The Time has Come [new double sonnet]

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THE TIME HAS COME [new double sonnet]

There’s much fine-trimming going on round here;
I’m slimming down my world to just a flame —
a single candle burning bright and clear.
To keep my equilibrium’s the aim.

So those who make false claims will be the first
to get the axe from my uncensored hand.
Next, constant rudeness which is interspersed
with hubris and disdain will get you banned.

The time has come to build my boundaries high;
too lenient I have been to keep the peace.
I’ve let too many low-vibe creatures by;
so now I say such foolishness must cease.

Unless your presence here exudes delight,
to enter, you’ll no longer have the right.

Now, if you ask how dare I say such words,
I’ll speak about responsibility,
of tough love, virtue, truth, instead of herds
which thrive on strife and rank hostility.

The time has come for all to leave the fence
and chose which ‘side’ they want their hearts to be.
For conflict (fear, hysteria) just foments
a world full of emotional debris.

Now evil, which is coming to its peak,
in many guises (dark and ‘light’) does feign.
It can’t be stopped. I know that sounds so bleak;
but it will fall… then Light once more will reign!

The candle which I spoke of up above
is nothing other than a blazing love!



© Alan Morrison, 2020

One thought on “The Time has Come [new double sonnet]

    djsbzbee said:
    Aug 5, 2020 at 8:57 pm

    Simply beautiful! Yup, it’s time. Evil is now outstripping the good. But evil will cave in on it’s own vaunted venture. The Light and Life is alive in me and is my only hope. It is the same for you, too, I see. 😀 xoxo

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