LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #41: “The Slide”

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LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #41: “The Slide”. Here’s a new song just completed the other day. It is a “shorthand song” (i.e. a minimalist lyric), which is a social commentary on current affairs which have been building up for millennia. It would have a big “epic” feel in a live concert, but here it is the cut-down, unplugged, acoustic, living-room edition. I hope it speaks to you. Here are the lyrics:

Open your eyes —
make yourself wise,
’cause the world isn’t far from the slide.

Hear all the cries —
discern the skies,
’cause the world isn’t far from the slide.

[1st Refrain]
Safe in the eye of the storm;
don’t be the one who gets torn.

Give no ground —
for wolves abound,
as the world’s on the cusp of the slide.

Don’t fear the sharks —
denounce the dark,
as the world’s on the cusp of the slide.

[2nd Refrain]
Will you be called by your name
when this world goes up in flames?

See through the lies —
and the disguise
of this world in the throes of the slide.

[3rd Refrain]
What’s right is now seen as wrong.
Stand up for Truth and be strong!

Watch them all
rise and fall
as the world plunges down to the slide.

[4th Refrain]
What’s wrong is now seen as right;
Darkness is posing as light.

There’s no escape.
Which side will you take
in this world now engulfed by the slide?

Hold out your hand.
Firm must we stand
in this world now engulfed by the slide.

[5th Refrain]
Look for the angels in white
when we have fought the good fight.

Just shun the crowd —
remain unbowed
to the “gods” of the herd in the slide.

Please remain true
though we be few.
Slay the “gods” of the herd in the slide.

[6th Refrain]
Fear not — those angels will come
stronger than fire on the sun.

© Alan Morrison, 2019

One thought on “LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #41: “The Slide”

    djsbzbee said:
    Dec 3, 2019 at 5:32 am

    It does speak to me and it is exactly right! Minimalist is the right commentary. Enough has been said and we must step aside to let things run their course just as it is written. Well said/sung and played! As always! I can see the “epic” in it. Very dramatic and rightly so. The spiritual battle rages fiercer but the truth is loved deeper.


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