Blueprint for the Coming Half-Century, 1965-2015

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BELOW THIS INTRODUCTION, YOU WILL FIND A PDF LINK TO A DETAILED DOCUMENT, “Blueprint for the Coming Half-Century, 1965-2015”, which I wrote as an appendix in a book on which I’ve been working sporadically for some years, entitled “Reluctant Angels”. This brief introduction here explains its context, before you read it, so you will better understand it. This book is set during the countdown years of the present aeon, on the cusp of the new aeon, and it focuses on the ingathering and work of strategic counterculture groups around the world who refer to themselves as “Reluctant Angels” (for reasons which will become clear, as their job isn’t easy) in breaking down walls and other defences (human and inanimate) in this pre-apocalyptic period and thereby furthering the radical and dynamic spread of Light and Truth which was embodied in coming of the Christ more than 2000 years ago. They are not angels in the traditional sense, i.e. coming from another dimension; but they are divinely-appointed human messengers who are calling the people of the world to awaken spiritually.

However, because of the association with so many distasteful, violent and even satanic actions by so-called “Christians” and by the Church in history which are not in tune with the teachings of the Christ — not to mention the authoritarian and ritualistic nature of mainstream “churches” — the Reluctant Angels do not refer to themselves as “Christians” but, if pressed, as simply “disciples of the Christ”. They believe that the Christ did not come to start a world religion or to corroborate with corrupt nation-states or to build a wealthy powerbase in heavily organised bodies, but to progressively gather a counterculture to proclaim Truth and to firmly but peacefully challenge the corrupt world-system with Truth and Light. This has panned out today into stemming the tide of superstition and atheistic apostasy through highlighting the spiritual battle at the heart of this world’s development, exposing the normalisation of debauchery and perversion, revealing religious hypocrisy, uncovering spiritual deception (as seen especially in the world’s religions, and newer developments such as the fraudulent philosophy of the New Age Movement), unmasking pseudo-globalism and exposing political skulduggery — all with the express intent of releasing human beings from spiritual and psychological oppression. This is the work of Christ’s true ekklesia but it has been betrayed in so many ways, with some exceptions, by the church in the world, which has either mimicked authoritarian institutions, sold out to politically-correct populism and to corrupt statism, been deceived by New Ageism or has fallen into an anti-intellectual literalistic fundamentalism.

These “Reluctant Angel” groups are administered by high-ranking spiritual beings who are “overseers” around the world designated to be divine-human intermediaries in the formation of these groups. As the world descends into chaos and lawlessness on many levels, with increasingly dictatorial organisational systems posing as a form of benign globalism, the groups of Reluctant Angels work together, confronting and challenging key individuals and organisations, breaking down convention and tradition, making creative mayhem with their unexpected artistic and public challenges, transforming certain aspects of society, gathering an increasing number of new disciples as they go, while placing themselves in ever-increasing physical danger as the forces of darkness are rallied against them. The book especially focuses on the lives and work of seven main characters: Nathan Delver, Karelija Švieciantys, Paul and Grace Altara, Dreema Jones, Greta Wagner and the ultra-mysterious overseer, Livinia Soares.

Here is the context of the attached document in the book:- At a secret meeting of the North European branch of Reluctant Angels (RAGS) in a disused quarry in near Šaltiškiu in Lithuania, Karelija Šviečiantys — a RAGS operative who has responsibility in the group for obtaining secret information about the power-elite — announced her discovery of a staggering document in the basement of an abandoned building outside Washington DC, entitled “Blueprint for the Coming Half-Century (1965-2015)”. This appeared to have been a policy report compiled in 1965 by a research assistant, then known as RA13, who became a rising star in the formulation of the Key Strategy (OKEYS) of an increasingly widespread underground “black operations” unit — whose operational members soon came to number nearly 50,000 — which was buried deep within the US intelligence ‘community’, with members from the Pentagon (DOD), Fort Meade, Maryland (NSA) and Langley, Virginia (CIA). There are operational connections also with Mossad, MI6 and other European intelligence networks. The document itself plots out with tentacular meticulousness, in advance (from a 1965 standpoint), the strategy which would be used by the covert ‘black ops’ organisation and its successors through its agents and assets for the ensuing half-century, 1965-2015, showing how it has been manipulating events and utilising mind-control and social control activities in order to achieve its ultimate stated goal, which was: the establishing of an autocracy under a single world leader, answerable only to MRY, to be accepted willingly by all as ‘good and necessary’ for a secure world — all to be accomplished, if all goes to plan, during the 2020s (Code Nightfall)”. The Reluctant Angels did some considerable research to discover the identity of “MRY”. Eventually, thanks to the spiritual input of Paul Altara (formerly the Revd. Paul Altara), it was discovered that “mry” is a transliteration of the Aramaic word for “to have dominion” or “to lord it over”. It is related to the Aramaic word “marya”, which is used for the Tetragrammaton or name of God and was frequently used to refer to Christ. But MRY is clearly a dark counterfeit which falls well short of MARYA (just as 666 falls short of 777 — let the reader understand), which links very neatly in with another way that “mry” can be used in Aramaic, which is to signify “rebellion”. Paul Altara therefore posits that the “single world leader” mentioned in the document can be none other than the Antichrist and that MRY is clearly Satan, who is described in the Book of Revelation (chapter 13, verse 2) as having given the Beast his power, his throne, and great authority to rule”. That Beast, says Paul Altara, is clearly synonymous with the “man of lawlessness” described in the Second Letter to the Thessalonians (who is taken by many to be a reference to the Antichrist), and who is also described as coming exclusively “as a result of Satan’s working” (literally translated as Satan’s energising). This is surely the context in which the document says that the “world leader” is “answerable only to MRY”.

In the book, it is revealed that the attached document had its first written version in this format in 1965 (which is the version you can read here), with regular updates during the decade thereafter. Karelija had shown immense courage and skill in espionage (described in full detail in the book) in her retrieval of this document, which plainly says on its cover, “Eyes only: L1/2. Kill Stop ex. Level”, meaning that it should be read only by those with level 1 or 2 clearance and that anyone reading it outside that level will have a “kill-stop” order put on them (which is a ‘hit’ by an intelligence assassin). This meeting of RAGS in Lithuania was to decide how to release the document into the public domain in the most profitable and seditious manner possible. The document is referred to repeatedly in the book “Reluctant Angels” and is included as an appendix in the book. You can read this extremely detailed 23-page document in full right now by clicking on the PDF file link, entitled “Blueprint for the Coming Half-Century, 1965-2015” below. Prepare to be deeply shocked! What C.S. Lewis’ book, “The Screwtape Letters”, does for one’s understanding of basic demonic strategy against the individual person, this document will do for one’s understanding of how that basic demonic strategy pans out in the world in vastly complex practical, everyday political and social reality. For the sceptical person who may find it all to be somewhat far-fetched, I should say that EVERY SINGLE element of this document can be fact-checked. It is NOT fiction and every single one of the details predicated in the document has occurred in the history of the last half-century. If you read this document, and understand its significance, you will never view the world in the same way again! These days, truth is infinitely weirder than fiction.

Click this link to download the document in PDF format
     Blueprint for the Coming Half-Century – 1965-2015

Although copyright, this document is part of a book which is a labour of love and may be freely distributed, on condition that such distribution keeps exactly the same title, PDF file format and design in which it was published, and that nothing is added to the text and nothing is taken away from it.


Designed & Written by Alan Morrison

© Alan Morrison, 2015

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