Letting Go [new song video]

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🎬 LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #54 🎬, “Letting Go”. Here’s a new song written as a result of the feedback I received from a post the other day, entitled “People Among Your Close Friends or Family to Remove Yourself From”. The first line of the song, “Learning to let go is not an easy thing to do”, popped into my head and the rest flowed from there. Here are the full lyrics:

Learning to let go is not
an easy thing to do.
We cling by nature to the stuff
which we have got used to.
Old habits die hard, so they say;
that’s okay with small things.
But not with major elements
which to us heartache brings.

Before we know it, we become
dependent on some one
or some broke situation,
then the nightmare has begun.
And so I write these words for you
and hope you understand:
you need to get your broken self
from out this hinterland.

[1st Refrain]
Climbing out from underneath the shadows
cast by darker souls than you deserve
will result in whirlwinds and tornadoes.
It’s a needed growthful learning curve.

For you aren’t put on this earth
to fulfil another’s dreams.
You have your ownsome destiny
which transcends all outside schemes.
It’s good to have a noble soul
to join you on your path;
but not if you should wind up with
some crazy sociopath!

So find a way to take yourself
from out of your life’s maze.
I can assure you that you’re meant
to find much more rewarding days.
Life in this world’s already just
a hologram of pain.
It’s foolish, then, to make it worse
than what’s already been ordained.

[2nd Refrain]
Finding out your true intended nature
is a full-time job for those who truly care.
It’s best, therefore, to contact your Creator;
for then begins a life-long love-affair.

The people who you let within
your circle’s golden space
are by you given power to
lift up or to debase.
So take great care who you admit
into your precious tribe;
don’t let your loneliness mean you
ignore some suspect vibe.

If you are now tormented by
some people in your field,
then put them out into the cold
and do not ever yield.
Create around yourself a force —
an invisible fence —
and have no more relationships
based mainly on pretence.

[3rd Refrain]
You will only learn the art of letting go
when you see that you have nothing left to lose.
It’s like you learn the art of saying, “No”
when you realise you have the power to choose.


© Alan Morrison, 2020

One thought on “Letting Go [new song video]

    djsbzbee said:
    Jul 14, 2020 at 1:22 am

    Thank you for this! It is beautifully done. So true. It greatly reduces the greater stress of the world not to have it so up close and personal yanking one’s soul out of whack. Keeping perspective in these times is paramount!

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