Bursting the Bubble! [new sonnet]

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Bursting Bubble

It’s easy in this life to soon become
a creature of our habits (safety first).
But repetition only makes us dumb —
stuck in a bubble which, in time, will burst.

Within that bubble, always looking out,
we see the world just through a concave lens
which then distorts (of that there is no doubt)
the way imprisoned matter comprehends.

But why not raze imaginary walls?
(the product of our wounded, damaged hearts)
This graffiti on them an angel scrawls:
“Don’t limit living just because it smarts!”

It’s time to leave that “safe” old comfort zone:
We learn our greatest lessons once we’ve flown.



© Alan Morrison, 2019

One thought on “Bursting the Bubble! [new sonnet]

    djsbzbee said:
    Jul 26, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    This describes perfectly what it is to choose to surrender to truth! What an adventure for nourishing our hearts and minds toward wholeness, not only for our own sakes but for others. Such rewards no one can comprehend, until they have flown, as you’ve said! This is great encouragement to me! Thank you!!! ❤

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