Don’t Be Naïve! There Will Be no Yellow-Jacket Revolution…

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IT IS HIGHLY INTRIGUING to watch all the very predictable developments across the world which people naively identify as “spontaneous popular uprisings against fascist oppression”, or “the ‘Swamp’ being drained”, or “the long -awaited revolution is at hand”, or “governments will be overthrown”, or “democracy is being restored”. Everything which you may identify as any of those things is being highly orchestrated. For example, the so-called “Yellow-Jackets” (Gilets Jaunes) in France rioting in the streets, the Trumpite movement in the USA claiming it is “draining the Swamp”, or any group or organisation anywhere wanting to overthrow government or create massive social change via social justice etc. — all of them have been hopelessly infiltrated by government forces engaged in what are known as “psychological operations” (PsyOps) designed to bend events to their hegemonic goals and ultimately generate conditions of chaos. That’s right: Governments infiltrate and even actually fund their enemies. This is because they always have to control both sides. This is how they operate. If you imagine that the Yellow-Jackets are solely a popular spontaneous uprising of ordinary people then you are astonishingly naïve. There may well be many disgruntled ordinary citizens among them, but I can assure you that such a group will never be allowed to organise itself into action without being hopelessly infiltrated by government appointed agents provocateurs. In this way, secret government organisations can control the direction of society and subsequently psychologically manipulate people everywhere. When I was in Annecy in France recently, I found it astonishing that the Gendarmes were actually supporting the hundreds of Yellow-Jackets blocking highways and preventing vehicles from going about their business. And all this talk about the CRS (French riot police) not taking action out of sympathy with the Yellow-Jackets is absolute nonsense and yet more naivety. They had simply been ordered to stand down. The CRS does not show mercy… ever! These riots have been manipulated and allowed (encouraged) to escalate so that the chaos will be even more pronounced — especially coming conveniently as it all does just before Christmas.

In the excellent film, “Shooter”, one of the CIA hitmen reveals the truth that “Nothing, no matter how horrible, ever really happens without the approval of the government”. Indeed. “But it’s only a film”, I hear you say. You’d be surprised how many truths are encapsulated in movies so that people will think those truths are merely make-believe (for Hollywood is dominated by intelligence networks too in order to mesmerise and socially-engineer the masses, though mostpeople will never believe that either). This doesn’t mean that every politician is fully aware of what is really going on everywhere. But at the highest, deepest levels of government (e.g. in the bunkers of the intelligence networks which really control society), there is continual knowledge and manipulation of what happens in the world. Have you not found it strange that every time there is a terrorist atrocity it is later revealed that the perpetrator of the atrocity is well-known to the “security services” and was even being ‘tailed’ by them at the time? Do you not realise yet in all your starry-eyed naivety that these atrocities are being allowed to go ahead so that you willingly give the ruling powers more control allegedly “to prevent further chaos” (though that is ludicrous in itself)? This happened in Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s in the Irish Republican Army during “The Troubles”, which was always hopelessly infiltrated by British agents from MI6 who would orchestrate bombings and other attacks, thus ensuring that chaos was generated and public opinion was always against the cause of the IRA. If you don’t believe this, you can look it up and find it out to be true very easily. It has even been exposed in the mainstream media, as we can see in this headline in the Belfast Telegraph, “Half of All Top IRA Men Worked for Security Services”. Click here to read . They don’t care about you knowing about it now, though if any journalist had reported it at the time, they would have denied it as “an outrageous claim” and that brave journalist would soon have died in mysterious (aka suspicious) circumstances! The bizarre thing is that even when someone tells you this — even if they prove it to you and you can see that it’s real — you will still refuse to believe it because the bottom falls out of your world if you do so. But that “bottom” of your world needs to fall out. Until we have our illusions stripped away in a creative wave of disillusionment we will not be able to move into the next stage of development, which is to wake up to the fact that this world is involved in a full-scale spiritual battle in the heavenly places which is being mirrored on the earth.

Governments are peopled by unregenerated men and women who themselves are patsies for the power-elite — the real “government” which runs things across the world via militaries, intelligence networks, special forces, mercenaries, and global corporations. This is why all so-called popular revolutions have failed and always will. They have merely been exchanging one ruthless screwed-up bunch for another — like moving the deckchairs around on the Titanic — not to mention the fact that all the major revolutions which have happened in the world (e.g. American, French, Russian, Chinese) have themselves been manipulated by the secret government of the power-elite. Furthermore, the natural corruption of this present age which seeps into the heart of the human soul cannot be eradicated with a gun. This is why revolutions or people’s militias can never work. For every evil scumbag to whom one might administer peremptory justice with a gun, Wild West style, there will be another one in the wings ready to take his or her place (yep, that’s right, I said “her” as well, for there are plenty of female scumbags too. That’s equality, baby!). There would be no end to it. This is the world in which we live (even though the Creator of this universe can mete out such justice as the righteous comeuppance of thoroughly evil people). This present age is fundamentally evil, and it is rooted in corruption, selfishness, avarice, murder and cruelty. Governments are no exception to this, also being solidly rooted in corruption, selfishness, avarice, murder and cruelty, no matter how much one may pretty it up to the human eye with White House lawns, elaborately-built Capitol Hill buildings, Parliaments and oak-lined interiors decked in imposing portraits, velvet curtains and thick pile carpets. To fill such grand buildings with politicians is like putting dung inside a silver Gucci slipper.

If you wonder why I should be such an affront to you by speaking in this vein and about these things, it is because the deception has been so deep, and the social engineering so thorough, that the majority of people have actually supported and avidly campaigned for the corruption, selfishness, avarice, murder and cruelty carried out by their corrupt governments in countries such as Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria. This is something for which they should be deeply ashamed. People need to be shocked out of their sleepwalking mediocrity and enslavement. The idea that one can “drain the Swamp” through electing politicians and presidents is the height of naivety. For that “Swamp” swallows up everything in its path which imagines it can eliminate it without supernatural intervention. Mostpeople are so stupefied that all one has to do is put a socialist type of government in office with all the usual false promises about a new society and the Yellow-Jacket types of protest would simply evaporate. Also, if, for example, Donald Trump and Teresa May were ousted from office and replaced with some sweet-smiling, smooth-talking, do-nothing, liberal socialist, all the hate on Facebook would stop and those former haters would be mesmerised by the illusion! People do not really care; they are just easily fooled by deception. And changes of government make no difference whatsoever. That is just a silly theatre for the naive. History is inexorably moving towards a climax of cataclysmic proportions when such supernatural intervention will become inevitable and I welcome it, long for it, live for it and boldly teach it.

For many years, I have been predicting that chemical or biological weapon alleged “terrorist attacks” will start to take place in European cities (especially in the UK). That will be the next escalation of the governmental psychological operations in order to make the people beg for more government control and then martial law will come into operation. Now such attacks are being announced as not merely likely but inevitable in the mainstream media, as we saw two days ago with the headline: “Jihadis are plotting a devastating CHEMICAL WEAPONS attack in Britain and could launch a chlorine bomb on London Underground, security chiefs warn”. Click here to read the article. None of this will be happening outside the knowledge of the intelligence agencies of your governments. All this chaos in society is being manipulated by these government agencies to convince you that more control is necessary. Eventually, you will begin to see calls for a number of superstates in the world (of which the European Union is one, which is why the UK will never be allowed to fully leave) and from there it will only be a short step to an amalgamation of them into a one-world government allegedly “to promote global peace and security”. Then the stage will be set for a world-leader to come to power who is a manifestation of the forces of darkness — who the Bible identifies as “The Antichrist”.

The conditions of society which we see today — debauchery, chaos, governmental and religious corruption, false prophets and false messiahs, serial wars, famines, the proliferation of earthquakes and other natural disasters — are all clearly prophesied in the Bible, which is not at all a tool to give power to the church (which is unfortunately how it has been used by all the religious nonsense of the false Christian religion of the Catholic Vatican and the Anglican Church of England powerbase at Canterbury). The Vatican and Canterbury are part of the false church which is aligned with the evil world-system under the forces of darkness. The Bible’s real purpose is to EXPOSE this darkness and show the way to the Light. If people can get beyond their prejudice against the Bible and the Christ (which is understandable because of such dastardly elements as the Crusades, Inquisitions, sectarian infighting, powermongering and manipulations of the false church) they will discover a real-life adventure in a spiritual battle which perfectly explains what we see happening around us in the world today. Christ Himself came two-thousand years ago not only to warn us about “the wrath to come” and that “there will be great suffering unlike anything that has happened from the beginning of the world until now, or ever will happen” (His actual words), but also that a new universe is going to be created to be populated by those who will follow Him and His Light in this life and present world. The visible church power-structures of the Vatican and Canterbury are impostors from the dark side which have covered up the truth about Christ and the real reasons for His coming. So please do not let yourself be fooled by all the political shenanigans and upheavals of society which are being manipulated by the power-elite for their own nefarious purposes. There will be no revolution or transformation of this world except the supernatural one which will be effected by Christ at the end of this age (which could be much sooner than you think).

[For those interested in the above words, there is a much more detailed analysis along with some spiritual autobiography in my 606-page book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”, which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD from here: ].


© Alan Morrison, 2018

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