people would rather believe in demonic ETs and fictitious unicorns than in the reality of the God-man, Yeshua ben Yosef (the human name of the Christ). It is not enough to wake up merely to the reality of conspiracies on earth (as an increasing number do) but one must also awaken to the reality of Christ and His Light as the object of all those conspiracies.

The creation of superstates, in which the Brexit process plays its part in the “Planetary Play” from Darklywood Productions, is the precursor to the climax of the spiritual battle. Therefore, rather than making us ‘get our knickers in a twist’ through our false notions of governance and “democracy” generated by a corrupted media in hock to the dark plans of the power elite, this farcical situation known as “Brexit” should be providing us with an opportunity to discover how the spiritual battle pans out on this living earth. Even the realisation that Brexit is part of a spiritual battle rather than a merely political one is a huge leap forward in human consciousness.


[If you have found this article to be helpful and informative, you can read similar material in much more detail in my new 600-page book, which can be downloaded free of charge from ]


© Alan Morrison, 2018

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