The Myth of “The Patriarchy” (and Matriarchy)

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Introduction: The Myth of a Matriarchy

Any analysis of the workings of satanic activity in society would be incomplete if it did not investigate the influences of modern feminism, especially in relation to its claims about the existence of a so-called “patriarchy” and the parallel favourable referencing of an alleged benign matriarchy in ancient societies which many feminists wish to see reinstated today and which they allege will completely change the world.

In my book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”,  I referred a number of times to the unique vulnerability of women in relation to spiritual influences and their susceptibility to wacky spiritual notions and dark deceptions swathed in false light which therefore make them sound benevolent to the naïve or over-zealous. I have seen this happen many times and received many anecdotes about it. No doubt a number will accuse me of rampant “sexism” here. Such an accusation is merely a convenient way of bypassing reality by hiding behind a made-up label concocted in support of an ideology. Despite my great love for women (especially those who are truly liberated), I have to be honest about what I have observed to be true. So, in this paper, let us crack wide open the misplaced notion of an oppressive “patriarchy” and the myth of a magnanimous “matriarchy”.

It is very often said that women would make better leaders than men. In fact, there have been many times when I have heard it said by a woman: “You men have had your chance at running the world and all you’ve done is destroy it. So now you can move over. It’s our turn”. Or, as I have also heard it said: “The patriarchy has had its day. Now it’s time for the matriarchy, like it used to be way back before men began to ru(i)n the world”. Some questions arise here: Is it really the case that there have been harmonious matriarchies ruling in ancient times? Would women really be better at “running the world”? Is it merely gender which determines how history flows? Or is there another issue which is completely overlooked in any discussion about the world-system and the enhancement or destruction of the world? These are the questions I will now seek to answer.

Let us first relieve ourselves of any ideas about an ancient glorious matriarchy presiding over a peaceful and harmonious society. That is just a pile of romanticised codswallop for dewy-eyed feminists who want to see men where they belong: at the bottom of the pecking order! Many who call themselves “feminists” — especially those who are advocates and practitioners of the “feminist witchcraft goddess” style of spirituality — imagine that there was a time before the “evil patriarchy” started when women were in power and a peaceful matriarchy ran the show in a number of parts of the world. The recent WonderWoman movie has successfully perpetuated this myth. So many women I know have found this film to be wonderfully inspiring for their womanhood (I think “empowered” is the trendy word they use). An Amazonian woman running around the world to save it with a sword and shield is surely the perfect role model for budding feminists who feel that male superheroes have upstaged women for far too long (though, somehow, WonderWoman is perpetually wearing flawless international model style makeup even in the most violent scenes of chaotic warfare! 😃). Yet, the whole myth of ‘an ancient matriarchy before men took control’ with their alleged patriarchy has been well-debunked even by a feminist, the writer and professor of religion, Cynthia Eller, in her controversial book: “The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory: Why an Invented Past Won’t Give Women a Future” (2001). (No doubt many feminist witches have been putting hexes on her for the last sixteen years by way of revenge, to no effect of course! 😉). It takes courage to write a book like that; though it has to be said that the author was not debunking matriarchy itself, as a concept, but merely the false idea of its existence earlier in history.

The more “spiritually-minded” (as opposed to politically-minded) feminists, many of whom are practising witches (let’s not mince words, for this is how they self-identify), are mostly the ones who champion these alleged ancient matriarchies. The more politically-minded feminists tend to express contempt for such a notion, believing it to undermine their core beliefs because of its mythological nature. Another feminist author writes honestly: “Versions of the feminist fairy tale can be found in magazine articles, best-selling books, and television documentaries on the history of Western religion — a piece of revisionist history that’s now believed simply because it’s been so often repeated”.[1] She also debunks the myth of past matriarchies, pointing out that the idealisation of these ancient religions as feminist utopias, such as those which existed in Babylon and Egypt, is completely false:

“In the new goddess myth, Egypt and Babylonia are portrayed as benevolent, peaceful, and matriarchal societies, despite the fact that sexual abuse and exploitation, ritual castration, phallus worship, and even human sacrifice were all integral aspects of their religious traditions. Do women who are enchanted by Isis, for instance, know that worship of her involved the annual drowning of a young virgin girl in the Nile to assure a plentiful harvest? Do devotees of Ishtar realize that many of her priestesses were simply temple slaves who were branded with a star (Ishtar’s symbol) just like the animals that were dedicated to her?”[2]

She rightly recognises that, far from being feminist utopias, the ancient religions were full of corrupting influences for women. Yet, despite the lack of evidence for glorious matriarchies, the diehard feminist believers in them still cling on to those images, for they bolster their political and spiritual standpoints. However, the reasoning should not stop with debunking such ideas. For the claim still stands, and would be supported by most modern feminists, that a “Patriarchy” has been responsible over the millennia for the destruction of the world and the subjugation of women. But I contend that the degeneration of civilisation has nothing to do with whether men or women have been “running the world” but about the way that the world has been “run” and the spiritual condition of those running it — which has nothing to do with gender but with method and purpose, as I will show below.

Are Women Really Superior to Men?

The popular modern feminist implication of “men bad, women good” is so wide of the mark as to be laughable. It stands alongside the similarly warped belief about a global “male rape culture” — both being the result of a contrived misandry and cheap generalisation. For feminism — the real feminism (which is not just about women wanting the same pay as a bloke) — is really a destructive fringe group with an agenda which has managed to get its ideas to go mainstream through aggressive propaganda and clever PR. It sounds great on the surface to the unsuspecting, politically-correct, liberal human. However, as is always the case with such movements, its real agenda is not the published programme.

The feminist way of thinking appears to be that women are at heart “goddesses” on a much higher plane to men (who are mostly considered to be potential rapists and violent predators with a psychopathic nature) and therefore women are better equipped to run the world. But is this true? The reality is that comparatively few women on the planet are spiritually-awake and most are still lost in an egocentric, narcissistic, acquisitive mindset in which gossip, fashion and makeup magazines (check the newsagent next time you’re in there) plus bagging a guy with loadsamoney and/or power are more important than making a paradise of either equality or woman-power out of the world.[3] Many of such women, because it is trendy to do so, would no doubt even call themselves “feminists”! (Cue to remember the “girl-power” nonsense of the Spice Girls 🙄 — another example of the kind of cognitive dissonance which is so prevalent today).

Also, please note that even if a woman advertises herself on social media as practising yoga 24/7 and attending “shamanic goddess workshops” or writing “self-actualisation” books, this is not at all proof of her being a spiritually-developed woman. On the contrary! Trendy virtue-signalling is rife today and so much social media posturing is about outward appearance rather than inner transformation. Is it not the case that when spiritually-untransformed women attain positions of power on this planet, they are every bit as ruthless as men in those positions (though perhaps their strategy would be a little different)? I have witnessed this personally as well as being informed anecdotally; and there are numerous historical examples. One such example of a ruthless female ruler is Queen Ranavalona the First (1778-1861), who reigned over the nation of Madagascar for three decades and has been referred to as “the most murderous woman in history”.[4] Women good; men bad? I don’t think so for a moment. There have been enough women who have publicly exposed their ruthlessness in powerful positions to be able to debunk that particular myth.

Some women in corporate environments have told me that their female CEOs are hard-faced and merciless — often more so than the men they replace. And we all know how “bitchy” women can be when they are competing with each other (either for attention, for a man, or a job, or some other desired prize).[5] The reason for this is because women whose hearts have not been softened as followers of the Light and in discipleship to the Christ will behave as stupidly and insensitively, and be as brazenly competitive and rapacious, as non-spiritual men. So-called “Femmes fatales” and “Cougars” operate as aggressively in the “flesh-market” as intrusive male “Lotharios” and “Don Juans”! And please do not imagine that supposedly “spiritual” workshops and retreats (e.g. for yoga and meditation) are full of virtuous women. I have seen a lot of aggressive serial men-chasing in such conventions — especially from those who were running them!

The truth is that the real “divide” in this world is not between men and women at all. That is merely a manufactured division. The real divide in this world is between genuinely spiritual and non-spiritual people of either gender. This is part of the fallout of what Christ was referring to when He said: “Do you think I have come to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but rather division![6] The Greek word translated there as “division” is διαμερισμόν, diamerismon, a word which carries the idea of hostility in the divide. That hostile division exists not truly between men and women (although it has been socially-engineered to look that way), but rather between those who are spiritually awakened by Christ (thus becoming part of the liberated “disciple of Christ counterculture”) and those who are asleep (who therefore prop up the world-system of strife and enslavement to the realm of darkness). Developed human beings who have passed through the narrow gate onto the pathway strait, whether women or men, are consciously aware that what is essential is not visible to the eyes and would never try to “lord it” over anyone else or seek to use any power they have been given in a ruthless, aggressive or acquisitive manner.

The Real Issue is the “Hateriarchy”

Here is a revealing question: Would genuinely spiritual males, i.e. those devoted to the Light and to the true Christ have screwed up the world in the way that it has been by men who are non-spiritual and untransformed? Surely, the answer has to be an unequivocal “No!” That immediately proves that the debacle of history is not gender-based but behaviour-based. [Please note, in this paper when I say, “those devoted to the Light and to the true Christ”, I do not refer to those who indulge in “Churchianity” and “Christianism”, for the visible Church in this world is not representative of Christ, who did not come to create a religion but to create a spiritually-transformed counterculture of disciples in an ekklesia of His making].[7]

Men are supposed to be the pioneers in this world. This is their heritage if they want to be real men. But when practised egocentrically by undeveloped men who are not consciously-awake and self-aware, and who despise Christ and everything He stands for, their pioneering becomes selfishly rapacious, acquisitive and predatory rather than exploratory and revelatory, for the good of all.

Consider this too: Behind every nasty, rapaciously pioneering man in the history of the world has been one or more amoral, gold-digging, ruthless, scheming, God-despising or Christ-hating, competitive woman assisting him and egging him on in all his evil exploits. This is something about which feminists are in denial. Think of all those emperors’ wives in history poisoning their rivals; plotting murderously to get their men in positions of power; lying, deceiving, whoring — even killing their own kids if it is to their benefit.[8] This is what real history consists of; not the make-believe feminist history which says that women have only ever been abused and viciously suppressed victims. Feminists avidly point to “the patriarchy” when male priests are exposed as abusers of children; but female nuns have been just as responsible for brutality and even practising satanic rituals on vulnerable children.[9]

Here is a thought: While the man is supposed to be a fearless and magnanimous pioneer, the woman is supposed to be a powerful lightning rod of true spirituality to enable her man to experience the fullness of his depth and love and to reconnect with his Creator. Men and women become complete when they complement each other with their relative strengths and powers. This is the ideal. Really, this is a beautiful thing and I could wax lyrical about it day and night. But when that lightning rod presence is practised egocentrically by non-spiritual women whose lives have not been dedicated to the Light which is in the Christ, it just becomes a chaotic, manipulative mess of guile, narcissism, sorcery, darkness and proxy violence (all very often masquerading as “light”). Both fallen men and women hellbent on forging their selfish nightmare world of fleshly insanity have dragged this civilisation into its gathering climax of global darkness. In other words, it is not any patriarchy which has screwed up this world but the hateriarchy!

Would a Vagina in the White House Make a Difference?

So many of those who believe that the “Patriarchy” is screwing up the world would have voted for Hilary Clinton to become US president on the basis that “with a woman in the White House the world would be a better place” (as I have heard many a woman say). This demonstrates the skewed thinking which prevails amongst so many of today’s feminists. For Hilary Clinton herself is a central part of the screwed-up, conflict-based world-system which they identify as “the Patriarchy”. The number of dead bodies which have piled up around her and her husband in suspicious circumstances is huge (commonly known as “The Clinton Body Count”, which can easily be researched). Yet, she is a woman! The fact that she has a vagina in her body does not absolve her in any way whatsoever. If anything, it should condemn her, for women are the very wombs of life-giving. These politicians are extremely smooth operators who know exactly how to manipulate the female vote.[10] The reason that she is part of that screwed-up, conflict-based world-system is because she is an unspiritual, untransformed woman of ambition who dovetails perfectly with unspiritual, untransformed men of similar ambition. Unspiritual, untransformed women and men are the problem, not any imagined single-gender “patriarchy”.

Men Are the “Emmanuel Goldstein” of Feminism

When women with Daddy-issues want to find fault with the world-system, it stands to reason that they would have to choose an alleged “Patriarchy” as their “Emmanuel Goldstein” to despise.[11] This is what I call FPD, Feminist Personality Disorder. The direction of the world and societal influence at large has always been determined by people who are riddled with personality disorders — sociopathy, psychopathy, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, etc. — whether on the throne itself or the power behind it or in mass movements with an agenda. This is the case in our anomic society more than ever before. The very fact that so many feminists buy into the corrupt political system today in our false democracies, in the hope of changing society through their social engineering, is indicative of the level of deception involved in their worldview.

The “Swamp” Runs the World, Not Men (or Women)

Many of those who claim that it is “the Patriarchy” which is responsible for the world’s ills still continue to vote at each election, thus being enablers of the continuing corruption in society. They are not revolutionaries but rigid traditionalists who prop up the world-system with their “activism”. They haven’t even realised yet that it makes no difference who is voted into office as president or prime minister, or what gender they are, or which party is in power; for the real power lies in the hands of family lines, elites, mafias, cabals, corporations, intelligence networks and militaries. No national or world leader could ever “drain the Swamp” (to coin a vogue recent phrase designed to refer to secret elite cabals of power). For “the Swamp” (which is really Satanised power manifested in earthly power-elites, energised by non-physical realms of darkness) operates independently of any political structure. “The Swamp” not only runs the world, it also determines who will be presidents and prime ministers and who it will topple from those offices as and when it is fortuitous for them to do so. Therefore, for any president to speak of “draining the Swamp” is nonsensical, for presidents only hold office because the Swamp wanted them there in the first place, and they will just as quickly be dumped by that Swamp when they are no longer of use to it!

“The Swamp” also largely invented modern feminism — at the very least it was the forerunner for it. For, far from being a spontaneous movement arising naturally from a “women’s wave” for the liberation of their gender, feminism has been the result of one long history of manipulations and deliberate social engineering. For example, a leading light and pioneer of the feminist movement, Gloria Steinem, worked full-time for the CIA during the late 1950s and early 1960s, as director of the CIA-funded Independent Research Service. One of her colleagues there was a guy called Clay Felker. When he became an editor at “Esquire” magazine, he then published feminist articles by her, thus establishing her as a journalistic force for “women’s liberation”. Thereafter, he funded the feminist magazine, “Ms”, and in 1972 she became its editor. This type of seeding and propagation is a standard way in which the forces of darkness work through “intelligence” agencies such as the CIA in order to manipulate the media as a form of social engineering, which is very much more widespread in recent history than most people realise.[12] It would be more realistic to call it mind-control or even psychological operations (PsyOps). As part of their “thesis-antithesis-synthesis” way of controlling an issue, these agencies prop up all sides. This is how an agency such as the CIA could publicly support apparently anti-communist groups and yet, at the same time, provide clandestine subsidy and strategies for movements and organisations which fulfil all the ambitions of the Marxist agenda for the destruction of society. Satan is extremely adept at battle strategy!

Gloria SteinemIn the 2004 photograph to the left, a smiling Gloria Steinem can be seen proudly sporting her “I had an abortion” T-shirt, while giving the feminist, lesbian and women’s spirituality so-called “sign of the Yoni” (trendy word for vagina). Please know that I do not raise the subject of abortion so as to condemn anyone personally. I am a man of compassion and empathy. But I believe that women have been hoodwinked about abortion, to make it into a feminist issue rather than a moral one, as if abortion is a right which has been stolen from them and which they should claw back, along with equal pay and all the other feminist campaigns.

I completely sympathise with any woman who, through confusion, desperation and poor information, has gone down the abortion route and later deeply regretted it. We all make mistakes in life, some more far-reaching than others, and I’ve done my fair share of them. I also have huge sympathy with tears for the dilemma a woman can face if she finds herself pregnant after being raped by a monster, or at the end of her tether through poverty, homelessness or mental illness. But when one examines the way that modern feminism has unconditionally supported abortion as “a woman’s right to choose”,[13] functioning more or less as a hindsight form of contraception, then we are in completely different territory.

To wear a smile while wearing the words, “I had an abortion”, as if it is something to be proud of — as if saying, “Hey, I took one for the team” — is inappropriate beyond belief. A woman can say “My body, my choice”. Sure, she can easily say that. But what about the body of the baby, who doesn’t get the choice? “But it’s only a mere foetus”, is often what I hear. I find it strange that a woman is only too willing to refer to what is growing inside her as “a mere foetus” which she is willing to abort it up to 24 weeks old, yet, if a woman discovers its gender at 14 weeks old, it becomes miraculously transformed into “my beautiful baby”! A great many feminists are also “eco-warriors” who will go to extraordinary lengths to protect some obscure species of lifeform from extinction or extermination with great passion; yet they are willing to abort their own offspring at the drop of a hat. Cognitive dissonance par excellence! Truly, we are living in times of extreme cognitive dissonance, in which anything becomes possible, no matter what depth of hypocrisy is involved, so long as the politically-correct agenda is being pursued.

You can see that we have here strayed into the territory of genocide— one which has been actively, vocally, and even militantly supported by modern feminists. If you dare to look at the Abortion Ticker at, you will see a live view of the yearly total number of abortions happening around the world or in the USA in any given moment ticking over before your eyes. As I am writing, it is just over 7.5 million abortions so far in 2019 (that’s in just over two months). Each year there are now around 50 million abortions and there have so far been more than 1.5 billion abortions since 1980. Those are just the ones reported. I believe that the term “genocide” is justified. Feminism, which claims to respect all life and equality, has been in great measure responsible for encouraging this state of affairs, in which the equality of the baby is not recognised. That is a real cognitive dissonance. And behind all that are the manipulations of shady networks and the unseen dark satanic hand which feeds off all killings, fears, confusion, and the inevitable trauma which result from such actions as abortion.[14]

We strayed into that subject of abortion because we were looking at the way that the “swamp” of satanic forces is socially engineering society through such movements as feminism. It is an interesting phenomenon that, in general, liberal and left-wing people find it very hard to admit that the world is run by a secret power-elite ruling on behalf of the forces of darkness; for their controlling nature means that they have to cling to the belief that they can change the world through lobbying, petitioning, legislation and social engineering. They cannot allow themselves to see that the political arena is just a show-theatre for the masses to mesmerise them with trivia and the cult of the personality, with its “stars” and a supporting cast. It is all fake, with the media acting as a propaganda machine/disinformation outlet to keep the sewage flowing from “The Swamp” into the restless sea of the world’s population.

The Whole Purpose Behind the Manipulation of Women

The whole purpose behind the manipulation of women by the power-elite and forces of darkness (which is the real Swamp) in this world has not only been the usual one of causing deep division in society to the point of rage and violence, emotionalism, infantilization, insecurity, cognitive dissonance and openness to manipulation, but also the complete undermining of the essential and complementary characteristics of the masculine and feminine. For male and female is God’s appointed order in this world. It is this which the satanic forces of darkness are trying to overthrow through feminism and all the gender-bending which we see happening across the world. When men and women work as one, with those complementary forces in full play — the masculine as the handsome pioneering spirit of focused-consciousness in society (and cherisher of women) and the feminine as the beautiful diffuse-awareness lightning rod of spirituality (and upholder of men); each playing their parts in humility and in fulfilment of the Divine purpose of Truth and Light — then a more healthy community and society will ensue. Therefore, it has been in the deep interests of the forces of darkness (and the power-elite which is energised by those forces) to break that complementariness and divide men and women, thus rendering them both powerless, even though many women ironically imagine that they are being “empowered”. Their false form of “empowerment” has become one of the greatest self-deceptions manifested in women today.[15] In effect, through feminism — which has now taken on the mantle of a personality disorder (FPD) — there has been a castration of men and a spaying of women which is wreaking havoc in the world, a havoc which is so-desired by the power-elite and the forces of darkness in order to more easily execute their world-plan of hegemony to install a one-world government.

Feminism’s Resentment of Men is Misplaced

Modern feminism’s resentment towards men — especially their rage — has been entirely misplaced in so many ways. For example, although I do understand the historical context and the reasoning behind it regarding inequality, etc., campaigning for “the vote” when it was only a male province was nevertheless a lost cause because voting does nothing at all except to perpetuate a never-ending game of political musical chairs, while the genuine powerbrokers of the world (who are never voted into office) are laughing like a drain at the farce of it all. The real campaign should have been (and still should be) to expose the uselessness and deception of voting and demonstrate the true meaning of democracy, rather than perpetuating the faux-democracies such as we have now in so many Western countries.

A further example of modern feminism’s misplaced resentment towards men occurs in the realm of domestic violence claims. The amount of female-on-male domestic abuse is not very far behind that of male-on-female, as any objective research reveals.[16] But those statistics do not suit the misandrist feminists of today, who stereotype those who commit domestic violence as always being male 100% of the time. Despite feminism’s denials, both women and men can be aggressive control freaks. Yet male domestic violence towards women is mostly all one hears about. This is due to hypocritical propaganda by modern feminists and also due to the fact that “violence” is usually only considered to be fist-on-face, completely ignoring the fact that psychological or emotional violence (at which women can excel) can be just as traumatic, if not worse in terms of lasting damage.

The Ease With Which Feminists Misrepresent Men

Related to their resentment towards men is the ease with which feminists will even resort to dishonesty in their bid to slander the male population as a whole. One of the standard specialisations of demonic activity is slander, calumny, lies, deliberate misrepresentation and character assassination. Demons/archons are the absolute experts at it. So, it is not surprising to see so much of this kind of dishonesty among feminists, as feminism itself is a satanic concept. There is also the aspect of hysteria, by which women as a group will irrationally go off the deep end about something about which one cannot possibly reason with them, even if what they believe is plainly mistaken or by which Truth has been twisted into something unrecognisable.

This is especially the case with the women involved in the feminist offshoot hashtag groupings known as #metoo or #abusesurvivor, who constantly seek to generate division and show that all men are co-conspirators with “the Patriarchy”. Their “memes” and claims are riddled with falsehoods and misrepresentations (as are so many “memes” on social media), often involving photos which have been carefully chosen to paint their opponents in the worst light possible, which is typical of political propaganda and always has been.

As an absolutely classic patent example of this misrepresentation and hysterical female response, let us take something as well-known and universally accepted as Donald trump’s famous “pussy” statement, which is now iconic and legendary, first published in 2016. This has been milked for all it’s worth as an example of “white male entitlement” and “rape culture mentality” not only by diehard “democrats” but also by the #metoo/#abusesurvivor people, who styled it as being typical of a sexual predator, which they think means most, if not all, men.

The publishing of this “pussy” transcript led directly to huge women’s protest marches around the world, at which participants wore pussy-hats (pink-coloured woollen beanie-hats shaped like cats’ ears). You couldn’t make it up! 😂 This is typical of the way that a false interpretation will be seized on by propagandists in order to paint someone in a bad light and to bolster their own tendentious aims. For if one carefully examines the original lengthy transcript of the discussion between radio and TV host, Billy Bush, and Donald Trump in 2005, one sees that it is not at all confined merely to a demonstration of male sexual predation. I am not sharing this in order to defend Trump in any way (for I think in many ways that his general demeanour is reprehensible and he is plainly afflicted with Narcissistic Personality Disorder) but to demonstrate the selective, propagandist nature of people in tendentious movements. Even though I am no fan of Trump, I am more interested in Truth than in propaganda. So here are the relevant words which have offended so many:

Trump: “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything”.

Bush: “Whatever you want.”

Trump: “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Those are the exact words of Trump containing the “pussy” bit. Now it’s obvious from Trump’s words throughout the whole discussion with Billy Bush that he has no respect for women and is a typically sexually-aggressive, presumptuous, personality-disordered, adulterous (he was newly married to Melania at the time), narcissistic, immature kind of guy, such as one can find in any busy downtown bar or (in different garb) in a rich “gentleman’s” club for playboys. For him, it’s all about conquest, and that’s all. This is a social realm in which men speak about “moving on” women. (Mature, level-headed women know how to deal with that, of course. But that’s not the issue here). What I want to show is that, although many women are triggered into hysterical anger by Trump’s apparent sense of entitlement to their “pussies”, they have completely ignored some of his words which reveal the real agenda behind the pussy-talk. Those words are: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything” — to which Billy Bush responds with the words: “Whatever you want”. They are saying that when you are rich and famous, the women in those circles will let you do anything to them — whatever you want to do, they will let you do it. The key word here is “let”, which means allow. In other words, what Trump was saying is not really about sexual assault or rape or grabbing a woman by her vaginal area without her consent or against her will. Trump was simply stating the crude and ugly truth that gold-digging whorish women (which predominate in those circles) will allow rich, famous men who “move on” them to do whatever they want to them. It is a situation of sexual consent and corrupted mutual needs being met. He already knows that they will let him do it — not because they are frightened or coerced but because those women willingly open their lips and their pussies for rich and famous men. The reason he knows that is because it is his lifelong experience. Predatory rich and famous males want to have sex with attractive gold-digging whorish women. Attractive gold-digging whorish women are eagerly willing to give sex to predatory rich and famous males, so they can get the material stuff which rich and famous men willingly give to them in exchange for the sex (and for being a pretty ‘trophy-woman’ on their arm). Consequently, Trump was speaking about a consensual transaction, not a resisted or unwanted violation. The women’s marches in “pussy-hats” were therefore based on unnecessary hysteria and were completely misplaced, ignoring the fact that a vast number of their own gender exploit men for what they can get out of them materially. Feminists will never admit to there being a mass of gold-diggers among their gender. Both predatory men and whorish women are a gross corruption of what real relationship should be about. The proper response to that is not useless public protest (with celebrity-spots for actresses to virtue-signal their selective disapproval of men), but a complete personal transformation of both men and women.

Thus, what Trump was saying has nothing whatsoever to do with “rape culture” or sexual assault. The #metoo/#abusesurvivor women will never admit this in a million years, because that will upset their applecart of perpetual victimhood, to which they will cling to the death. Trump was merely crudely voicing what all men know: That if you have loads of money and are famous, then the women in your circle will let you do whatever you want to them, and they will enjoy it! Just try an experiment: As a man, go into any casino and start winning loads of money at the tables and I can assure you that a whole gaggle of women, like mosquitoes round a lightbulb, will soon be queuing up around you, just gagging for you to grab their “pussies”. Yes, it’s gross; BUT IT’S TRUE! Or as a man, if you get promoted to be manager on a big fat salary with a fancy car, I can assure you that a great many of the “chicks” in the office will be “moving on” you like flies round a pile of dung! Yes, it’s gross; BUT IT’S TRUE! The problem is that the mass of the #metoo/#abusesurvivor people are not really interested in Truth but only in the vindication of their own prejudices.

Therefore, one has to conclude that the iconic status of Trump’s “pussy” statement as an example of male entitlement to randomly assault women against their will is based on complete falsehood. Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush was really an example of the corrupt nature of so many men and women in the way that they relate to each other. Thus, we can see that these #metoo/#abusesurvivor women will seize on anything they can to prove their point without any concern for Truth. Their desperation to present all women as being oppressed victims downtrodden by “the Patriarchy” far surpasses their desire for Truth and justice. Of course, they would claim that gold-diggers are oppressed victims of the Patriarchy too, forced to behave that way in order to gain a man’s attention (just as they claim that when a woman abuses a man in the home, it must have been because she was provoked!). The reality is that gold-diggers are ruthless and shameless exploiters of men, who only open their legs for the rich, famous and powerful men in society. But neither party is really a victim of the other. They are both perpetrators of crass materialism, using substitute needs (the procurement of money or sex) to fill the spiritual holes in their souls. Thus, one could say that they are both “victims” of darkness and in need of spiritual counsel and transformation.

The T-Shirt for “This is What a Feminist Looks Like”

this-is-what--newlogo-mens_largeFurthermore, one would conclude from feminist propaganda that only women are not paid as they should be. Yet so many other groupings have also been paid unfairly and exploited, including most of the people who have made the possessions which feminists own and wear. Fair pay is a social justice issue not a women’s issue, yet they always make it all about them, as they have to play the part of the perpetual victim. To demonstrate the hypocrisy, let us not ignore the ironic fact that the famous T-shirt imprinted with the words, “This is what a feminist looks like”, as worn by trendy politicians and so-called “celebrities”, was exposed to have been manufactured by women in awful working conditions being paid a pittance in Mauritius![17] The same can be said about the bogus claim of a “Patriarchy” running and ruining the world. It’s a chimera! I can completely assure you that if the feminist Stalinists of today set up a world regime, it would be equally as oppressive as any alleged Patriarchal regime (especially for men! 😊)!

“Well You Would Say All This, Wouldn’t You!”

Incidentally, this is not about me “defending men”. It’s ridiculous that I should have to say this, but there will be those who will say, “Well you would say all this, wouldn’t you! You’re a man!” Although I most certainly have maleness fully flowering in my DNA and a desire to experience my gift of manhood to the full in this life — discovering its depth and sacredness — I do not primarily identify with men as a separate group to which I have to jump to defend, ipso facto any time I am triggered. In any case, as I look back through history, I see both women and men who have behaved abhorrently. Both Queens and Kings have been murderous and conniving. Getting women into power is not an action I would see as being of any more worth than having men in such a position. It is the “being in power” and how that power is used which is the problem, not whether or not it involves a male or female. And here we come to the crux of the issue…

Not a Gender-Issue but a Power-Issue

For, the real debate is not about whether a patriarchy or matriarchy should be “running” things but about the entire concept and practice of an “-archy”, period. The suffix “-archy” comes from the classical Greek word for a magistrate or ruler, άρχον, archon. This word is derived from the concept of beginning or originating (which is how it translates in modern Greek, as arche, αρχή). The ἀρχὰς, archas, are at the head of things. Thus, they rule over and have power over. The fact that the world of humans is so screwed-up is not a gender issue. It’s a power issue. The world’s problems are not related to whether men or women have been in power or not, but rather on the whole concept of rulership, governance, power and control, as exercised in a fallen, corrupted world.

The entire basis of the world’s problems is a controlling, oppressive, greedy “-archy” form of governance founded by humans who lack insight, wisdom, sensitivity, love and, above all, true spirituality. The fact that such governance disguises itself as a pretended “democracy” doesn’t make it any better. The undeveloped, non-spiritual human being when involved in a corrupt world-system of rulership — whether male or female — will inevitably make a mess of things, as history reveals. So far, this civilisation has based itself on the egocentricity and narcissism of the undeveloped, spiritually-unaware human. Those who have been more selfless and developed have either been too dis-illusioned and perceptive to participate in a corrupt world-system or they have been marginalised and/or assassinated when they have tried to do so. But all this will one day change when the aeons advance as the inconceivable power of Christ returns to overturn this corrupt and satanic world-system.

At present, the vast majority of humans can only perceive human affairs in terms of ruling national governments which both administer public services and maintain armed forces and intelligence agencies to keep control and compete with other national governments through alternating periods of war or disposable commercial treaties. This is what they have been conditioned to believe. They think all this is natural and inevitable in what they have been conditioned to see as a Darwinian “survival of the fittest” mêlée on the way to an evolved utopia. However, this pattern has come about because of the fallen nature of human consciousness, fragmented from a relationship with the Creator, which naturally leads to a plethora of inharmonious and dystopian human affairs — lawlessness on steroids. A world in which most humans experience themselves as isolated, acquisitive beings who must fight “dog eat dog” in order to maintain their existence will naturally result in a divided and savagely competitive society. It is logical, for their perception guarantees their practices. By the fruits which arise from their philosophy, you will know the insufficiency and phoney ethics of that philosophy.

Only a Divine “-Archy” in the New Aeon

However, imagine a world in which the administrative functions which are currently overseen by ruling governments (“-archies”) would be taken on by local or regional cooperatives which have no governmental function and are wholly transparent to public scrutiny. Imagine, if you will, a world in which war and military activity is no longer seen as even being an option because people have realised that those things only serve the dark needs of power elites and are, in fact, counterproductive to planetary existence. Imagine a world in which national governments are redundant, as that world would no longer be rigidly divided into countries. Imagine a world in which genuine authority — involving wisdom, equity, justice and righteousness — was welcomed by all with joy. Just allow your imagination to run wild with those thoughts! Of course, such a world could not happen under the auspices of the present fallen civilisation and this hyper-corrupted aeon. Not only would many vast institutions need to be dismantled completely (which their founders and enablers would most violently resist) but there would have to be a mass awakening of genuine spirituality to the reality of Christ the Light as the true leader of this cosmos. For a world in which this kind of transformation would be able to happen, there would first need to be an inescapable supernatural intervention in this universe, firstly to prevent further colossal destruction on the planet and, secondly, to trigger suprarational phenomena in human matter and consciousness.

As I showed throughout my book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”, such a supernatural event is precisely what the Bible reveals will happen. I am speaking of the fulfilment and closure of the battle between Light and darkness which has entirely forged this dying age and about which almost the entire world is in denial. We now lie on the cusp of a new aeon in which the transformation of this planet will become a reality. I am speaking of a new aeon of Earth-history in which all the corrupted qualities of the old aeon are divinely transmuted alchemically into the higher values which are necessary for the furtherance of a transfigured life on a totally transformed earth, in a totally transformed cosmos, with human matter and consciousness raised to a vastly higher level and dimension, if any kind of civilisation is to continue at all. This is what will mark the difference between the present aeon and the new aeon which can only come after the return of the Christ, at which point this crippled cosmos will find its way out of the trap of base matter back towards higher dimensional reality in which the only Ruler will be God alone.[18]

Love Lies Bleeding

There will come a point in earth history when the present civilisation will have to disappear ‘up its own backside’, so to speak. There can be no ‘point of no return’ to pass, for it has always been preordained. The time will soon come when the world as we now know it will no longer be able to sustain itself and it will be ripe for its judgemental comeuppance. Disordered minds project into a disordered world. The greed, corruption, violence, deception, hypocrisy, mendacity, amorality, violation of natural law and murderous mayhem brought about through so many operating at a base level of consciousness, with no love of Christ in their hearts, in whom being rabidly self-serving is the only motivation, will have reached its climax amidst a furore of cataclysms and global chaos. This civilisation, which is overseen by so many corrupt men and women (a patrimatriarchy, if you will!), will have shown the fullness of all of which it is capable. The pinnacle of this corrupt civilisation’s achievement, of both women and men, will be a worldwide totalitarian regime, armed to the hilt with heinous weapons, in which the fist and boot reign supreme, while hiding behind the sickly claims of “peace and security” and the disguise of “light”, yet amongst it all love will lie bleeding in the gutter.[19]

Love Lies BleedingFeminism is no exception to that bleedingness; for it is a loveless ideology. Love really does lie bleeding everywhere on this haunted globe. (Left: Amaranthus Caudatus, “Love Lies Bleeding”, in a hanging basket). I do not mean the “love” which is crooned about in pop songs, Mills and Boon novels, “romcoms”, schmaltzy Christmas films, saccharin sexuality or when humans are in the throes of that hormonal-soup-based affliction known as “being in love”. 🙂 I mean LOVE in all its glorious and dreadful manifestations. The kind of love which extols our duties to others rather than petulantly demanding “rights” for ourselves. The kind of love which would rather be bathed in uncomfortable Truth than wallow in empty pleasantries or platitudes. The kind of love which makes people lay down their lives for a genuinely higher cause or another human being (knowing full-well that the ‘blipdom’ called death is just a trippy minor staging post on an eternal journey). The kind of love which holds all the elements of this Universe together. The kind of love which motivates humans to discover the true meaning of Divinity and the origin of life. The kind of love which hammers superficiality and frippery into an unrecognisable pulp, then remakes them into a beautifully unfathomable substance of worth. The kind of love which inspires people to put others before themselves unhesitatingly. The kind of love which demolishes falsehood with gusto and a grand bow. The kind of love which can turn a wilderness into a Palace garden with a mere glance. The kind of love which bursts into song at the sight of a sunset. The kind of love of which trees are made… and birds… and clouds… and squirrels… and puppy dogs… and everything in fact. The kind of love which envelops the death of the man or woman who has a good conscience, a love for Light and a heart of gold. The kind of love which dissolves unnatural divisions through the adhesive cement of integrity. The kind of love which is brave enough to create natural divisions simply through being love (for a genuinely loving human being deals in Truth and openness and will be hated for it by many). The kind of love which conquers fear in an instant with its tender certainty and an indulgence of ‘yes’. The kind of love which has infinite forgiveness even when it is at the “wrong” end of a bullet. The kind of love which is prepared to follow the Light to the ends of all Universes — even down the longest dark tunnels and across the most inaccessible terrain. The kind of love which welcomes mystery as an intrinsic part of knowledge in life, knowing it to be essential to matter in this dimension. The kind of love which enables a person to stand utterly alone for Truth, Light and Christ, but never need to crave the solidarity and affections of others. The kind of love which spawns courage and transfiguration. The kind of love which makes it possible to write endless lists such as these! I could just continue with this forever! For the mention of such love thrills me to the core and there is no end to the creativity which it inspires. The kind of love of which I speak is that which will find its zenith and fulfilment in the coming new aeon, bathed in the Light of Christ and the glory of God.

As I repeatedly showed throughout my book, Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”, this new aeon, of which we are now on the cusp, cannot come into the fullness of visible reality until the crossing has been made from the present doomed aeon of evil. The period of time before that, which we are now moving into, will inevitably involve cataclysmic chaos, as the birth-pang forces and energies of each of these diametrically-opposed aeons clash mightily, with the old resisting the new and the darkness resisting the Light, propelled dramatically by discarnate entities from unseen realms, both the forces of dark and the powers of the Light. These are fearful times and they will become considerably worse; but they are only fearful for those who cling to the old aeon ruled over by Satan and who will therefore not enter the new, so long as that clinging is maintained and so long as they do not submit themselves to the Christ.

Therefore, those whose lives are already dedicated to the new-aeon-in-waiting must encourage others who are the unwitting avatars of darkness. We who know — who understand what is happening, who have a matrix for deciphering the code of crumblingness in this fallen world, who love Christ from the heart and who would go anywhere and do anything for Him — we must also be the interpreters of current affairs and movements and of all the craziness for those who are becoming increasingly confused by what they see around them. We must lead them into a way of seeing things which involves a different kind of thinking altogether, away from the propaganda and disinformation of governments and tendentious movements such as feminism which are all oppressive in their own ways. We cannot stop these powerful world upheavals. We can only purify ourselves in the Light of Christ and be there for each other, men and women together (imagine that!) — educating and encouraging. If you say to me, “But that’s not fair! I am not a disciple of Christ”, I will gently reply to you: “Then become one! For if you truly want to be one, then you will be”. For, if I may rhymingly put it so, it is not a question of “fair” but of whether or not you desire to be there.

Thus, the real division today is not at all gender-based and it is not a phoney contrast between men (‘bad’) and women (‘good’). It is caused by the disparity which exists between those who engage in service-to-self and those who are devoted to service-to-others. It is the manifestation of a spiritual battle between Light and darkness which typifies the differences between the values of the old aeon and those of the new. Thus, the division which has dogged this civilisation, and which is climaxing now is not between men and women — as feminists would have us believe due to their corrupted view of reality — but between the dark forces of the old aeon (in which people are spiritually dead and unaware) and the light-powers of the new (in which people are spiritually alive and self-aware). It has never been a question of “men bad, women good” but “old aeon forces destructive, new aeon powers creative”.

Can we now see that the problems of the world are not rooted in gender but in spiritual immaturity and the corruption of the souls of both men and women? Fallen old aeon thinking screws the world up, not any of the genders. Both genders have been responsible. People as a whole — all of us; and we should all admit responsibility. Screwed-up men and women have systematically screwed-up the world. Together. Now men and women are called by the Light, as manifested in the Christ, to be the avant-garde of the new aeon, as pioneers, in the dying embers of the old aeon, living as if that new aeon was already in full swing. Do not be deceived by the unspiritual claims of feminism or any of the other materialist human “-isms” which seem to have proliferated so well. Feminism is a political movement designed to divide men and women and, in particular, to emasculate men and defeminize women. For men are called to be pioneers, and, especially as the new aeon draws closer, to be spiritual pioneers for that new aeon.

The forces of darkness seek to subjugate the world’s population by any means. Part of that mission involves gelding the men from a metaphorical point of view — castrating them, diluting their fatherhood, undermining their leadership, undoing their pioneership. The feminist movement is playing its role in that development to perfection. I know so many men who have been cowed by this movement and even broken by its aggressive influences and crazed attitude to manliness. Obviously, if one’s masculinity has been darkly channelled into authoritarian, oppressive, rapacious or vulgar activities, then it is definitely time to change all the way through. But this is not a political or even a social matter. The way to effect that change is not through legislation or social engineering, crude propaganda, demonstrations, or the enforcement of political correctness. Neither is it through brow-beating, guilt-tripping or damning an entire gender. I have met, and know of, a number of men who are waking up spiritually, becoming genuine disciples of Christ, and looking for ways to channel their masculinity positively in a God-honouring way. A real woman would welcome that.

Have You Been Triggered?

If the contents of this paper have triggered some strong adverse feelings within you, may I respectfully suggest that you quietly search your heart and see why this should be so, rather than shooting the messenger from the hip. The contents of this piece have been germinating in me for some time. I realise it could be controversial in some quarters. However, I am not writing in a reactionary manner but after years of meditation and deliberation. Only now has it come together as an actual piece of writing. I love women, and I have a special place in my heart for those women who are deeply comfortable in their femininity and feel no need to join movements which demean that femininity and even hijack the word and “-ist-ify” it to use as the name of their movement.

Feminism, the Playground of Demons/Archons

Really, this is a spiritual matter, and the darkness of it is deepening. The current cultivation of a #metoo/#abusesurvivor movement is a major hive of dark activity and influence. Wherever there is rage and a sense of grievance and victimhood, there the archons will gather. What most people fail to realise — especially most women today — is that rage is one of the major magnets for discarnate entities. Demons or archons feed off those warped emotions and, quite frankly, they are enjoying a veritable banquet these days. The stirring up of these extreme emotions through the psychological operations and mind-control programmes of the power-elite on behalf of the forces of darkness has been deliberate. In the #metoo movement, we see a circular process: First there is the outing of some belligerently sexual assaulter, which then triggers a whole pile of women who have unresolved issues to begin acting out, proudly expressing extreme rage all over social media, which then attracts the attention of the forces of darkness, which then encourages even deeper rage in these women. I have recently been observing on social media many normally rational and levelheaded women, who usually only post about their yoga and meditation workshops, reduced to raging harridans — owning their rage and revelling in it for all it’s worth, which is now #metooing itself like an exploding boiler, not stopping to realise how they are being manipulated by beings beyond their comprehension. Suddenly, they are on a roll to destroy “the Patriarchy” and acting out all over social media. You would think that after years of all their therapy and yoga, they would be clear of all those ancient issues. But demons can turn a seemingly harmless itch into a pus-filled abscess in no time at all.

When I look around these movements, I see a lot of controlling behaviour. When any kind of fanatical “correctness” rears its head, forcing itself into human consciousness, it is all about people trying to control others in order to get them to think and behave exactly like them. One sees this a great deal in the world of politics and where any “-ism” operates. This is especially the case with feminism, which now has nothing whatsoever to do with equality but is every bit as much of a divisive and destructive influence as the Patriarchy which feminists claim to be opposing.

Dear Ladies of today, it is time to grow up and prise off that carefully-crafted, glued-on chip which sits on your shoulders, because all this chaotic bluster and rage is attracting to yourself far more than you have bargained for. What is the point of protesting against the oppressive nature of “the Patriarchy” if one then becomes collectively possessed by the “demon-archy”? One can choose to let go of bad experiences if one wants to do so, if one is motivated to do so. But that is only really possible through a profound spiritual transformation in which one ceases to cling to harmful or unnecessary elements of the self as a perpetual victim.

I have been greatly dismayed to see the way that so many women have been deceived into thinking that feminism is a movement for equality, when in reality feminism is historically a satanic Marxist-originated movement designed to create division, demonise men with misandry, overthrow his pioneering spirit, corrupt true femininity, focus women on jobs (and thus enslavement to the corrupt world-system posing as “equality”), while also undermining male-female relations, all in order to prepare the world for its inevitable global government of dark hegemony. Many women will find that preposterous, having been brainwashed to believe that the feminist movement is merely a popular uprising for women’s equality, equal pay, etc., and never realise that there is another agenda behind it altogether which they are avidly enabling as collaborators.

When a large number of people can be brought together by the forces of darkness to form a movement, then the level of influence exercised by those forces over the people is far stronger than if it was being wielded on them individually. For the group becomes a kind of dark forcefield which magnifies the level of darkness. This, in turn, leads to discarnate entities having even greater influence and the people becoming progressively blinded to the source of their blindness. This is tantamount to a kind of ‘group demon possession’. We are going to see this increasingly during the coming years in the continuing build-up to the end of this age. The only way to stand in the midst of it all and to be protected, empowered (in the true sense, not the trendy sense proffered today) and made wise, is to discover who the Christ really was and is — not the fake christ of the crusades, inquisitions, sectarianism, crass televangelists and false cultist Church; but the Christ who is the Light of this world, who came to earth in human form two thousand years ago and who will one day come again in unimaginable cosmic power after all the hubristic insanity and mayhem that must come to pass in the apostate times before that day will come. We are now living in those apostate times and must make a choice as to whether we serve the Light or are enslaved by darkness. One thing is sure: There can be no neutrality.

Genuinely Liberated Women Are Beautiful!

When I try to explain to the well-meaning “softer” sort of feminists that there is another agenda altogether for those working full-time behind the scenes in their movement and that they are just fodder for a destructive spiritual-cultural development, to my amusement I am told that I feel threatened by “empowered women” who are liberated. That is such a silly assertion. I love genuinely liberated women (by which I do not mean feminists, for they are not liberated!). What kind of guy wants a fettered or enslaved woman as a friend or lover? Genuinely liberated women who know how to think for themselves, working tirelessly and courageously for the furtherance of the Light and are being made anew by Christ, are interesting, exciting, inspiring and utterly beautiful in the eyes and heart of a genuinely liberated man. When a woman wakes up spiritually — that is, when she is truly liberated in the Light of Christ — there is no longer any need or desire to be involved in any form of gender-divisiveness. If a woman is gender-divisive (i.e. calls herself “a feminist”, indulges in feministic behaviours and involves herself in the herd-mentality of the “hashtag culture”), that is a sure sign that she is not spiritually liberated, even if she claims to be “spiritual”. Believe it or not, one can be a liberated woman without being a feminist. In fact, I believe that a woman can only be truly liberated if she is not a feminist, for feminism is enslavement to a low-frequency ideology of satanic origins. Genuine liberation does not come from worldly movements tinkering with a corrupt social system through political action (which is rather like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic) but from changes which take place deep within, personally, on a spiritual level, as the ego dissolves in its last remaining puff of assertive vanity, futility and imagined godhood.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

You can see here how we have moved a long way beyond mere patriarchy or matriarchy, or any other “-archy”, looking ahead to the new aeon in “a new heaven and new earth” (the properties of which we can presently only dimly imagine), which will be populated with liberated, transformed people whose lives are dedicated to Divine Light and who would travel anywhere in any Universe for the advancement of Truth and the diffusion of that Light. May we begin to live that liberated, transformed life right now, in the midst of all the strutting and fretting, equilibrium-wrecking, Truth-denying mass movements designed to inveigle the undiscerning mind by provoking its confusion. That is the only genuinely achievable form of change to which the human can aspire.

[This article is an Appendix in the book, Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait, which can be downloaded free of charge from this link: ].

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[16] For example, click here to read a 2010 Guardian article on the subject of domestic violence by women on men. It must be much worse by now.

[17] For example, click here to read a Guardian article about this T-shirt.

[18] This subject is developed throughout Chapter III of the book, Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait, especially in §6, “He will Come Again to Claim His Victor’s Spoils”.

[19] Cultural/floral context: “Love Lies Bleeding” is the romantic name of the droopingly gorgeous flower, Amaranthus Caudatus, about which William Wordsworth wrote an equally gorgeous poem in 1845.


© Alan Morrison, 2019

3 thoughts on “The Myth of “The Patriarchy” (and Matriarchy)

    djsbzbee said:
    Mar 13, 2019 at 4:37 am

    This is exactly and precisely true. Very well written. Everything is detailed as it truly is. The weightiness of this matter cannot be overlooked for it bears the face of rebellion against all that is natural and true. What a useless waste of souls. Makes me shudder with fear for them. Thank you for putting this together. It’s such a shame that more people cannot see through this modern day sham of me-first-women. ❤

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    Brexit: The Endgame « The Naked Troubadour said:
    Apr 1, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    […] merely a social construct by carefully-placed intelligence assets, as I showed in my article on “The Myth of the Patriarchy (and Matriarchy”)]. Through both the manufactured events of Brexit and the election of Trump, the lefties and […]


    Sally Simpatica said:
    Apr 4, 2019 at 11:38 am

    Interesting article. Of course, men and women function together as a unit, just like a whole person functions electromagnetically, or magnetoelectrically as the case may be. i do think it’s important for men (not all men) to take responsibility for laying the groundwork for the Frankfurtists and the like. This came, in brief, by way of the “gay trinity” and God as man, instead of united potential splitting into the polarities, both above and below. Disrespect for woman, child and home in the industrial revolution is another succinct metaphor. There are others but there is no reason for hysterical elaboration. Men THINK more than woman, being positive on the mental plane, therefore prisons are full of men. But burning your womenfolk is never a good idea.

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