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PROLOGUE: The Rise of Cyber Conspiracy Chaos

Anyone who inhabits social media for any length of time these days can see that it has become a hotbed of free-range madness and sensationalist claims which often verge on hysteria. Interestingly, my observations have shown me that there is at least as much ‘fake news’ from the so-called ‘Truth Movement’ as there is in the mainstream media. Frankly, that movement has become far more deceptive than the mainstream media because it claims to represent 100% truth then mixes in some truth with a lot of speculative twaddle masquerading as fact, while chucking in a bucketful of outright falsehood. At least with the mainstream media you know where you stand as far as mendacity and propaganda are concerned!

Anyone who knows me knows that I do believe in genuine conspiracies, what one can call ‘conspiracy facts’. I have written occasional investigative articles for some decades about all that. But I am not really interested in mere conspiracy theories. The whole of human history has been built on real conspiracies and it still is. While speculation and theory can be interesting to surmise at a personal level, I have no time for speculators and theorists if it is posing as fact in a public arena or if it is just being done for sensationalist purposes or, worse, to generate fear, which is the usual end product. Frankly, all the theories and speculations have gotten way out of hand right now. There is even a new breed of conspiracist these days: What I call a “conspiracy narcissist”. These seem to be building their powerbases by cashing in on people’s impressionability. There is a big rush to obtain the kudos of being ‘the one who knows all the secrets of absolutely everything’. This happens each time a major incident occurs, or an obvious false-flag operation shows up.

‘Conspiracy narcissism’ is a phrase that I use to refer to the way that ‘professional’ conspiracy theorists (by which I mean those whose social media output contains nothing but wild conspiracy speculation and misinformation, often given out many times per day) are able to crank up that output to a fearful and bewildered demographic which laps up whatever wild nonsense the conspiracy narcissist puts online. They also viciously berate anyone who dares to question their data, and will often label them as ‘controlled opposition’ or ‘plants’. Sometimes, these conspiracy narcissists will show you their smiling selfies (even posing in a swimsuit!) at the same time as exposing some really heinous alleged conspiracy. This makes me wonder why a purportedly serious researcher would be so-avidly promoting her personal physical appearance (for which she has usually made herself up and is wearing some nice outfit) alongside something so dire for human existence! It is as if they are using a crisis to bolster their own egos by seeming to be better-informed than anyone else. At one time, all this stuff was merely occasional on social media. Now my newsfeed is absolutely clogged with it.

The Underrated Depth of ‘Controlled Opposition’

The psychological outworking here is that many millions become dependent on completely questionable output and idle speculation. Even if you point it out to them when their sources are false, they will just block you and continue with their claims. On some occasions they have replied to me: “I don’t care if it’s false. It might as well be true”. They want it to be true so much that they are willing to use mendacious means to ‘prove’ it. Using falsehood to promote truth is a dark road to go down. One also has to consider the fact that the forces behind the flow of information in this evil world really do place their own assets and agents in a ‘controlled opposition’ capacity in order to discredit genuine truthtellers. And I do see a lot of what would appear to be ‘psyop material’ dressed up as credible fact coming out of the ‘Truth-Movement’. The result is that so many get deceived by speculation and fear-generating sensationalism, because the power-elite have clearly mounted their own disinformation campaign to get conspiracy-minded people to run away with the fairies by planting these ‘controlled opposition’ assets on social media and right in the midst of the so-called ‘Truth Movement’ organisations. That this does occur is not idle speculation. As Lenin said: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead them.” This is a standard accepted military intelligence tactic in time of war: Send agents to infiltrate the enemy side so as to subvert it. However, it is also carried out in times of relative peace (for peace is merely the space between two wars) by civilian intelligence agencies. Agents are specifically employed to infiltrate and masquerade as the opposite side, so as to ultimately discredit that opposition. It has officially been called ‘COINTELPRO’ [see, for example, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO ] — a syllabic diminutive of Counter-Intelligence Program. This tactic is laid out very clearly in the book “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, a work of fiction which is not so fictional. It is also the reality of real life. So, in the context of social media, such operations would start off by giving out something which is indeed credible; but little by little they will start introducing an increasing amount of outlandish stuff. It is classic ‘bait and switch’ strategy. By then the herd is hooked. So, to begin with, they will push not only a good sprinkling of truth (up to 90%) to suck you in by sounding credible but they will then mix in some nonsense (probably just 10% at first so as not to seem too whacked out) which either completely undermines that truth or leads one away with the fairies. In my view, classic examples of that today would be the notion that lizards and other ‘reptilian aliens’ are masked by human faces, which they will show you in photos morphing between one and the other, or there will be something about a certain chemical which they allege is killing everyone, or some frequency/wave stuff which only serves to demonstrate their ignorance about electro-magnetism. My suspicion (yes, it’s a speculation only) is that the injection of the whole “flat earth” idea into the ‘Truth Movement’ is also a classic ‘controlled opposition’ tactic (what would be known as a ‘psyop’, psychological operation). Anything which serves to take you away with the fairies is enough. They do not need to try very hard. Just put one wacko idea out there and there are countless gullible people who will run with it. And if you dare to question them, even gently and politely, you will quickly be ‘toast’ and they will make an announcement on their page that they have had to ‘block some controlled opposition’ — the ultimate sort of projection!

Judging from the content (and the attitude of the purveyors of that content), my intuition tells me that a large part of what is being put out on social media today which is ostensibly in support of a dissident or whistleblowing cause, or posing as an exposé, is the result (either firsthand or secondhand) of strategically placed disinformation to achieve specific purposes: a) to bamboozle folks into accepting a false premise, b) to get the supporters of that cause worked up into a state of fear and frenzy, c) to create division between dissidents in order to weaken group cohesion, and d) to attract an increasing number of followers who can then be tracked. People today are extremely naïve about the extent of this ‘controlled opposition’. It is massive and very much underrated. They have their tentacles everywhere and they are way ahead of any dissidents or truthtellers. People are so willing to latch onto to anything which seems to support their cause that they do not do a deep fact-check on the purveyors of information. Of course, often this is not possible as the controlled opposition assets have a false name or no investigable antecedents. But sometimes it can be done. Recently, I saw a video being touted which claimed to be a whistleblowing health-worker exposing what has really been going on Covid-wise in a hospital in the USA. It all seemed very slickly done and something just didn’t add up. So I did some ‘background’ on the name of the individual concerned, who has a military history. It only took seconds to discover that she had already been exposed in the previous year by a state-wide anti-vax coalition elsewhere in the country as pushing what seemed to be a COINTELPRO operation which had infiltrated the anti-vax movement, upstaging the real players so as to obtain hollow victories for it and thus subtly preventing it from achieving its considerably more radical goals. She then disappeared off social media and seems to have resurfaced again in the video about the hospital, though now being pushed as an “investigative journalist”. What one needs to realise is that even though these people can appear to be squeaky-clean and absolutely supporting the opposition agenda and dissident line, there is another agenda behind what they are doing. Either they are using their position of seeming orthodoxy in order to gather followers (who can then be tagged by system drones), or they are sensationalising the cause, or generating fear, or they are perpetuating what will be eventually shown to be false so as to discredit the truth. Bear in mind that these people are highly trained in the art of deception and psychological subterfuge.

I am sharing all this to show just how far controlled opposition has gone today. This is one of many set-ups that I have looked into, and I have come to the conclusion that they control the agenda to a much greater degree than is realised. Frankly, because of the huge proliferation of disinformation and misinformation, I trust very few these days. Not until I have ‘seen the whites of their eyes’ (metaphor) and tested the quality of their hearts (reality) will I truly trust them. And even then… well… you know. 😉 I think that one day you will be amazed to see these betrayers of truth revealed and realise how fiendishly (pun intended) cunning it all has been, when you find that your besties and relatives (even your own children) were playing you all along. Never underestimate the level of deception possible in this world, for deception and counterfeit is what this fallen world is based on, right from the beginning, as I will show when I open up the expression in the title of this article, “Original Spin”.

It’s Like Mercury Retrograde Madness!

Why are these conspiracy narcissists or extremists able to bewitch so many online sycophants? Surely, it is principally because a lot of folks have seen through the corrupt world-system well-enough but because they are stuck in that and fail to see what really lies behind it all, they become obsessed with the endless plethora of conspiracy theories which naturally occur in this fallen world. Some are seeking kudos for exposing them, becoming a ‘big name’ in the so-called ‘Truth Movement’ on social media by showing how much (usually a mixture of Truth and patent falsehoods) they claim to have sussed out about this corrupt world. It’s a bottomless pit (literally)! 9/11, chemtrails, Sandy Hook, false flags, crisis actors, Pizzagate, ThisGate, ThatGate, TheOtherGate, 5G, coronavirus, and now the George Floyd debacle, etc. But to all this obsession, I say with the greatest respect: “Big deal!” It is true that we live in a crazy world stuffed full of government corruption and conspiracies. But then one has to begin trying to suss out which are true, and which are false; and therein lies the problem. There are so many variants too. Many are false (or a subtle mixture of truth and falsehood). This can partly be because of the already-mentioned ‘controlled opposition’; but the greatest part of it is surely because people are so gullible and develop this hyper-sensationalist mindset which says, “O Wow!”, each time someone claims to have found some new thing to go off the deep end about in wacky speculation. It might start off as a mere speculation and a “could it be?”, but because of the ‘Chinese Whispers’ effect, it doesn’t take long for those speculations and “could it be’s” to morph into alleged facts. The sensationalist mindset here is remarkably similar to that which says “OMG! WE’RE DOOMED! 😱” all over social media each time the planet Mercury goes retrograde!

Here are just a few (I could fill a whole article with them!) of the crazy or speculative claims I’ve seen recently on social media:

  • There is no virus at all, and the deaths are all false; it’s just a hoax to bring in martial law (False, though martial law could sometime be invoked)
  • There is no virus; it’s all just a hoax to cover up the fact that people are really dying like nine-pins (even dropping dead in the street) from the effects of 5G (False. Wild speculation)
  • Do NOT take any test as it’s just a deceptive way of surreptitiously giving you the virus (False)
  • 80% of those who are tested test as positive (False)
  • Anyone who takes a test or who wears a mask is a passive brainwashed sheep who is like those in Nazi Germany who allowed themselves to be put on cattle-trucks to the death camps (False comparison. Essentially a bullying tactic)
  • White silence is violence against black people (Manipulative racist statement)
  • White people have no right to speak about racism against black people (Racist statement and contradictory to the claim directly above)
  • The numerology of COVID-19 is 666, therefore it represents the mark of the beast (Prophetically ignorant sensationalist statement)
  • Cops kill more black people than white people (False)
  • The autopsies of JFK, Martin Luther King, Jeffrey Epstein and George Floyd were all carried out by the same doctor (False statement promoting a fake conspiracy theory. Alternative autopsies of Epstein and Floyd were carried out by the same well-known doctor at the special request of relatives and in opposition to the official autopsy)
  • Donald Trump is a secret lightworker and the virus is just a cover for the fact that he is engaged in arresting all the paedophiles on the planet and cleaning up ‘the swamp’ in general (SMH, beggars belief!)
  • 500 Mossad agents came to Europe and unleashed the virus (pure speculation stated as fact, though I do know that the Mossad is capable of anything 😉)
  • 2020 is the year when The New Earth will come to pass, in which all — including non-binary, transgender, gay, straight, polygamous, married, single, able bodied, special needs, chronically ill, old, young, are embraced in unity by one another. Anyone who opposes any aspect of this expression of unity will be ‘purged’ and will fall (completely false prophecy, ‘spirit of the Antichrist’ statement which is highly popular with New Agey types)

It is true that there is a great deal surrounding the current ‘pandemic’ which is being hugely exaggerated and used for nefarious purposes. For example, my own research over the last few months has shown me that the whole thing is being orchestrated by spooks behind the scenes in ways that you couldn’t even imagine. Heck, even Bill Gates’ foundation has an 18-year CIA veteran as its head of security! 😆. But I am not going to place all that evidence here because not only is there so much that it could fill a book, but it will just add fuel to the fire of madness already out there. My purpose in this article is not to be yet another source of conspiracy links for people to get all worked up about and no doubt morph into exaggerated claims. However, even though there is much that can be categorically shown to be nefarious, the bulleted allegations above are just plain embarrassing. I am wondering how many of these wacky claims have been injected (pun intended) into social media by controlled opposition. I am having more than second thoughts about certain people on social media — especially if they persist with what appears to be a false agenda, even when they have been demonstrably shown that they are false. No truly sane and stable person would be doing that.

Give Me the Little Old Lady Every Time!

If you are being triggered by what I am saying here and cannot wait to send me links to videos of some earnest keyboard conspiracist to put me right, please note that I will not be accepting any comments supporting any of the above bulleted claims. (My page — my choice 😉). The reason is because I’m sick of them. Sick to death of them. Sick of seeing how easily madness takes hold of my fellow human beings. Sick of the “OMG-Bill-Gates-is-coming-for-us” victim histrionics. I can do without all that drama. Sick of the shaming and even bullying of anyone who doesn’t follow their narrative — e.g. telling me that if I ever wear a mask then I am a mindless ‘sheople’ and as much of a Nazi as those who passively obeyed Hitler. I’m sick of all the wildly paranoid speculations which have no real proof to them but nevertheless come to be treated as if they are facts! If I had to choose between, on the one hand, a quiet-living devout little old lady who knows little of what is going on in the world yet who understands all the wiles of the forces of darkness and, on the other hand, some smartass celebrity-status know-it-all conspiracist with a 200-video YouTube channel, a huge output of books and regular ($1000) weekend workshops on ‘Resisting the New World Order’, give me the little old lady every time!

Understanding All Conspiracies Does Not Go Far Enough

One of my purposes in writing this article is to demonstrate that when there is no spiritual dimension in one’s heart, and one’s understanding is not hedged around by a realisation of the sovereignty of God and the kingship of Christ in the cosmos, then a number of personal qualities and characteristics will follow, such as a complete lack of discernment, severe vulnerability to deceptions, susceptibility to demonic interference, hysterical and histrionic responses to world developments, obsession with the minutiae of ‘conspiracy’ and world events, along with the bitter ridiculing and even bullying of others who they claim are not as ‘woke’ as they are. Yes, there are umpteen conspiracies. But what else do you expect? This is a fallen world full of corrupted people who are the servants of darkness and it is all run by people who are themselves empowered by archons/demons (as I will show further below)! But it isn’t enough to make the exposing of that into the be-all-and-end-all of everything, otherwise one is inviting a personal internal meltdown. I can assure you that the forces of darkness are only too happy for us to completely see though the world-system if all that does is make us become totally obsessed with conspiracies, yet still remaining without the necessary spiritual maturity to handle it all or to understand the overall context.

The fact is that you do not need to know the myriad minutiae of absolutely everything that is happening. You just need to know that nothing is what it seems in this world of dreams, so guard yourself from phony schemes, avoiding single-issue groups and plain extremes. The chief reason why so many people become obsessed with global material conspiracies is because they fall short of making a vital radical connection: That we are in the midst of a spiritual battle which is rising exponentially towards its climax and denouement. I will speak more about this below. But I will say this here: It is so important to develop oneself inwardly before one can handle or properly discover what is really going on in the world outwardly. The dark power-elite who have devised this world-system depend for their control on the mass of people being exceedingly emotionally, psychologically and spiritually immature, which indeed they are. That is what they require, in order to accrue their power and maintain the ignorance of the people. Therefore, the most revolutionary act which one can commit in this world is to develop oneself spiritually (and thereby also, ipso facto, develop emotionally and psychologically). If emotionally or spiritually immature people begin to open their eyes to the truth about the corruption which is happening in the world, they can be totally poleaxed, destabilised, terrified, deceived, or become unhealthily obsessed with world events. One needs spiritual maturity to be able to handle it. For a disciple of the Christ especially, it is well said that “we are no longer to be children, tossed back and forth by waves and carried about by every wind of teaching by the trickery of people who craftily carry out their deceitful schemes” [Letter to the Ephesians, chapter 4, verse 14). One must never underestimate the importance of developing maturity.

However, once one realises that all the corruption of the governmental/religious world-system has already been clearly prophesied in the Bible (as well as its cosmic antidote), then an obsession with all the minutiae of how that corruption is manifesting will dissolve, as will any fear of it (and I will also develop this in detail below). Let me put it another way… when one realises that all of this — even the worst darkness that you can imagine — is ultimately under the control of the Creator of the cosmos, leading to a benign, spectacularly transformative cosmic denouement, then one can quietly and perceptively observe everything that is taking place and teach others about what is happening and how to handle it in a wise, knowing, creative and spiritual manner, with joy in one’s heart rather than sensationalism or terror. This is what I mean by gaining spiritual maturity.

So, please ignore the Conspiracy Narcissists. They will just get your knickers in a twist, get inside your head, and befuddle you with all the evil that they claim to have discovered (mixed in with their own warped obsessions). Sure, it is good to calmly get a grand outline of what is happening; but not if that compromises Truth or is at the expense of your inner peace and emotional stability. Of course, one of the reasons that all this mayhem occurs is to create a distraction. People become mesmerised in such a way that they fail to see the forest for the trees. I will shortly go into this concept of ‘mesmerisation’ because it will then lead us neatly into being able to open up what lies behind the title of this little article — “Original Spin: The Only Real Conspiracy”.

I.  Understanding the Origin of the Spiritual Battle which Fuels World Events

However, lest we become stuck in a conspiracy theory ‘bender’, in which we are psychologically overwhelmed by the array of genuine psyops, power-elite gaslightings, controlled opposition and mind-control programmes currently bombarding the globe, without any real hope, the only Big Picture overview is to say that these are all simply the further outworkings of a spiritual battle of cosmic proportions. Without this vital understanding, we will see the madness of the world as merely some wayward social or psychological phenomenon. In fact, the Conspiracy of all Conspiracies — the ‘mother of all conspiracies’, if you will — is that from the beginning of the human creation, forces of darkness have been hugely (but ultimately hopelessly) arrayed against the power of the Light of the Christ which will ultimately be triumphant. And here I am going to take this little essay from mere earthly conspiracy into a territory which I believe is right where it belongs — a realm which is cleansing and full of Truth and beauty. For this idea of a spiritual battle is precisely what is taught in the Bible from the beginning to the end.

At the mention of this, please don’t now run away from reading the rest of this article. This isn’t about religion in any way. It is about simple ancient Truth which has been given a bad press for reasons which will become clear. A big problem is that the abovementioned dark forces have cleverly seeded the idea in the world that the Bible is totally untrustworthy and has been cobbled together by evil people who just want to control; therefore, we should just ignore it. If that was the case, I can assure you that I would not have anything to do with it! However, this slandering of the Bible is all part of a demonic agenda to undermine the Truth taught within the pages of that book, which has all that is necessary to see exactly why the world is in the situation in which it finds itself. One of the biggest conspiracies of all, therefore, is that which has been marshalled against gaining an understanding of the true Christ throughout the last two-thousand years. What is it which really lies behind all these names — e.g. Weishaupt, Soros, Krupps, Rothschild, Meringovian, Hanover, Gates, Disney, Astor, Russell, Habsberg, Van Duyn, Rockefeller, DuPont, Cavendish-Kennedy, de Medici, Kissinger, Reynolds, Harriman, etc. — which are waved as evil illuminati talismans in front of us as part of a vast conspiracy in the world? What is the connecting link behind them all, and behind the various conspiracies and machinations which they represent? It is simply that there is one conspiracy which is real: The conspiracy to obliterate any trace of the historical Christ as the Son of God and Saviour of the cosmos. This is why the Bible has been rubbished; for it is within its pages that one learns about the only real conspiracy in this cosmos. For over and against the Kingdom of Christ (Light), a dark counterfeit kingdom or empire has been in the process of construction for countless millennia. The history of this world has been caught up in the secret activities of those two parallel kingdoms — the one belonging to Christ, the Kingdom of God, and the other being hatched by Satan and his demonic realm as a counterfeit of that, what one can call the empire of the beast. This is the heart of the spiritual battle which, if not grasped, will mean that one will be lost in a kaleidoscope of chaos and seemingly random confusion.  Again, I say please don’t leave at this point. We are not nearly halfway through yet and I have much more to share with you. But unless we come to grips with this one real conspiracy which lies behind all the mayhem of the planet, then we will be missing out on something which can give us peace of mind and stability of heart.

This conspiracy is why there is a false church with its phony misrepresentation in a religion called ‘Christianity’. It is that false church which really contains the evil people who want to control. From the Vatican to Canterbury and many other weird pretenders of Truth, it is all a gross counterfeit. In fact, the false ‘church’ is really ‘controlled opposition’ enacted by the forces of darkness. This spiritual battle is also why so many have set out to distort the Truth about why the Christ came to earth at all (more amazing than any science fiction story imaginable!). This spiritual battle is why the Truth has been utterly compromised in violent so-called crusades, Inquisitions, sacerdotalism, the Vatican in bed with freemasonry and the mafia, vast church wealth worth tens of billions, and a castrated religion which sucks up to the satanic world-system and supports proxy wars, advocates unquestioning submission to any act of the ‘authorities’, and many other evils.

So, knowing everything about all conspiracies just does not go far enough. Part of the real conspiracy is to distract people away from realising the truth about God’s cosmic plan (including the coming of the Christ) — right from the beginning. That’s why I call it The Original Spin (a play upon the words, ‘original sin’). The fallen archangel, who we now call Satan, was the original ‘spin doctor’ when he wheedled his way through clever words into the minds of the first created beings — an act of ‘gaslighting’ which has had massive implications for the universe and the humans in it. And any so-called conspiracy going on in the world down through the ages right up till today is merely derivative of the REAL conspiracy — the war against God in Christ, which was itself prophesied in chapter 3 of the Book of Genesis. Taking an interest in today’s conspiracies is pointless if one does not understand the REAL conspiracy which lies behind them all. They are actually a distraction. So now I want to develop this idea of distraction from the Truth.

Mesmerisation & Distraction

Mesmerisation is the key strategy for diverting the world’s attention away from what really matters in this life. The word ‘mesmerised’ is an interesting one. It was first coined a couple of centuries ago as a reference to the German occultist and pioneer of hypnotic autosuggestion, Franz Anton Mesmer. The theosophist, Helena Blavatsky made the extravagant claim that Mesmer was

“an initiated member of the Brotherhoods of the Fratres Lucis and of Luxor, or the Egyptian Branch of the latter. It was the Council of ‘Luxor’ which selected him — according to the orders of the ‘Great Brotherhood’ — to act in the 18th century as their usual pioneer, sent in the last quarter of every century to enlighten a small portion of the Western nations in occult lore”.

Obviously, in the light of who Blavatsky really was, the fullness of such claims must be taken with a pinch of salt. But nevertheless, that Mesmer was claimed as an occultist by occultists is the important issue. For all occultism is ultimately based on hypnotic suggestion (sometimes combined with demonic intervention) — a practice at which Mesmer plainly excelled. To be mesmerised is to be transfixed, spellbound, enthralled or even stupefied by something — to be so fascinated by it that it precludes one’s interest in anything else. Even the word ‘fascinate’ is itself derived from the Latin fascinare, which means to be bewitched or under the spell of something. Even further back than that, the word fascinate is derived from the old Greek word, βασκαίνω, baskaino, which means to put a spell on someone. Aristotle used the word to mean bewitching through the use of an evil power. And that is what we are dealing with when we come to examine what is the only real conspiracy in this world, as I will show. Mesmerisation is indeed a kind of sorcery. Taken to its logical conclusion, it is actually idolatry, for it puts something in front of us of which we make an idol, which then distracts us to such an extent that Truth is obscured and the one thing which could be our deliverance, redemption, salvation and liberation is hidden from us by our own hand.

This mesmerisation, bewitchment, or any other such stupefaction can be at a basic level; for example, being obsessed with pornography. Or it can refer to being overtaken by some addiction which entirely harvests the interest of one’s life. This could be an addiction to a drug or even an addiction to uncovering conspiracies! Narcissism, obsession with oneself, is a form of mesmerisation. Even an obsession with uncovering deception to such an extent that it actually prevents us from realising the one Truth which lies above all others can also be a form of mesmerisation and bewitchment. Mesmerisation can, in fact, refer to anything which contributes to distracting human beings from receiving the knowledge about what lies behind the pollution of this cosmos which has echoed down the ages to this day and the way that such pollution is being overturned. For that distraction is also part of the real conspiracy. There is only one real conspiracy, as I have stated above, and all other conspiracies (if they are genuine rather than merely springing out of the fevered mind of an “online keyboard conspiracist”) are derivative of that one original conspiracy. This conspiracy involving mesmerisation and distraction is what I call “The Original Spin”, as it started from the beginning. The Bible clearly shows that soon after the first human creation were put on this earth, forces of darkness in the person of a fallen archangel (who was subsequently known as Satan) deceived those first humans into rebelling against their Creator. The whole of human history since then has been about the spiritual battle between the forces of darkness and the power of the Light which arose out of that — a battle which culminated in the Creator manifesting as God in the flesh (who was called ‘the Christ’) in order to overthrow those forces of darkness. The Christ specifically alluded to that overthrow when, shortly before His crucifixion, He said: “Now the ruler of this world will be thrown out” (Gospel of John, chapter 12, verse 33). For that fallen archangel we now know as Satan had been permitted to wield power over the world. But the Christ was manifested to evict him from that position. And so He did. Many will baulk at my words and say that they sound like lunacy, the ravings of an insane mind, that I must be a complete nutcase! But there will be others who will be drawn into understanding more because they are naturally attracted to Truth and will sense that this is what is being divulged here.

Fundamentalism, Gnosticism & Satanism

A big problem, and itself a part of the spiritual battle, has been in the fact that two equal and opposite aberrations have been used in approaching the Bible. One is raving fundamentalism and the other is galling Gnosticism. In the former, every word of the Bible is taken literally, and little room is left for allegory, symbolism or poetry. In the latter, everything literal is spiritualised — even Christ Himself — so that it is all merely allegorical rather than having any historical validity. I can understand how these two extremes arise. Fundamentalists want to hedge themselves around with earthbound fences painted in monochrome. They want only absolutes in all matters and eschew the inherent creativity of the spiritual life. All is dogma which must be rigidly applied and all those who resist must be anathematised. It may well be that some kind of traumas are involved in their fear of abandoning their rigidity and their need to denounce others. Gnostics, on the other hand, eschew concretism and embrace romanticised fiction, believing it to be truth because for them truth is not absolute but whatever they want it to be. Their religion is the spiritual equivalent of situation ethics — one makes it up as one goes along. So long as it seems right at the time, the content does not matter. The reality is that both of these aberrations exist because they reject the revelation of Christ. In their own different ways, they each contribute to the only real conspiracy by distorting the manner in which Christ portrays Himself and His work throughout the Bible — one does this through the crude suppression of allegory and symbol and the other through the crippling overuse of them. I love symbology and allegory and I can understand the seemingly hyper-spiritual worldview of the gnostically-minded human. To spiritualise (over-allegorise) seems infinitely more spiritual than fundamentalising, in the view of the romantic. But to spiritualise in this manner is not truly spiritual. For it ultimately fulfils the real definition of Satanism which lies at the heart of the Bible. Let’s just go into this a little…

Satanism is not what people popularly think it is. The true Satanism is not about dressing up in weird outfits and chanting Satan’s name in the ritual sacrifice of a virgin. If Satanism were merely that, then only a few warped crackpots would go for it (which they actually do anyway!). But from the beginning, Satan has been into dishonest recruitment in a big way (more of that ‘original spin’), so he uses methods most people could never imagine. He gets people on his side through things which appear to be the very opposite of what most people believe that Satanism is. He regularly presents himself in an ‘angel of light’ disguise — the satanic version of controlled opposition. Obviously, that would gain more recruits than the wacky ritualistic stuff. But behind all manifestations of Satanism, the foundation of his recruitment is to ensure that people never have a heart realisation that Christ came in the flesh as the divinely-appointed way to life and restoration (both for individuals and for the cosmos). Genuine full-fledged Satanism is not really to be found in Dennis Wheatley novels, Bohemian Grove events, Anton LaVey’s antics in San Francisco or Michael Aquino’s Temple of Set. Those are red herrings — mere theatrical caricatures as a diversionary tactic (though still lesser forms of Satanism, nevertheless, to rope in a bunch of eccentrics). Even many church people think that Satanism is merely what happens when you play with Ouija boards or chant “All hail, Satan!” at a black mass ritual!

However, the real Satanism — the one which is overlooked by the vast majority of people, whether within the church or outside it — is the celebration of the self and the denial of the incarnation of the Christ, that God manifested in the flesh. And here we come to the heart of understanding the true meaning of Satan and the darkness which he brings into this cosmos. Essentially, Satanism is Narcissism taken to its logical conclusion: that is, self-worship, of which Satan himself is the master. Satan knows only too well that people who celebrate themselves by their very nature have no desire to confess that Christ has come in the flesh and will certainly not want to be His disciples, following Him on the true spiritual pathway. Therefore, that old arch-archon, Satan, has devised a dazzling array of methods to deflect us from the Light, keeping us from Christ and steeping us in darkness, without us even realising what has happened; for it is the ultimate sleight-of-hand. Whatever is our propensity, the forces of darkness will litter our paths with suitable ways to lead us astray into that twin-foundation of Satanism: The celebration of the self and the denial of the incarnation of the Christ… and then do everything they can to keep us there! Thus, Satan does not use ‘the black arts’ as his primary form of recruitment, for that does not have mass appeal but only entraps a small number of outright warped people. So, to cast the widest net possible, even inveigling many seemingly “nice” people, he uses religious and spiritual influences which appear to be benign. We need to realise that Satan and his millions upon millions of archons/demons have been working at all this for countless millennia. They do not die like we do (though they will one day be destroyed at the cataclysmic return of the Christ), so they accrue vast strategic experience over time. The forces of darkness were permitted to exercise a far-reaching power over the developing empires of the world in the past. In this way, they came to have control over the religious affairs, politics, amorality, power-elites and war plans of those empires, as well as over the lives of individuals through indiscriminate demonic possession and affliction, which had reached a crisis point by the time of the Christ’s incarnation, when He was confronted by a great many demons almost on a daily basis, as the Bible clearly shows.

The reason I am sharing all this with you in an article about conspiracy is because the war waged by the forces of darkness against the truth of the Light in the Christ is what has seeded so much of the chaos and madness of the world — especially the corruption of religion and politics to such an extent that it seeks to create a one-world government and religion through a mass of conspiratorial activity which many are identifying on the internet today. None of these conspiracies or corrupt religious and political activities are happening in a vacuum. That is why I am writing this little article: To show that the evil stuff which you identify on the internet — whether it is a false flag operation, or government corruption, or a morally degenerative movement, or some secret society activity — is rooted in something far deeper than mere ‘deep state’ activity; in fact, originating in a spiritual battle which is as old as the hills, and one which is clear as a bell in the pages of the Bible, to which I will now turn.

II.  What the Bible Really Teaches

The upshot of all that I have shared above is that the Christ came to overturn all the evil of this age; and that through His death, resurrection and subsequent ascension, He achieved that. (That sentence alone contains information which, if developed, could fill volumes!). Since that time, this last 2000 years has been the playing out of the final phase of the spiritual battle before this cosmos will be transformed into what it was always meant to be: A higher-dimensional regenerated universe in a new aeon, the true ‘new age’. All this is developed in the Bible. However, people often say to me that the Bible is merely a bunch of books cobbled together by evil church nabobs in order to exercise control over people. Well, anything can be used as a method of control of others but that only stains those who use it for the purposes of controlling. It does not stain the thing which is being used. Parents can control their children with candy but that does not make the candy bad. A man can use material things as a means of control of his spouse. But that does not make the material things themselves inherently bad. A company can use a salary raise as a way of controlling its employees but that does not make the salary raise bad. There are despotic people who have misused the Bible but that does not make the Bible wrong — only those who have had the audacity to misuse it, misquote it and misapply it.

The Wisdom of the World Made Foolish

Others have told me that I’m an intellectual pigmy, or even committing intellectual suicide, by being a disciple of the Christ and taking the Bible seriously. Actually, that does not bother me at all. I am not a disciple as a sign of my intellectual prowess. On the contrary. You see, the message of the Christ has been designed precisely to show that human wisdom is really the utmost stupidity and that the message about Christ, although appearing to be something foolish, is actually the ultimate in wisdom! It is explicitly stated that way:

“For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written, ‘I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and I will thwart the cleverness of the intelligent’” (First Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 1, verses 18-19).

This is the heart of the matter. To the smart-assed human, everything about the Christ — the reason for His coming, His crucifixion, His resurrection, His ascension, His future cataclysmic return — seems like absolute twaddle devoid of any intellectual profundity whatsoever. This is precisely why Gnosticism developed in the first place not long after Christ: Because some high-minded folks decided that the message about the Christ wasn’t spiritually profound enough for them. So they invented a whole system of religious philosophy which beggars belief in its tortuous complexity to make themselves seem really cool in comparison to ‘mere’ disciples of the Christ. When I have studied the teachings of that classic Gnostic, Valentinus (AD c100 – AD c160), for example, his cosmology is so wacky that it is a testament to human gullibility that he should have had any followers whatsoever! Yet, his Gnosticism was swallowed hook, line, and sinker by great swathes of Christendom at the time! And yet early Gnosticism has been transmuted into the New Age neo-gnosticism of today (which is itself a kind of synthesis of 19th century ‘New Thought’ philosophy and ‘sympathetic magic’). Both old and new Gnosticism (the New Age teachings of today) fall under that definition of Satanism which I gave earlier: The celebration of the self and the denial of the incarnation of the Christ.

It would be no exaggeration to say that everything about the Christ has been devised by the Divine deliberately to show that human smart-assedness is as significant as a puff of wind. It has been devised to manifest the reality that the wisdom of God (even when it appears foolish to humans) reigns supreme. As Paul goes on to say: “Has God not made the wisdom of the world foolish? For since in the wisdom of God the world by its wisdom did not know God, God was pleased to save those who believe by the foolishness of our proclamation” (verses 20-21). And in this way the truth about Christ has been expressly designed to show how stupid and empty is human wisdom and philosophy. “For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength” (verse 25). True spirituality only begins to happen when an individual realises and confesses his or her stupidity and ignorance before an infinitely wise God. Then the way is paved for the seemingly “foolish” revelation of the Christ to be understood by the human heart.

A big question one could ask at this point is, if all this evil is going on — and indeed it is, and there is much that is a whole lot worse than most people know about (especially if they only get their information from the mainstream media) — then why should that be? Is there an orchestration to it? What really lies behind it all. That is what we really need to know. And then once we find that out, we will no longer have any need to go into all the minutiae of the bad stuff in the world. Yeah, terrible stuff is happening. But why? I get asked this question a lot: “If there is a God, as you claim, then how come he lets all this evil go on? Why doesn’t he stop it?” These are important questions. For if we can answer why, then we will have a matrix for understanding everything and we will not need to be freaking out over every little nuance which we detect or imagine ourselves to have detected. There will be no need to keep freaking out: “Oh, there’s another false flag. Let’s play at being ace detectives to impress our Facebook friends”. We need to see it all as parts of a unified mass of evil which is being permitted to happen for a very special purpose. For the great cosmic lesson of the Creator throughout time and history is this: The purging of pride from the creature. I cannot emphasise this enough. Fallen angels and human beings combined have raised themselves up above the jurisdiction of their Creator God, and the rest of human history has been designed to show the foolishness of that pride, thus demonstrating the overwhelming truth that without God and without following His plan and His laws, the creature is both helpless and hopeless. This does not suit most people. They simply do not like the idea that they cannot save themselves. They want to play at being little gods, thinking that they are “strong and independent”, empowered. Thus, they refuse to submit to the only way which has been divinely prescribed for us to escape the ‘matrix’ of this fallen world. This is the great universal work of the spiritual pathway. It is the ultimate purpose of the whole span of history in this universe, which is a mere concentrated flash in time! But how elaborate and intricate is that created instant.

When the end of this present aeon has come, and the new aeon takes over, and the entire universe will have been transformed into what it might have been in the first creation — had all these lessons not been necessary — the Divine voice will thunder out through every nook and cranny of the cosmos, reminding every creature of that irrefutable Divine reality which Christ Himself stated: “Without ME you can do nothing!” (Gospel of John, chapter 15, verse 5). It is this wisdom which lies behind the whole of human history, and it is one vast lesson which we refuse to learn at our peril.

The Bible is Attacked Because it Contains the Truth

In terms of the present, despite the fact that Satan and his demonic realm of darkness was defeated 2000 years ago, there is a terrible desperation about their actions. In fact, they are enacting a ‘scorched earth policy’ as they know they only have a short time left. That’s what the whole of the last 2000 years have been about; and it is building to a climax as the cup of human evil is being permitted to come to its natural climax. None of what I am writing here is about religion but is an exploration of the spiritual realities which lie behind the dark machinations of this planet. Do you not find it strange that so much evil is afoot in this world, and that this evil appears almost to be machinated and systematically conspired? This is why I am broaching all this here in this article. There is something savagely rational which lies behind all that we can observe in this world right now. One of the reasons that the Bible has come under so much attack such as the slurs about it being changed by evil men and that it is full of errors, etc. is precisely because these matters of the battle of darkness against the Light are what is revealed in full within its pages. Here are just a few things of many which are totally relevant to the current world situation that we can find in the Bible, if one studies it properly:

  • That there was a ‘fall of angels’ (who became archons/demons) which, through strategic interference, led directly to the fall of the first humans and the concomitant ‘downgrading’ of the cosmos into its lower-dimensional form today, resulting in death, decay, corruption, evil in all its forms, etc.
  • That millions of archons/demons were “cast down to the earth” and are causing so much mayhem here (the lizard/reptile stuff one hears about in wacky conspiracy circles is a very poor counterfeit of the reality of archons/demons and it subsequently leads people astray into neo-gnostic fantasies).
  • The resultant presence in the world of a force of evil (known as the “mystery of lawlessness” and “the spirit of the Antichrist”) which works secretly, like yeast in bread-dough, behind the affairs of this world, empowering many human pawns and puppets, including empires and power-elites, to fulfil a satanic agenda in planetary history.
  • The eventual formation of a one-world government unified with a one-world religious coalition (all of which is symbolically represented by a “wild beast” in the Book of Revelation) as part of that satanic agenda.
  • The preparation for a ‘world leader’ to head up that one-world government, called in the Bible both “the man of lawlessness” and “the Antichrist”.
  • The coming into incarnation two-thousand years ago of a divine being known in the Koine Greek of the New Testament as Ο Χριστός, the Christ (literally, the Anointed One) as the gamechanger to overcome the forces of darkness, transform all those who will follow Him and His Light, as well as restore the cosmos. The Christ is the real Lightbearer and the original Lightworker.
  • There are many in the world who are false christs, false prophets and false teachers, just as the Christ foretold; and many dark angels who disguise themselves as ‘angels of light’ and many people of the darkness who masquerade as prime movers in society (which we would identify as political leaders, ‘philanthropists’, ‘experts’, religious luminaries, celebrities, gurus and others).
  • The eventual cataclysmic reappearance of the Christ in a flash of glory across the whole world instantaneously — not as a hippie-looking guy on the Mount of Olives (such as one sees in so much kitsch religious ‘art’) but in a cosmic display of lightning-like cleansing (judgement) to bring the old aeon to a close and bring the new higher-dimensional age into being, all of which will make the Aurora Borealis look like a cheap disco lightshow! This, if I may put it this way, will the real New Age.

All of this and very much more is what the Bible teaches which is relevant to all the madness of the world, including all the conspiracies and hidden agendas which obsess so many. But you will not hear about all of this in a great many churches today, which have more or less become social institutions, ritualistic spectacles, entertainment-hour megachurches, or exclusivist compounds for fundamentalist nutjobs. They will be too busy putting up Christmas trees, hiding Easter eggs for the kiddies, arguing over the building of new church toilets, competing for official roles, bickering over which hymnbook to use, condemning some hapless male attendee for wearing a sharks-tooth necklace, worrying about whether some young girl’s skirt is an inch shorter than should be permitted, gossiping about people behind their backs, keeping the smelly homeless out of the pews, bowing and scraping before various ‘dignitaries’, and so on. But here’s the rub: The Christ never came to start a religion. Much of what has called itself ‘the Christian religion’ is really ‘controlled opposition’ from the forces of darkness! Instead, the Christ came to start a radical, courageous counterculture, known as the ekklesia, which would expose darkness and spread His Light — the true church, as opposed to the false, which is not defined by a bricks-and-mortar building but by its faithful representation of the Christ.

Well, now that we have looked at a little of what the Bible really teaches — which includes the eventual formation of a satanically induced one-world government — let us go into the way that efforts to create such a government are being implemented right now.

III.  The Luciferic Coalition

So, the Bible clearly prophesies the formation of a satanic one-world government (joined with compliant religion) as the end of this present age approaches. It also shows that this one-world government will be based on fiendishly clever lies, deceptions, and even allegedly supernatural demonic occurrences. (We can see this already in the many manifestations of UFOs and ETs, about which I could say a great deal more). Thus, when I look at what is happening now, I see all this gradually being fulfilled. However, in order to cultivate the appearance of benevolence (essentially, Satan masquerading as an ‘angel of light’), we will see a new, freshened-up agenda by these one-world government advocates, making out as if their New World Order is the fulfilment of a programme of world peace with a so-called ‘new consciousness’ developing across the world, paving the way for a ‘World Teacher’ and leader posing as a being of light (but really rooted in satanic darkness, just as the Bible shows). We can see all this in gradual formation now. It seems strange to believe that hardened, corrupt politicians, various religious representatives and New Agers could come together in a ‘Luciferic coalition’ for the forging of a one-world government, but they will just as they already do in the phony environmental agenda. The United Nations has been a hotbed of these ‘new consciousness’ advocates for decades (for example, check out the ‘Lucis Trust’ at the United Nations here: https://www.lucistrust.org/about_us/support_un ). Lucis Trust founder, Alice Bailey, whose publishing house was originally known for a time as the Lucifer Trust, taught about a so-called ‘Christ Consciousness’ which is within everyone, but which merely needs to be realised and is the real ‘second coming’ (this is just another false christ to distract people from the true Christ, as prophesied by Christ Himself). She taught that there was a coming ‘World Teacher’ who would create a golden age on earth, which is a complete contradiction of the teachings of the Bible, which shows that there must first be a great apostasy and then the revealing of the Antichrist before the Christ would return and transform the cosmos. In fact, Bailey’s ‘World Teacher’ seems remarkably like the Antichrist! Many follow Alice Bailey’s teachings and they are what lies behind the New Age Movement of today. (She coined the term ‘New Age’ before all others). Such neo-Gnosticism is all part of the fulfilment of the satanic conspiracy to invalidate the fact that the real Christ came in the flesh. Thus, it is truly satanic.

However, for the politicians, all this talk of “peace” and “security” is just a deceptive smokescreen which they have cunningly adopted to make their one-world government plan look humanitarian and touchy-feely, while all those New Agers are merely ‘patsies’ and ‘useful idiots’ for the cause. I can assure you that they are merely using all this talk of peace and security and ‘a new consciousness’ (New Age ‘speak’) as part of a strategy to establish their global government, which will eventually show itself to be a draconian dictatorship and which will ultimately be the vehicle for the revealing of a world leader who will initially appear to be an advocate of peace but that will merely be a mask for control. I am speaking here of the Antichrist, who is clearly prophesied in the Bible. I am not saying that this event is round the corner (though one never knows), but it is building up right now. Never has the world been so ready for a one-world government, as all human activity is now being successfully monitored on ‘social media’, global communications are now instantaneous, and many globalist institutions (often with the word “world” in their titles) are now shaping up across the planet.

The idealistic and left-leaning liberal mind wants the world to be as one. The same goes for the ‘alternative’, ‘woke’, or ‘progressive’ kind of person. Not realising that evil has first to come to its head, they want to see individual nations and borders dissolve and a global oneness flourish. There is, of course, a sense in which any moral, decent-thinking human being wants to see a coming together of the whole world in peace and harmony rather than as it is now in seemingly neverending conflict and craziness. The world is indeed eventually heading for such genuine oneness — in its own time, not at the behest of global entities with a dark agenda, and when the moment is truly right (i.e. after the cataclysmic cosmic return of the Christ to blow this civilisation away and create a new cosmos and civilisation in a completely different higher-dimensional form to the one in which it is in now). But the alleged ‘oneness’ and New World Order being forged at the present time through the bidding of the power-elite by ideologues, political movements, and surreptitious spooks is not the real thing but is purely a counterfeit. It is most important to realise this, for how we respond to the burgeoning, godless New World Order — and in particular whether or not we will accept its ‘beastly’ one-world government and ‘World Leader’ — will determine our destiny and whether or not we will be part of the higher-dimensional civilisation of the future in a ‘new heaven and new earth’. This is not something which people generally want to hear: But there will be a separation of people when the Christ returns at the end of this age into those who have followed Him and those who have refused to do so, thus essentially following the realm of darkness, either by deliberation or default.

Right now, the ground is being prepared for a global government to be established publicly instead of in the restricted secret capacity in which it currently operates and has had to operate up till now. One wonders how long it will be before the real agenda will be publicly revealed. It has to happen in such a way that the vast majority will accept it as part of the beginning of some ‘great awakening’ in society. Thus, the one-world government will be presented as a kind of ‘reset’ of corrupt society and one in which environmentalism and equality can flourish. So, instead of mingling with each other in freedom and independence, we will be beckoned to cohere with the whole world in a global movement to create a one-world government, so that it looks like the old ‘Brotherhood of Man’ model being realised. (I suppose it should be called the ‘Siblingdom of Humanity’ these days! 😉). In this way, people will think they can find their sought-after security. This really is a very clever psyop; and it works like this…

The Counterfeit Global Reset

The coming one-world government — when the time has come for it to be publicly established instead of the covert manner in which it currently functions — will be sold to people as if it is beneficial for the development of humanity and the environment. It will be sold as ‘a global reset’, involving the development of ‘a new consciousness’ — a new way of doing the world and of ‘recreating civilization’. It will be sold as ‘the whole world collectively coming together on a global basis to take the human race to the next level’, but secretly it will be under the forces of Satan rather than the work of humanity. (This is exactly how the Bible shows it as happening). The one-world government will be presented as a new age of global cooperation in which war will no longer be necessary, a ‘new consciousness’ can blossom, and a golden age on earth can ensue. Well… that will be how it is sold… but the reality will turn out to be very different.

Wheeling Out the Old ‘Atrocity Propaganda’ Opportunists

Even now, we can see the advocation of these qualities in those who are promoting a one-world government today. Suddenly, former ‘hawks’ are becoming ‘doves’ and old New World Order assets are being brought out of mothballs (or in their wheelchairs) as heralds of a transformed order and global government on the back of the current virus! Here are some examples. In late March 2020, former UK prime minister, Gordon Brown, called for “a global government to tackle coronavirus” [https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/mar/26/gordon-brown-calls-for-global-government-to-tackle-coronavirus . Then, in April 2020, war criminal, Henry Kissinger (the original Doctor Death), writing in the Wall Street Journal, advocated the creation of “a global collaborative vision and program” in an article entitled “The Coronavirus Pandemic Will Forever Alter the World Order” (https://www.henryakissinger.com/articles/the-coronavirus-pandemic-will-forever-alter-the-world-order/ ). A few days later, Mikhail Gorbachev (former puppet ruler of the USSR, writing in that old CIA rag, Time Magazine) said that “the overriding goal” in the creation of such a body “must be human security” and which will “revise the entire global agenda…cutting military spending as a first step toward a new consciousness, a new civilization [https://time.com/5820669/mikhail-gorbachev-coronavirus-human-security/ ]. There is that buzz-phrase “a new consciousness” again. (By the way, if you don’t believe me about Time Magazine being a CIA rag, do the research. You can start here: https://arretsurinfo.ch/newly-declassified-documents-show-that-cia-worked-closely-with-owners-and-journalists-with-many-of-the-largest-media-outlets/ . Henry Luce, the founder and editor-in-chief of Time Magazine was a good friend of Allen Dulles who founded the CIA [see here: https://spartacus-educational.com/USAluce.htm and see this photo of them on board a boat together https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/98505962/ ]. Also, read Deborah Davis’ book, “Katharine The Great: Katharine Graham and The Washington Post”, for evidence that the media is stuffed full of intelligence assets. The same goes for showbusiness too).

It is not a coincidence that such relics are being wheeled out now one after the other, reviving their calls for ‘a New World Order’. They are ‘Atrocity Propaganda’ opportunists, seizing on global paroxysms in order to ply their deceptions. This ‘pandemic’ is just the kind of opportunity they have been waiting for. One might even suspect that the whole pandemic debacle has been engineered for this very purpose. These guys are old hands at opportunistically calling for a New World Order. In 2014, Henry Kissinger had already published a book entitled “World Order” (Penguin Books), in which he laid out “how to build a shared international order”. This, coming from a war criminal who dare not travel in a number of countries in case he is arrested! [See https://www.huffpost.com/entry/henry-kissinger-human-rights_n_7454172 ].

Way back in January 1990, speaking at a conference, Mikhail Gorbachev had said: “The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order”. These guys know exactly what pushes people’s buttons. They know that with the threat of an environmental disaster or a pandemic (in other words, through the use of ‘Atrocity Propaganda’), in fear the people turn to Big Brother to give them (the illusion of) security. It is surely no coincidence that right on the heels of the pigtailed globalist patsy, Greta Thunberg, preaching about world extinction through climate change in 2019 (by which so many of the world’s populations were subsequently mesmerised and unnerved) we get a manufactured pandemic (functioning as a kind of mini-rehearsal) which will, in Kissinger’s words in his Wall Street Journal article, “forever alter the world order”. This is all going according to their plan. Their agenda is being fulfilled right before our eyes. For the New World Order gradually under formation is a godless endeavour, and one which — despite its profession of a ‘new consciousness’ — can only end in a satanic wash of oppression and bloodshed for those who see through it and thus become passionate dissidents.

IV.  The Harsh Times of ‘the Last Days’

If all that sounds daunting and full of foreboding, let me add that when one understands Bible prophecy and the truth that it reveals about the human condition, and about the future, everything happening in the world becomes so much easier to understand and interpret. For example, take this prophetic text from Paul the apostle:

“Understand this, that during the last days harsh and difficult times will be present. For the people will be lovers of themselves, money-lovers, boasters, proud, blasphemous, rebellious towards their parents, ungrateful, unholy, unaffectionate, unwilling to be reconciled, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of good, traitors, reckless, having become conceited, pleasure-lovers rather than God-lovers, holding a form of godliness but having denied the power of it” (Second Letter to Timothy, chapter 3, verses 1-5).

This is parallel to Christ’s stark prophecy that “because lawlessness will increase so much, the love of most will grow cold” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24, verse 12). Incidentally, in the New Testament, the phrase “the last days” is not to be confused with the so-called “Endtimes” or “time of the end”. The last days — also known as “the last time”, “these last times”, as well as “the last hour” — is the time in which we are living right now and have been for the past two thousand years (see Acts of the Apostles, chapter 2, verse 17 and Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 1, verse 2)! The “last days” cover the entire span of time since the ascension of the Christ until He cataclysmically comes again, for they represent the final age before the new aeon in the ‘new heaven and new earth’. And these ‘last days’ (of which, since Christ’s ascension, there have so far been around three-quarters of a million actual days!) will culminate in the formation of a one-world government and the revealing of the satanically-inspired Antichrist. Along with a great global apostasy, the revealing of the Antichrist is one of the signs which must first happen before Christ will return to this earth as Judge of humanity and transformer of the cosmos into its new aeon. In that passage about the “last days” from the Letter to Timothy which we quoted above, Paul then continues in the prophetic spirit, saying: “In fact all who want to live godly lives in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. But evil people and spiritual charlatans will go from bad to worse, deceiving others and being deceived themselves” (chapter 3, verses 12-13). Right there, we have a matrix for understanding the world around us. All this evil stuff will only advance in a worse direction. Everything is not getting better but exponentially worse, as any honest soul would admit.

Evil Must Always Come to its Climax Before Divine Judgement

Now you may say, “But there has always been loads of evil and violence around”. Yes, this is absolutely true. But one of the things which restrained it (apart from the presence of the Holy Spirit) was that it was comparatively localised. However, the communication level of the globe has altered immensely during the last century. One can have an idea in one part of the world and in seconds one can communicate that idea to the other side of it. This level of communication has accelerated violent power-structures across the planet. A conspiracy can be hatched globally in microseconds. The tendency of evil is to spread itself virally over the earth — to get worse. And so it will do so right to the end. For what is happening is that there is firstly a demonic realm which knows it has been “rumbled” by Christ and is therefore filled with malice, like a retreating army enacting a “scorched earth” policy. That in itself is bad enough. Then there is the added dimension of the fact that human evil — if not nullified by the presence of the Spirit in a heart — must always “fill up its cup”, its “full measure”, and come to its climax. This is a reality which is little understood in this world. The “cup of evil” of this civilisation must be allowed to reach its climax so that Divine judgement can be justly enacted. There has been a postponement of that judgement so that this corrupt world and evil age can be ripe for that judgement. God does not come in judgement until He has exhausted every last drop of His grace and until evil has reached its highest point in the cup of iniquity. An example of evil having to come to its fullness to be ripe for judgement can be seen when Abraham was told that it was not possible to go in and possess the promised land at that time “because the evil of the Amorites is not yet complete” (Book of Genesis, chapter 15, verse 16). Evil has to come to its fullness, its completeness, its head, its ripeness for judgement; and only then will God act. As the Christ said to the corrupt rulers of Jerusalem: “Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers’ guilt. Serpents, brood of vipers! How can you escape the condemnation of hell?” (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 23, verses 32-33). Only when that measure of evil is full will God judge. There has to be a fulfilment of evil coming to its head before Divine judgement comes, because such judgement will always be in the cause of justice and righteousness. When the two influences of demonic and human evil are working in tandem, then the world really is ripe for all hell to break loose. And so it has been. And is. And this is where we are now. So that if you look at the world and think things are bad, then know that it can only deepen in its sheer iniquity beyond your worst nightmares into events which you could never imagine would take place in the world of people; yet, it is not that the perpetrators will have thwarted justice, but that their evil has yet to reach its climax before it is ready to be smashed into oblivion by the Creator of this cosmos. That this must happen is inevitable and cannot be stopped by lobbying or voting (though, in some ways, some evil can be temporarily ameliorated).

Those who follow the Christ do not need to let any of this trouble them, for they have a wholly different way of seeing everything. They can see beyond the madness and increasing chaos of this world which they know is only transitory — a passing incident on the journey. It is a world which they eschew, for they hold to another dimension altogether. As the Christ said: “Whoever loves his life will lose it, but whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life” (Gospel of John, chapter 12, verse 25). Remember that He also said to His disciples: “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid” (Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 27). And again, “In the world you will have trouble and suffering, but be courageous for I have overcome the world” (Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 32). Indeed, He has! And this is why one has no need whatsoever to become obsessed or screwed-up about conspiracies or world developments. If your soul is bewildered by ‘current affairs’, then from your heart say a prayer, for in the realm of the spirit there is a Being who cares; if you give your life to Him you will soon be aware of His presence around you so you’ll no more be scared.

EPILOGUE: Two Diametrically Opposed Worldviews

So how is all this gradual build-up to the end of this age panning out? The current pandemic is like a mini-rehearsal, testing the waters, yielding data which can then be applied in later strategies, by which the human forces of darkness are assessing reactions and responses, discovering how things can best work, plus identifying who is compliant and who are the dissidents. Chillingly, we can see very clearly that ‘dead souls’ and spooks are currently controlling the agenda. So this is a time to get real. The Bible reveals that two distinct groups of people exist in the world: Those who are disciples of the Christ (the ekklesia) and thereby followers of His Light, and those who are not. There are many who would rather sit on the fence; but really, there can be no neutrality. It will become increasingly clear that one must opt for one group or the other. However, in what I would hope is some strange kind of spiritual preparation today, I have observed that two distinct worldviews have come to develop as a reaction to world developments and perceptions of conspiracy, as well as a realization of the evil permeating this planet. Let’s go into this, as I believe it could be productive to our understanding as we wind up this little article.

  • The First Worldview involves and advocates absolute materialism, evolutionary nihilism, random existence, the survival of the fittest, merciless functionalism, excessive consumerism, compliance to false tin-pot dictatorial authority, and a usurpation of the Divine in ruthless population management, plundering the planet, endless wars and proxy conflicts, godless scientific experimentation at a human and environmental level, a one-dimensional medicine and approach to healing, an ardour for artificial intelligence, while advocating a counterfeit one-world ‘togetherness’ (all rooted in the desire for the enforced control of humanity).
  • The Second Worldview recognises that behind the creation of this material world lies a glorious spiritual Power, the primary qualities of which are infinite love, harmony, faithfulness, righteousness, justice, honour and wisdom, and to whom we owe our very existence. This worldview sees nothing about life as ‘random’ but as an unfolding flower under the guiding hand of the Power behind it. While not being compliant to false authority, this worldview recognises genuine leadership and courageously advocates the exposing of darkness and the propagation of Light.

The way that these two worldviews are shaping up is of extreme interest to me. The first worldview, being steeped in materialism, sees the world and human beings in purely mechanical terms, in which the environment, human ethics and medical issues are merely treated with chemicals and pharmaceutics, there is no recognition of spirit in any way, people are merely numbers in a herd to be manipulated and controlled, and there is no dependence on, or even consciousness of, the idea of a unique Source behind the whole creation (in fact, holders of this worldview are openly hostile to that idea). The second worldview, recognizing the spiritual, sees life as a gift from the Creator, and the world and human beings as a conscious blend of physical matter and spiritual substance, so that the environment and medical issues are understood through intuition and a much greater reliance on the use of natural remedies rather than artificial ones (though it does not totally reject, in a Luddite manner, all allopathic medicine out of hand — in fact, health should really utilise a holistic approach and natural treatments first and allopathy as the “complementary” medicine!). The first worldview discovers the existence of an epidemic and immediately yells, “Staythefuckhome!” and “Vaccinations for all!” The second worldview discovers the existence of an epidemic and is immediately overwhelmed with the feeling, “How can I boost my immune system with good foods, the best nutrients, the purity of sunshine and the stimulus of physical exercise, as I ride out this epidemic as responsibly as I can and if I die, I die”. The first worldview thinks it knows what is right for everyone else and is filled with zeal to enforce it on the whole of society. The second worldview knows instinctively what is right for itself and teaches it to others in a spirit of freedom and voluntariness. The first worldview is closedmindedly rationalistic; the second worldview is openheartedly intuitive. The first worldview disingenuously makes out as if there is no such thing as ‘conspiracy’ in this world. The second worldview is ever-mindful of the fact that the entire flow of history is not how it has been presented and is the result of conspiracies and cabals from the beginning of time (although it has to be said that those of this second worldview will not embrace the plethora of false conspiracies based on paranoia and fantasy which plague the so-called ‘truth movement’; for a hallmark of this second worldview is due diligence and a rejection of hearsay, innuendo, Chinese whispers and unproven slander). The first worldview never sees the reality which lies behind the physical life of this world and, rejecting the supernatural, has no spiritual discernment and is easily manipulated by demonic entities. The second worldview sees the interplay between the physical and the supernatural, has an instinct to sense the difference between good and evil, recognises false light and understands the world of angels and demons. The first worldview despises all invocation (or even mention) of Light (specifically the Light of the Christ) and, without even realising it, goes about its business of perpetuating darkness — very often hiding that darkness behind a masquerade of false light and charity. These are the ones addressed by the prophet, Isaiah, when he said: “Beware of those who call evil good and good evil, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn bitter into sweet and sweet into bitter”. The second worldview strives to be the personification of Light in this world without compromise and in all areas of living. The first worldview always eventually leads to rigid totalitarianism, rampant eugenics, controlling behaviours, a mendacity of convenience (otherwise known as ‘casuistry’), and a pyramidic social system which favours only the rich and powerful and ignores the underdogs (i.e. the weakest and most vulnerable). The second worldview always leads to freedom, creativity, honour, duty, a love of Truth, the exposure of darkness, the propagation of Light, and a search for real community in which altruism and self-sacrifice are leading features. The first worldview primarily serves only itself. The second worldview desires primarily to serve others. As you can see, these two worldviews are completely incompatible.

I know of many who cherish or lean towards the second worldview, which is my own view too, and I love them for it. One of my prayers is that they will see that the Light which they profess to love and celebrate in such a worldview is none other than the Light of the Christ (who is the Light of the world) if they do not already do so. For the first worldview is the precursor of the beast-system which will eventually bring in a one-world government and is under the influence of the demonic realm. Those who hold to the second worldview reject that beast-system, but many have not necessarily yet made the connection that the beast-system of the first worldview exists because of an opposition to the Christ and is part of the conspiracy to erase all mention of and belief in Christ as God manifested in the flesh. In other words, the first worldview is satanic. Many who hold to the second worldview have realised that there is something deeply malevolent about the first worldview and embraced many aspects of Truth and Light but have just not yet received the Truth that the Christ came to overturn that malevolence. Often this is because their only contact with any mention of Christ has been stained by religious propaganda or bad experiences at the hands of religious people and they have not yet had the opportunity to learn otherwise. One of my missions is to overturn those false perceptions and undo the damage to the cause of Christ through dispensing the fragrance of Truth and the salvific aroma of Christ in a spirit of patience and empathy. The increasingly chaotic world situation provides the perfect opportunity for such communication.

But what of those who adhere doggedly to the first worldview? It is so much more difficult to change oneself when one has rigidified that self to such an extent that it is inflexible and filled with the engrams of a myriad traumas of varying degrees which have solidified into the very body armour worn as an everyday garb. Really, I pray that this armour will be dissolved and that the evil-displacing solvent of love from the Source of all beingness will permeate their souls. Some of the more extreme ones, I sadly believe, either have no soul to speak of, or have been taken over by malignant spirits to such an extent that there is little of the original soul left to reach. Nevertheless, I still pray that their eyes will be opened, and their hearts softened by the supreme Power behind this fallen but ultimately destined-for-glory creation.

The Unprecedented Opportunity of Our Time

Finally, my fervent prayer and hope is that readers of this article — inadequate though it is — will now see that none of the affairs of this world are happening in some random vacuum in which the only determinates are the whims of the human spirit and the markers of an imagined evolutionary chaos. What we are witnessing across the globe is the logical outcome of lawless human beings hellbent on obliterating the truth about the Christ from the annals of history and from the content of the human heart. But really, they are wasting their time. To say that the march of history with the Christ as its axis is an unstoppable force is an understatement. One might as well try and touch the sun, or parachute down an erupting volcano as attempt to annul the Christ-centredness of this cosmos! All the smartasses in the world combined — no matter what weapons they build, what experiments they carry out, what sorcery they perform, what kind of government they put into place — will never make one iota of difference to the inevitable denouement of human history in the cataclysmic return of the Christ at the end of this age, which may be sooner than we think.

However, the present world-situation does provide us with a great opportunity to change our outlook entirely. At a basic level, we can change our friends and associates if they do not enhance the love and harmony in our lives. At a deeper level, we can change the ways we work into more constructive ones and also spend our time more constructively. But at the deepest level of all, we can have our lives entirely transformed by our recognition that behind all conspiracies and malevolence there is the mother of all conspiracies waged against the Christ who came in the flesh to retake the world from its usurper-ruler and show who is the real King of creation.

This is a time for discerning reflection, deep cleansing, and profound perception, keeping to the high ground in one’s field — standing one’s ground in the face of harsh opposition with grace and dignity, refusing to be browbeaten into submission by those who are propagating the darkness — watching the future unfold in all its measured madness with the wide-eyed bemusement of a wise child, until the redemption of this beleaguered cosmos transforms it into what it was always meant to be…

© Alan Morrison, 2020

[Although copyright, this article is a labour of love and may be freely distributed, on condition that such distribution keeps exactly the same title, PDF file format and design in which it was published, and that nothing is added to the text and nothing is taken away from it]

[Many of the subjects in this article are discussed in much greater detail than is feasible in a smaller piece like this in my 670-page book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: The Road I Have Chosen”. It is available for download free of charge as an eBook from its dedicated website here: https://narrowgate-pathwaystrait.com ]

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Original Spin ~ The Only Real Conspiracy

2 thoughts on “Original Spin:The Only Real Conspiracy

    djsbzbee said:
    Jun 16, 2020 at 9:19 pm

    Oh! This is very good. I’ve only been able to read about a third of it and have to leave home in the next few minutes. But it resonates with what I’ve been able to also see intuitively — things don’t add up — enough. Discerning motive is so important in these times. The seven deadly sins are alive and well.

    Christians are among the most gullible and confused. I am shocked at some of my fellows taking up the gauntlet for George Floyd (which sounds like a little twist on Lloyd George) . Double yikes!! We’re supposed to all be crying until we have no more tears left. Gimme a break. Seen too much in my lifetime to fall for that one.

    More later ….

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      thenakedtroubadour responded:
      Jun 16, 2020 at 9:47 pm

      Dear Debra, thank you! If you’re only 1/3 through it, I think you will find that it gets even better as it goes along. It’s building a case and that doesn’t materialize fully till near the end.


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