The Self-Awareness Song (from my album, “The Key”)

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Here is a sample song from my most recent album, “The Key”. You can click on the “Play” button above to hear it. The lyrics are, I believe, most apposite for the world as it is today. So many of us speak and act without any self-awareness whatsoever. Neither do we consider what might be the consequences. This song is a wake-up call from our sleepwalking. It is in a classic early music style, with lute, drums and various classical instruments from the Stockholm Concert Orchestra, playing without vibrato to add to the authentic early music effect. Here are the lyrics:

Why do we do the things we do
and say the things we say?
Why do we think along a track
which only goes one way?
Our actions and our words reveal
the source of our control —
Either hurts we suffered in the past
or purity of soul.

With eyes tight shut and ears closed
we wander in a daze.
Instead of being blind and deaf
our hearts should be ablaze!
The time has come to wake ourselves
and no more be asleep
To see things as they really are
will take a quantum leap

The world that we think we see
Is only a dream.
This transient entity
is not what it seems

Why must we thrive on conflicts made
when here there should be none?
Why can’t we revel when we see
another’s works well-done?
There’s pain enough throughout our lives
without the dross we make.
In anger we will live and lose
until to love we wake.

We take positions in a patch
of ground we think is ours.
But no one owns a scrap of earth
or grass, or trees, or flowers.
And if we freely give to all
who need, we will receive.
There’s nothing for us to defend;
possession’s make-believe!

The world that we think we see
Is only a dream.
This transient entity
is not what it seems

So let’s all gladly give our hearts
to ramblers in our field.
Each time we act with grudge and gall
our vanity’s revealed.
It’s folly for us to engage
in any kind of war.
Our self-awareness is the key
and selflessness the door.


© Alan Morrison, 2019

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