There’s Something Going On [new poem]

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It’s plain there’s something going on when,
after pouring out some twenty-thousand words
(or more), this soul sane says with weariness,
“I simply can’t be bothered anymore”, & presses on
the key that’s marked <delete> with infinitely more
conviction and panache than it has ever had before.

Reflected in the river at my side, a chiselled face
determined to reject and override the empty-
ersatz-need to socialise in corridors of virtual reality,
to fraternise with those who’ll never be his tribe
(how hard it is to match one’s hyper-loving vibe) —
the phony ‘bros’ and selfie-loving narcissistic ho’s;
the endless hectoring and bragging and hubristic
posturing & squabbling minds so that they never grow.

“It’s almost time”, so says that uber-chiselled face,
“to leave this rat-infested race where everyone
pretends they’re in the groove and well-informed”.
Yet, knowing nothing, having minds which are alas
unformed, they play the everywhereful parlour-game
of Fish ‘n Chips in which they all just fish around with
speculations masquerading as inflammatory ‘facts’ &
then chip in with quasi-knowledge born of ignorance
which then attracts a following of all-compliant clones.

When one is wholly free of pseudo-spiritual feignery
& sky-is-falling bitching-over-everything in mal esprit,
then one would rather wander hills than stream the
self-conceit of vanity within the cloudness of insanity
which feeds the souls of ghoulishness (unsanctity).
For cyberspace is just religion dressed in skin-tight jeans;
and most of its adherents never fathom what it means
to lose themselves completely to the drug of wannabes.
While seeming to be cool, it soon becomes the place
where only fools and those who are the tools of dark
can prosper. Meanwhile, those who gracely seek to
emanate or otherwise assimilate some fruitful truth
will soon be strafed by porky pies, and everyone who’s
truly wise (which means all those whose poetry is sighs)
will then be sidelined (marginalised) and those who have
not learned from history will gain the new ascendancy.

Now that the journey into isolation is well-nigh complete,
(for chiselled faces always live their lives in quarantine
regardless of how on the surface to the foolish it may seem
and always false friends [which means all] will disappear)
there is now zero left to fear. A calmness then takes hold
as chiselled faces watch absurdity unfold — the world’s
flag then becomes unfurled by forces which alone can only
now be known by those who are the sidelined wise, whose
eyes are not the ones which grace the face but manifest
within [without] and coming from some other place,
where demons fear to tread. And as for me, I patiently
await the time when all will be dissolved & resurrected,
all the madness put to bed and suffocated with the big
white pillow of perfection, as if the universe had come
into its own, with one eternal big and beautiful erection.




© Alan Morrison, 2020





One thought on “There’s Something Going On [new poem]

    djsbzbee said:
    Aug 15, 2020 at 1:08 am

    This says so very much about how the world is today — unbelievably shallow and bent on destruction. It’s humbling to receive so much grace and mercy. Otherwise I’d be blind and deaf like everyone else. To see and to hear is great joy! But it seems to be the theme from Time Immemorial that some respond to redemption but the majority do not. I love the imagery of the chiseled face. Our countenance says so much about us when we’ve allowed God to alter our outlook away from our sin nature. To be able to live open-faced is a gift. Thank you for putting this together so perfectly! 🙂

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