THIS TRANSITORY WORLD: A Two-Part Response to Viral Vexation

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Part 1: Gilding the Thorns: Making the Best Out of What Seems “Bad”

THIS FIRST PART IS GOING TO BE SOME STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS SMUDGINGS about the way my mind is working at the moment regarding things which seem to be going viral. So, if you are interested, please just go with the flow along with me. You are welcome. This first part of the piece is a kind of journey inwards; whereas the second part below will be more of an outward expedition. (Though, in a sense, inwards-outwards — it’s all the same to me! 😉).

I woke up with the title, “Gilding the Thorns”, in my head (as often happens — either that or a single line of a verse or refrain). So that is my starting point in this first part. What will come underneath these words is whatever comes out. Right now, I don’t really know where this will go, apart from wanting to cover any thorns with gold — not because the thorns have no intrinsic value (after all, even with gold they will still prick the skin!), or to deny that thorns exist, but simply because thorns look more lovely when gilded than not gilded.

Creatively, I am on some kind of a full-pelt roll at the moment; which is not surprising during a time of uncertainty and unrest (one could also say dis-ease). This is an immensely positive element if one is wondering about how one will cope with being somewhat socially isolated. Get creative! Frankly, such isolation is normally how I live. It’s always such a relief to get back “home” from the supermarket or wherever! So, I am in fact already a self-quarantiner by nature from the virus of humanity. 🤣 The only difference is that when someone else tells me that I have to quarantine myself or else, I naturally want to go out! 🙃 Being somewhat OCD already is also a great boon in these times. It is gratifying to suddenly observe others finally doing all the basic hygiene stuff you’ve been doing anyway all your life! But that check-out lady at the supermarket is still licking her fingers to open a plastic bag for me (which I then refuse, as always)! 😨 🤮

Boredom is Impossible When One Contemplates Everything!

Many are saying with all this social isolation that they are getting bored, “crawling up the walls”, “going crazy”. I guess if one is used to filling one’s time and mind with ‘stuff’, quarantine can seem to be a kind of living death. Actually, people also often ask me if I ever get bored. I suppose they say this because they assume that as I live alone and spend much time alone (even though it is by choice — I ain’t no incel, baby!) therefore life must be boring if one isn’t filling it with a multitude of external activities to blot out the spectre of loneliness and the apparent absurdity of existence. Especially when they discover that I never drink alcohol and don’t frequent bars, pubs, parties and clubs, they assume that my life must be as vanilla as hell (hmm… maybe that’s not quite the right simile 😊). Or the more threatened and immature ones parrot the saying: “Never trust a man who doesn’t drink” 🙄 when actually quite the opposite is true as alcoholics are the most untrustworthy people on earth!

When I say that I never get bored, they find it hard to believe. “How is it possible to get bored”, I say, “when there is so much going on right under one’s very nose?” When one is aware that there is more ‘space’ than dense matter in objects which are apparently solid, how could one possibly get bored when one is, say, staring at a shelf or a wall? 🤯 Boom! Endless fascination. Even watching one’s own weird mind-games with oneself and observing how one reacts to things (so often very stupidly) is an utterly fascinating and sillyself-undermining pastime (haha, it passes the time). Or thinking about how one’s eyeballs work (whoa! 👁️), or how everything changes constantly whether one likes it or not (O, the endless fluidity!), and therefore how one’s body eventually blends into the rest of everything like the sea evaporating into the atmosphere and then clouding into rain which tumbles cavortingly into the sea and so the cycle turns endlessly. Open your windows and listen to the birdsong or even the traffic and marvel how what we call “sound” or “noise” gets from there to our ears and is beautifully interpreted in our brains. When you next make love (and I mean LOVE not fuck, should you be fortunate enough to be in a position to make it), imagine the enmeshment you experience with your lover to be taking place on a cosmic rather than an interpersonal level. (Wordless wonderment). When you eat your next meal, try to envision what it will do in multiple ways in your body as it makes its trail throughout your physical system (this should logically lead to favourable adjustments in your diet 😉 ). Cogitate in wonder about how you got here in the first place and about who you really are (rather than who you imagine yourself to be, for we are not who we think we are and most of us have a wholly false view of ourselves). Be astonished at how the material universe has been assembled and challenge yourself to be freed from the ludicrously-uninspired pedestrian notion that it is merely a random occurrence. Oh, I could continue with this list forever. For everything is a wonderment, is it not?!?

True Colours Are Being Shown Everywhere

This entire viral debacle has been very revealing. The billions who are already hyper-stupified in a state of total somnambulism are riding on the crest of their chimeric wave like a gaggle of ghostly surfers vomiting their bile into the sea, aiming it at those who dare to gently question the official narrative about anything. Their anger is perhaps indicative of their fear. But among those who have only been semi-sleeping, there is an increasing number who are waking from their slumber and starting to make all the right connections. That’s a start. This is what it takes. A pile driver to get people to show their true colours. People who have been hiding behind virtue-signalling will now use the latest virtue-signal as a weapon. So you will read on their social media pages the equivalent of: “I stay at home. I’m an amazingly responsible and wonderful human being. I don’t question what my government is doing. I trust my government. They know what’s best for me and they are saving my country from ruin”. This, despite the fact that your government cares so much about your health that it receives massive tax revenues on tobacco which kills you and they send you off to fight in proxy wars which are illegal, genocidal, reduce countries to rubble and generate millions of refugees. The World Health Organisation has actually written a 27-page chapter about tobacco tax, in which it bizarrely makes this statement, “In general, governments want to improve public health without compromising tax revenues”. [See this link ]. Sure they do. 😉 Cognitive dissonance. And you think they really care about you! Furthermore, there is a great deal of cognitive dissonance involved in the #StayTheFuckHome virtue-signalling campaign when one considers that the worldwide abortion ticker currently stands at just below ten million in the three months so far this year! [See ]. I wonder how many #StayTheFuckHome virtue-signallers have been avidly aborting the fruit of their fucks in the last three months?

Please Take Away the Uptight Puppet-People,
Fantasists & Airhead-Idealists!

I am actually very glad that true colours are being shown. Frankly, I don’t want to hang out in any way with the kind of people who — because I may gently question some stuff — say to me things like, “Which bit of stay the fuck home don’t you understand, moron?” or “It’s people like you who are going to be the death of my grandmother” or “Save your conspiracy rants until AFTER your government has saved you, #StayAtHomeIdiot”. Suddenly, if you are not utterly terrified and subservient to the false authority of a violent state in hoc to the power-elite, you are called an idiot by those who are! Well, life has indeed taken an interesting turn. Please take these puppet-people away from me. I do not want to be part of their twisted Orwellian world of fear-induced aggression. Under normal circumstances, I never desire to hang out in any way with rudely argumentative, habitually angry, needlessly confrontational, contentious-for-the-sake-of-it, bullying, agitated, unmellow, joyless, willingly dumbed-down, wilfully ignorant, deliberately blinkered people who sheepishly obey false authority and never question anything. I will gladly come to their aid if they ask for it, as I would for anyone else. This is what it is to be human. But I will not hang out with them in any meaningful way and most certainly not in an intimate one. If anything, the current world situation is making me even choosier about the kind of human with whom I want to be in close proximity. Certainly, it is becoming clearer who that should be. From now on, I choose to be close only with those who carry a quiet inner smile, who exude some kind of mysterious joy, for whom laughter is only a gurgle away, whose middle name is “playful”, who radiate empathic benevolence, who see right through bullshit automatically, who don’t need to keep finding fault in others, who carry a quiet authority rooted in a relationship with the creative force behind the cosmos, who are never thrown around by the winds of whimsy or the tides of terror, who know and enjoy (and exude) the difference between male and female, who eschew narcissism and radiate self-respect, for whom the word “uptight” is only ever the title of a song by Stevie Wonder and never a characteristic behaviour. Oh, that list could go on and on. But all of it goes under one summary heading: Someone who has climbed down off the throne of their ego and who instead bows down before the throne of their Creator. More on this further below.

Please also take away from me all the people who live on emotionalistic fantasy instead of spiritual reality. They keep sending me utter tosh on Fakebook, such as dolphins and swans returning to venetian waterways as “proof” that the world is improving and that virus lockdowns are “great for the environment”. We are living in a world of factcheckless gullibility — of airhead-idealists who post anything which they don’t care is true or not, so lock as it suits their agenda. Perfect fodder for government propaganda. By the way, if you don’t believe me about the dolphins currently in Venice being a fake viral story, check the detail in this link to a National Geographic magazine article . (And with regard to the current virus, if you want a measured, sensible approach, here is one from a professional pathologist writing in an authoritative UK publication, The Spectator: . Watch this too as it is very revealing and sound: ).

Almost Everything Propagated by Humans is Fake

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… the vast majority of what is propagated by humans in this world is fake. As I wrote in my book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait (click for a free copy)”:

“It is extremely unnerving when one awakens spiritually, because one realises that virtually everything propagated by humans on this planet is fake. You may find that to be a shocking statement but if you examine it carefully and without prejudice, you will realise that it is true. Fake media, fake television, fake promises, fake politicians, fake democracy, wars based on fake premises, fake smiles everywhere, fake advertisements (pretty pictures on product packaging which is full of crap, etc.), fake fidelity, fake products, fake marriages, fake appearances (lashings of makeup and facelifts, nips and tucks), fake philanthropy (e.g. charity as a tax avoidance technique), fake contracts, with masses of scams and frauds based on fakery. Mostpeople wear a mask and hide behind a plethora of disguises. 🤡 It is no coincidence that the highest paid people and the most revered in the world as “celebrities” are those who pretend to be other people for a living. Hollywood is the ultimate factory of fakery! My role on this earth is not to make you (or me) feel comfortable and cosy with all that fakery. It is my solemn duty to expose the masks, disguises, lies and deception in the world and to point the way to Truth and reality. It is also my (and your) ongoing duty to destroy my own (and your) masks and untruth before I (and you) can practise the Art of Self-Unravelling honestly. Beware though… once your own fakery is falling away and you begin to see through the fakery of this world, you will be a declared enemy of the state and of religious people and anyone else who seeks to control or destroy, whether human or demonic. Be warned! Mask-wearers do not take kindly to being unmasked, as we know from personal experience!”

My Advice on How to Deal with the Current Situation

If you are one of those who would say at this point, “Alan, you create your own reality and you create the world with your thoughts. So if you think the world is full of fakery it will fall into alignment with that; but if you think it’s full of love and peace it will become that instead”, then please just get off of my cloud (wherein no freaky cuckoo dwells). Honestly, the forces of darkness could have written that script! Such folks don’t need to be brainwashed; they’ve brainwashed themselves! 😂 Perfect propaganda fodder. So no matter how corrupted the world becomes due to corrupt people corrupting everything, it can simply be blamed on the one who discerns the corruption. That is a personality disorder right there; and a very convenient way of blaming the bullshit of the world on those who discern it rather than on those who devise it! Now do you see why I wouldn’t want to be tried by ‘a jury of my peers’? Who wants to be judged by dwellers of cloud-cuckoo land? It is true that our psychological attitude can have some effect on elements around us; but not to the extent that it will transform the whole of reality. That is a new age delusion and is a form of spiritual bypassing — a way of avoidance of unpleasant reality. It is the worst advice one could give anybody.

So, what advice would I give? Having received a number of communications from people who are feeling rather desperate about the current situation, I say this: Whenever I find myself in what could be seen as “adverse conditions” (when viewed very superficially), I ask myself three seminal questions: 1) “Why is this happening to me?”, 2) “What am I supposed to learn from this?”, and 3) “How can I make this situation work for me in beneficial ways?” Such questions are an extension of the view which I expressed in a recent poem, entitled “The Precious Sacred School of Life”…

“For life in this strange world is just a vast gymnasium
wherein we learn and exercise our long-forgotten souls…
Until we make our life here as a precious sacred school,
while seeking only to reflect the Light (our sacred exercise),
we will continue with our posturing, insane disguise,
projecting wiselessness, uncleverness and always act the fool.”

Thus, seeing the world as a gymnasium (a learning academy and exercise centre), if one is to grow through any seeming adversity, one must inevitably learn that such adversity is a gilded opportunity for learning and growth. It gilds the thorns. Our big problem is that we generally believe that we have a complete right and entitlement to comfort and being comfortable 100% of the time, which is a totally false conceit. For this world, as it is in its fallen state, is the realm of suffering and injustice. These comprise the normal state for the human in this fallen world and we are here primarily not to find ways to escape it, avoid it or get round it but rather to go into it, through it, experience it and, ultimately therefore to transcend it, and thereby grow as a result of it. This is how we ameliorate seemingly negative circumstances.

In England in the 17th century, the average life expectancy at birth was 30 to 35, with about 25% of people dying before they were even 5 years old. Imagine that! Thus, a person was in the prime of his or her life at around 16 to 20 years old. Even merely one hundred and fifty years ago, in 1870, life expectancy at birth was around 40 years old. Just get that in perspective. Because this world is plagued by evil (both from within and from without, if you understand me), all that living longer has meant is that powermongers have longer to hatch their evil plans and those who provide their fodder have longer to be their slaves. The bottom line is this: It isn’t important how long we live but how well we live. I am not speaking about how clever we are at virtue-signalling or how religious we are or how pseudo-pious we are or how civically virtuous we are. By saying “how well we live”, I mean how authentically, compassionately, openly, lovingly, creatively and, above all, how selflessly we live as counterculture pioneers. We are not here to follow the crowd or conform to a sick culture. We are here to be courageous avatars of truth and Light, not cowardly purveyors of lies and fright.

Personal Transformation is the Solution to Worldly Desolation

All of us have to get out of here somehow — whether by accident, illness, or built-in obsolescence (fancy phrase for the piece of our genetic code which causes ageing and death!). The important thing is how we have used the lot, the deal, the pack of cards, that we have been given. There is very little human justice inside this world. So little that it is almost negligible. But there will be when our lives in it are dissolved and we have to answer for what we have done. There is no amorality behind the creation of this cosmos. But it is a fallen cosmos and therefore it is shot through with many imperfections and menaces, of which viruses are but one. We do not live in an evolutionary dog-eat-dog survival-of-the-fittest every-man-for-himself dystopia until some fictitious evolutionary ‘Omega Point’ arrives (even though it grotesquely seems like that). That is just a demonically-inspired falsehood. We are here to learn one primary lesson: Unless we are aligned with the Supreme Power which lies behind this creation, we can do nothing. Oh, without that precious alignment, we can do all sorts of stuff which seems important to us (but which is really just vanity and a puff of air). But we can do nothing which is of any true importance or spiritual significance. So, please do not be poleaxed by threats of viruses or even threats of draconian government measures (which will deepen as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow). What is needed is an individual personal transformation of gargantuan life-changing significance. In Greek, the word for this transformation is μετάνοια, metanoia. Superficially, it has been translated as mere “contrition” or “repentance”. But it goes soooo much deeper than merely being sorry for one’s peccadilloes, as the word itself reveals when truly grasped. For it is made up of two words, νοέω, noeo, to think or perceive, and the prefix, μετά, meta, with or after. Thus, metanoeo literally means “to think differently after”. After what? After an encounter with the Divine! For the “thinking differently” which is involved here means a complete inner sea-change in one’s thinking so that one becomes a new kind of human — one who stops putting self on the throne and instead realises total dependence on the Divine — one who instinctively eschews evil and darkness and gravitates naturally to the Light without the need for any constraining human law or authoritarian bigwig telling one what to do. This dovetails with what I wrote above when I referred to, someone who has climbed down off the throne of ego and who instead bows down before the throne of their Creator”. All this has nothing whatsoever to do with religion of any kind. It is between the individual and his or her Creator.

But I must share here that an extraordinary process is at work when this metanoia first occurs (I say “first occurs” because, once started, metanoia is a never-ending process of life in this world). For you discover the astonishing fact that as soon as you begin even slightly to turn away from putting yourself on a pedestal and realising the centrality of the divine power behind the whole creation, and feeling the urge to run towards that power and feel as if you are falling in love with it, then that power will begin to run towards you faster than the speed of light! (I’m almost melting here while writing those words 😍). Thereafter, in the wake of such a transformation, you will no longer be alone with all your former desperation, hellish stress, and nightmarish fears; but you will find yourself in the company of others the world over who are going down a similar road.

Part 2: Birth Pains of the New Age: This is Just the Beginning

 What I want us to take away from this article (for I always write my words to myself too) is that this world of suffering and injustice is transitory. It will not always be like it is now. An unimaginable transformation of this cosmos is coming. Whether we will be alive to see it or not remains to be seen. But one never knows. Regardless, it is coming; and it may be sooner than we think. Here, in the second part of this piece, I am compelled to go a little bit into some prophetic aspects worth considering, in view of what is taking place across the world right now.

Wars, Rumours of Wars, Earthquakes, Famines and Plagues

In an extraordinary prophecy, in which he intertwines elements about the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in A.D.70 with what will be the situation both towards and at the end of this present age (which will then morph into the new aeon cataclysmically), the Christ stated, concerning the time (known as the Last Days) between his first and second comings:

“Watch out that no one misleads you. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and, ‘The time is near’, and they will mislead many. Do not follow them! And when you hear of wars, rumours of wars, insurrections and other disturbances, do not be afraid or alarmed. For these things must happen first, but the end will not come at once and is still to come.” Then he said to them, “Nation will rise up in arms against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, and famines and plagues in many different places, and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven. All these things are the beginning of birth pains” (conflation of Matthew 24:4-8 with Luke 21:8-11).

At this point, you may rightly say, “But haven’t there always been wars, earthquakes, famines, plagues and so on?” To which I reply, yes there have indeed. But the Christ was well aware of that and was here clearly referring to a very obvious increase in intensity and occurrence of all these things throughout this age (think of the unprecedented world wars in the last century), and especially as the end of this age draws near, climaxing in what he calls “terrors and great signs from heaven”, which plainly refer to terrors on this earth along with cosmic disturbances. Notice that he calls all these “the beginning of birth pains”. Birth pains of what? Well the disciples had just asked “what will be the sign of the end of the age (aeon)?”, So Christ was saying, in effect, that all the paroxysms and cataclysms which characterise the end of this present age are like the birth pains of the new aeon to come. The new aeon will be birthed out of the old, which desperately resists the new (and there are supernatural elements involved which I have not time to go into here but which I expounded in my book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait” [click for a free copy]). In fact, one could rightly say that the wars, plagues, famines and earthquakes are representative of the birth-pangs of the new age — kind of like the convulsions of the present age baulking at the coming of the new, which one could speak of as global and cosmic ‘seizures’.

So, those signs of upheaval and cataclysm are building up and will culminate in the real terrors of the end, such as we see symbolized in the so-called “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” section in the opening of the first seal in the sixth chapter of the Book of Revelation. There is a remarkable correlation between Christ’s prophecy which I showed above and these four horsemen. The white horse symbolizes the counterfeit of Christ (Christ also prophesied of those who come in his name and claim to be him). Ultimately, this represents the final counterfeit Christ, the Antichrist — as shown in Bible prophecy as the ‘world leader’ who will head up a one-world government and satisfy the empty longing of the mass of people for any worldly protector and pseudo-saviour, no matter how evil or hegemonial. The red horse symbolizes war (Christ also prophesied of wars, rumours of wars, and how nation will rise up in arms against nation, and kingdom against kingdom). The black horse symbolizes famine (about which Christ also prophesied). The pale horse symbolizes the vast amount of death which these ‘horses’ will cause. The text specifically says, “They were given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill its population with the sword, famine, and plagues, and by the beasts of the earth” (I believe that these “beasts” symbolically refer to the Antichrist and his “false prophet”). Christ also referred to plagues in his prophecy. If you think that the present plague is serious, imagine a scene in which two billion people can be struck down as a warning of the end of this age! What we have today is just a tiny little taste of what is yet to come. But that should not be a cause for terror in the hearts of those who have found protection in the true King of this Kosmos, as I will show below.

The World as We Know It Is Doomed

So, there is this present dying age, full of terrors and disturbances on this earth, as the battle between darkness and light intensifies; and there is a future aeon in which all things will be made new. You see, what elicited the above profound prophecy from the Christ on the Mount of Olives was the original question of the disciples, What will be the sign of your coming and of the end of this age?” Then he gave those clear signs, which can be found in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. Thus, every war, earthquake, plague and famine on this earth reminds me that we are one step closer to this cosmos being wrapped up like a scroll and the whole thing being made anew. It’s coming. Believe me! It’s coming. How long? I do not know. No human does. But the undergirding principle here is that this is a doomed world playing itself out as the end of the age draws near, leading to the making of everything anew in a new creation — the new heavens and the new earth. That will be the real world reset; and there is nothing that the satanic power-elite will be able to do about it!

Self-Serving Snitches: Citizen Spies & Betrayal

Wrapped up in all this is yet another prophecy of the Christ, this time about snitching to the authorities, that “brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child. You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers, relatives, and friends. Children will rise against their parents and have them put to death” [conflating Matthew 10:21 with Mark 13:12]. This refers to those who follow the Light (which is always truly  the Light of the Christ) being betrayed by those who have hardheartedly closed themselves to it, and who thereby embrace darkness. They do it to curry favour with the authorities to save their own skins. Self-serving snitchery. As Christ says in another verse: “a man’s enemies will be the members of his household”. Remember how this snitching on people, even within families, to the authorities was also the pattern in Orwell’s “1984” (a book which has betrayal as its central theme)? The time will come when whoever is alive at the time will be faced with a straight choice: Become a ‘citizen spy’ for the powermongers so as to bow and scrape, toady and fawn before them, or risk getting incarcerated/eliminated for being a counterculture dissident and follower of the true Light. Even today, people are already delighting in reporting anyone they suspect does not “staythefuckhome” (as they crudely put it). Local authorities are already encouraging that snitching by providing forms to facilitate grassing on your neighbours. [See, e.g. ]. This is the priming of a whole new culture of spying for the state. Like this entire viral episode, it is preparatory (and a rehearsal) for far worse lockdowns further down the line.

The Second Coming of the Christ: A Cosmic Blast in Every Way!

So, you see that the Christ came to warn about all this degradation in the world throughout this age and to herald his cataclysmic return to establish the new age to come. What a cosmic blast (literally) that will be, as this time it will not be in the confines of a manger but throughout the totality of the cosmos! BOOM! He spoke of himself as the Light of the world and John spoke of him not only as the Light of the world but also the Logos (the Word):

“The true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. He was in the world, and the world was created by him, but the world did not recognize him… the Logos became flesh and took up residence among us” (John 1:9-10, 14).

The coming of the Christ was the Creator of the cosmos manifesting in the flesh to shine a light in the world for all to follow. If you claim to be a follower of the Light then you are naturally a disciple of the Christ, who IS that Light. Without the Christ, there can be no Light! This has nothing whatsoever to do with the making of a religion with huge wealth, lands and properties, administered by guys in hugely fancy robes and silly hats, but it IS about a growing counterculture bunch of TrueLight-spreaders who live a life of continual metanoia and who never compromise or kowtow to the corrupt world-system. Maybe you’re thinking, “Yikes, all this talk about Christ. I’m outta here!” I can understand anyone baulking at this. But what I am writing here has nothing whatsoever to do with religions of any kind. Like I said earlier, this is just between each of us as individuals and the Divine. Sooner or later, we will all have to face this. I can assure you that it is infinitely better to face it now than after our life has been dissolved. The appearance of the current plague on this earth, and the way it is being used by governments to increase control, provides us with food for thought about matters of consequence about which I cannot keep quiet. These are extraordinary times in which the true colours of many will be revealed. If I go out on a limb here, you must excuse me. And I hope you climb on the limb with me too!

The Key to Understanding the Present Times:
The Formation of a One-World Government

This present age is surely bit by bit, at an accelerating rate, building up to a climax. Part of that climax involves the formation of a corrupt one-world government (alongside an equally corrupt world religious endeavour) under the rulership of a satanically-inspired world leader. This is also directly referred to in chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation, where this one-world system is symbolized as being under the thrall of a “beast”: “And the whole world followed the beast in amazement”. This too is coming. The whole of the development of this world and its people is inexorably moving in that direction. Every political and religious situation, circumstance and event now contributes in some way to that endgame. And that is also the broader context of the current virus issue and provides us with the key to understanding all major overt and covert political activities in this world, as well as deciphering why this virus business should be happening at this point in history. Once one grasps that the creation of a one-world government is where everything is ultimately heading, then so much else which is preparatory easily falls into place in one’s understanding.

The power-elite (by which I mean the forces of darkness, both human and discarnate) are not able (and have not so far been able) to create a one-world government, for a number of reasons. It has been attempted in the past, but the conditions were not right. This is what the Tower of Babel incident was signifying — human beings trying to outgod God by setting up a universal humanistic system “to reach to the heavens”. This has been the perennial story of the human creation. Going back through history, we see human beings setting up empires in a certain region and then heading out across the world to take it over. From ancient times until the present, they have come (in might and power) and then gone (in a puff of the air). Here today, gone tomorrow. Usually, they had an emperor who very often set himself up as a god or as God, to be worshipped like a god. Eventually, though — after usually lasting for a period of around ten generations — those empires fell into decadence, decline and complete collapse. That decadence was always marked by self-centredness and self-aggrandisement, rampant materialism, religious and political corruption, sexual debauchery and perversion, superficiality and negligent frivolity, and a rejection of such qualities as honour, duty, fidelity, altruism, self-sacrifice, and devotion.

When I look back through history, it is as if there has been an unseen hand preventing all these empires from reaching their hubristic goal of world dominion, as the rot always sets in and the time was not right for the real one-world amalgamation of states into one conglomerate. When empires and emperors deify themselves, they are making a fatal error. For an empire could only have some chance of succeeding if it sincerely (i.e. not merely paying lip-service) recognised its need to work with the order which is rooted in natural and divine law. But any empire which ignores that need, which deifies itself and roots itself in idolatry, is ultimately on the rocky road to social and existential ruin. Thus, one often finds that these empires establish themselves in great heights of “success” in terms of their hegemonial aims; but eventually are doomed to political chicanery, social disaster, sexual debauchery and a valedictory bloodbath.

The Use of a Hidden Enemy to Hasten the One-World Scenario

It is only in very recent times that the technology and global communications have been developed sufficiently to enable a one-world government to be effected much more easily. But also, the formation of a one-world government has to be effected in such a way that almost the whole world is begging for it, then it will appear to be a “democratic” development rather than being harshly imposed. Then almost all will heartily applaud it like willing slaves. In other words, we are back to the old mainstay of democracy today: “engineered consent” through disinformation and rigged “choices”. However, we have not quite reached that stage yet. Conditions will have to be manipulated by the forces at the disposal of the power-elite if the people are going to cry out for a single world government to ‘protect’ them. The principal and most obvious manipulation to that end is the use of fear. Only when a world population is sufficiently terrified will it voluntarily submit to totalitarian rule by a global one-world ‘daddy state’. Thus, various procedures and strategies are used by the power-elite to generate fear relentlessly. Mostly, this is effectively achieved through presenting the threat of a hidden enemy.

Thus, to sum up, the key to understanding all global developments is to see them as preparatory to the formation of a one-world government. The means by which this will be best achieved is through the inducement of fear in the population, especially by the creation of a hidden enemy from which you need to be protected. Classic examples of such hidden enemies would be terrorists and their startling outrages, biological ‘events’, germ warfare, nerve agents on random door handles and stair bannisters, manipulated geological events (e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions), assassins and assassinations, false-flag operations, “reds-under-the-bed” style stigmatisation, the generation of economic chaos, the manufacture of Bin Laden types (who are really just intelligence assets for the power-elite fulfilling what one can call “the Emmanuel Goldstein factor”), the power-elite financing and strategizing such terrorist networks as ISIS and the false rescue group known as the White Helmets and, of course, that old mainstay… pandemic virus outbreaks. Even today, on Thursday 26th March 2020, the following headline appeared in The Guardian newspaper: “Gordon Brown Calls for Global Government to Tackle Coronavirus”. Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the UK, is a classic grey-suit lackey for the power-elite. [See here: . It is beginning. The hidden enemy to instill enough fear in the masses to have them gagging for a global government. Through hidden enemies, they will gradually try to convince you that only a global government is the answer to the world’s problems. If you want a suitable image for this whole concept of a hidden enemy, think of the threatening atmosphere in the original film, Jaws. You know… where the camera pans across a calm-looking sea but you know from the music and the eerie lull that lurking somewhere in the depths is a hideous monster which can deal you a grisly death in a bloody instant.

The Battle for the Mind & the Need for Wisdom

So, during the present era, the main methods that are being used to manipulate the world’s population into the docile, willing acceptance of governmental impositions on freedom are: 1) Atrocity propaganda, 2) Random acts of terrorism, 3) Global health scares, and 4) Financial insecurity and crises. Only an intellectually and spiritually impoverished, utterly dumbed-down population could be so prone to such mind-control programmes, psychological operations and propaganda. It really is time to wake up! It is ridiculous for people to brag on social media about their ‘wokeness’, their ‘right-on’ Reiki certificates or meditation workshops or yoga credentials or the latest book of Rumi quotes which they are reading if they then show themselves as supporting another propaganda programme concocted by the CIA or some other enforcement bastion of the power-elite! Yet, I see so much of such disinformation on social media from right-on “woke” peeps who virtue-signal their wokeness at every turn! Part of one’s spiritual development is to be able to see through such illusions with calmness and perception, because light exposes darkness rather than supports it. All of this is rooted in an age-long spiritual battle which lies way beyond what we can see with our eyes. This is what I call the real Third World War: The battle for the mind. The mainstream media as well as social media provide the perfect conduit for this darkness, as images and situations of an extreme nature, designed to generate sentimental, emotionalistic reactions in the world’s populace, are being staged regularly to generate chaos and misplaced passions while conditioning people to receive lies as if they are truth, darkness as if it was light. This is very easily done in the minds of people who are already primed to engage in false emotions, to believe anything and to act in an almost hysterical manner when the ‘right’ buttons are pressed. It is now high time to defuse those buttons! A lack of wisdom and insight after years of bombardment with propaganda and dumbed-down education provides very fertile territory for such manipulation as well as the prostitution of the human mind. So, can you now see how important it is to be able to stand back and look down on all that is happening in this world — to see the hidden reality rather than be taken in and swept along by the false fronts presented to us in the media.

The Greatest Encouragement is that darkness
is Ultimately a Servant of the Light

The secret forces of darkness have now reached the stage where they can almost instantly generate a form of mass mind-control, either to pacify people, anger them, excite them, shock them or horrify them. They are getting better at it all the time. They have had a long time to perfect it. Millennia upon millennia. Aeons. If you think that the human forces of darkness also cannot or would not manufacture viruses in a laboratory, then you are very naive indeed. I can assure you that they have already invented and manufactured and experimented with diseases and weapons which would make the most outlandish science fiction story seem like a children’s nursery tale. The evil that has been hatched in this world is gargantuan. A little intelligent research can easily uncover enough horrors to convince you of that. (And I have some grave thoughts about what has befallen northern Italy in this regard. I smell something which goes far beyond a mere coronavirus). The vast majority of people would be too frightened to want to know about these things… and the forces of darkness know it. They know that so long as only a comparative minority of intrepid “conspiracy nutcases” know the truth about them, they can continue their dastardly work unabated.

Thus, we can see that this is all part of an emerging pattern, for those who have the eyes to see it. It is a pattern which is being orchestrated by the age-old forces of darkness on this planet (the seminal conspiracy, which is not a theory but a fact). For the vast majority of the minds of the global population are as easy to mould as playdough (but a great deal less appetizing!). One needs to develop a huge amount of discernment and insight to even begin to see through the current barrage of psychological operations and mind-control activities currently being perpetrated on this planet. Once one has genuinely awoken from the somnambulistic trance that pervades humanity (as opposed to the stultifying stupor of being merely ‘woke’, according to the general understanding of that silly word), one develops what I call a ‘sixth sense of seethroughness’ a kind of built-in bullshit-o-meter which recognises when there is intent to deceive.

 What is unfolding in the world right now, as it has been from the beginning, is the gradual building of a one-world global political and religious entity under the power of the forces of darkness and allied to New Age propaganda; for such a thing has now become globally possible in terms of the advancement of technology and the ability to wield absolute planetary control with this technology, coupled with and enabled by the use of psychological operations, ‘Atrocity Propaganda’, and mind-control run through global intelligence networks and out through the prostitute mainstream media.

However, all this knowledge should not defeat us or send us spiralling into a pit of despair. For just as the climaxing of evil is prophesied, so too is its end. In fact, this is the lesson behind the entire creation! The sole reason that darkness exists is to demonstrate the power and purpose of the Light. Allow me to place here an extended quotation from my book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait” (which you can obtain free of charge by clicking that link), as it will, I hope, adequately bring this little article towards a conclusion:

“Light, therefore, in my text, refers to the benign Divine creative power which pervades everything, everywhere and at all times. It is that which empowers all beneficial learning, heart-depth, understanding and benevolent imagination. The Light is the Truth, whether believed in or not. It is not concerned with the arid pontifications of philosophers, religionists or scientists, for it simply IS, regardless of the folly of all human theories and belief systems. It is that from which all things emanate and to which all things belong. It is the heart of Love. It is the essence of Peace and Goodness. It is the Smile which lies at the centre of the Cosmos. It is true Beauty and the fount of all form. It is the Muse which fountains all true creativity (for Light is the spirit of creation). It is the Essence which gives all things meaning. The Light is the Source of everything and anything, whether “real”, imagined, projected, known, or unknown. It is also the great orderer and controller of darkness (but more on that dynamic fact later). I also know that these descriptions are so inadequate as to be laughable. But it is not for nothing that the Light has often been described as “ineffable”, which means “indescribable”, “inexpressible” or “beyond utterance”. I can only dance around the edge of the edge of the edge to the power of ∞. Truly, I do not have words; but I try anyway because this is what poets do (knowing they can only approximate through words the true nature of what lies beyond them). It is of the character of the Light that it is incommunicable, except through itself or through those it commissions to impart a picture of it to the world (angels, prophets, artists, writers, poets, proclaimers, composers, etc., who are faithful to that Source). One can have some glimpses of the Light (the greatest gift one can ever receive) but describing the actual essence of that Light to another person is as difficult as trying to explain the scent of a flower. It just cannot be done — well, not in terms of essence but it can in terms of imparted presence.

“Now, as soon as I say: “The Light is the Source of all things”, a deliciously tantalising challenge arises. For if the Light is truly the source of all things, where on earth does darkness fit into that? Here is the logical syllogism which answers this question:

First premise: The Light is the source of all things;
Second Premise: Darkness is a part of those “all things”.
Conclusion: Therefore, the Light created the darkness.

“Woohoo! Boom! 🤯 That is the reality which hovers over this book like an elephant on every page — and it hovers over the entire cosmos too, in the same manner.

“I think it is helpful here to speak of this spiritual battle in this world between Light and darkness as a public demonstration of the power of the Light of the Divine over darkness. The outcome of this battle between darkness and Light has a known outcome. The reason is this (and here is the absolute heart of this book): Because darkness is an unwitting servant of the Light. Yes! The very reason for the existence of darkness is to serve the purpose of the Light, although the forces of darkness have no comprehension of that. This is the Truth which changes lives when it is taken wholly to heart. As John puts it in his gospel: “The Light continually shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish or overcome it”. This is always the Truth, no matter how things may appear to the contrary. So, the entire satanic realm of darkness is really just an unwitting servant of God and His Light and is programmed to be that way, no matter how seemingly terrible the deeds of darkness are, or what monstrous feats they can achieve in the world.”

This is the greatest comfort imaginable. There are no random events — including the current little virus. Everything which happens is in service to the creative completion/perfection (Greek: δημιουργική τελειοποίηση, dimiourgikí teleiopoíisi) of this cosmos.

EPILOGUE: What Can Mere Men Do to Us?

All the above words in this article are the thoughts that are in my mind and the feelings which are illuminating my heart right now. I look around at the beauteous bounties in this creation — a kaleidoscopic multiplicity of shadows of how things could be in the perfected cosmos which is to come at the end of this age with the inauguration of the new. Then am I filled with longing for that fulfilment. But I know that this cosmos (which also cries out for its healing) must continue to move through the long, dark way of comparative alienation from the Divine, until such time as the great denouement of all things comes to pass.

Meanwhile, all we can do is educate, watch and pray. When I say “pray”, I don’t mean always mumbling actual words across the bounds of infinity. For prayer is a continuous state of mind, by which one strengthens oneself through minimising the spiritual chasm between the human and the Divine. The following words of the psalmist, King David (when in captivity), engrave and emblazon themselves in the forefront of my mind and in the cockles of my heart: “In God I trust; I am not afraid. What can mere men do to me?”

My blessings and love to you all. 💝



Wordcount: 8372
© Alan Morrison, 2020

One thought on “THIS TRANSITORY WORLD: A Two-Part Response to Viral Vexation

    djsbzbee said:
    Mar 27, 2020 at 5:59 am

    Exactly. What can you say to people who are losing their minds except hope they find the Peace that Passes all Understanding? This sucker is real ugly. DIL ‘s twin brother is a strapping strong young man who drove all around the Puget Sound doing his business as usual with CV19. Why? Because he didn’t know he was exposed until it began to grip his chest and he was spitting up blood. After over a week of that he turned a corner and now only has a terrible fatigue and cough. That was all happening before anyone was told to stay home. So, it’s really too little too late already.
    I’m enjoying my vacay at home. ❤


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