Imagine an Empty Sky (song video)

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HERE IS LIVING-ROOM VIDEO #61, “Imagine an Empty Sky”. This new song, played unplugged and raw, asks if you could imagine a world without music and birds. The lyrics I wrote three days ago. The melody — in a somewhat mournful but robust folk style — has been floating in my head forever, waiting for its lyrical home. Below are the full lyrics:

Imagine a world without music and birds!
How empty and dull it would be.
Lovers would find all their kisses mundane.
This is not merely hy-per-bol-ee!

Those who’ve been urbanised won’t miss a thing;
much birdsong has already gone
in all of the richness which forests afford
in the chorus which sings through the dawn.

For music’s become a commodity —
an “industry” now, as they say —
it’s all about “stardom”, and money, and pride,
and “making it” is the cliché.

My stave now flies while soaring high
to meet my feathered friends.
Their presence here does purify
and all that’s dark they transcend.

And as for the birds, they’re on the decline;
they aren’t now so easy to find
in the numbers they had in a former decade.
For our pleasure, their songs were designed.

If music was only some notes on a page,
there’d be nothing substantial to lose.
But something beyond them transmutes through the air
and it’s all courtesy of the Muse.

For a world without music and birds is a jail
in which little of worthness can fly.
Without them, there is only weather and words;
no more notes, wings and sounds through the sky.

My stave now flies while soaring high
to meet my feathered friends.
Their presence here does purify
and all that’s dark they transcend.

There is one other thing I could add to this list:
for without flowers where would we be?
Thus, harmony, song-flyers, blooms in this world
are needed. Oh yes… and the sea!

© Alan Morrison, 2020

2 thoughts on “Imagine an Empty Sky (song video)

    Terry Morse said:
    Nov 18, 2020 at 10:40 pm

    Hi Alan, yes insect population has crashed, bird population has crashed, as a resident of rural Gloucestershire in the UK, I well remember life in my teens (now close to 60) and the wall of sound, the joyous miracle that was the dawn chorus, even in this rural area it is something that I have not heard for so very many years. Alas nothing now but a memory. A few years back I spotted a bullfinch in the garden, and was taken aback by the sight, such shocking beauty, such intense vivid colour. I realised that I could not even remember the last time I had seen this incredible creature, it had been years and I have not seen it again since. Even as I speak so-called “farmers” close to home, are busy with their habitual practice of thrashing and trashing hedgerows, now even completely removing hedgerows. I have noticed that this full removal has increased in recent years, am guessing that its something to do with the recent appearance of large signboards erected in fields, apparently proudly displaying the corporate name of the chemical/pharma companies responsible for the increasing plantings of gm mono-crops. And hence the removal of hedgerows to allow for the ever larger fields, to accommodate this particular style of factory farming (chemical warfare/vandalism). All so very painful to be forced to observe such insanity. – Anyway only really wanted to say the video has not up-loaded ? lyrics but no video ?

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      thenakedtroubadour responded:
      Nov 18, 2020 at 11:10 pm

      Thanks for the comment, Terry. I concur. However, I was a bit flummoxed when you said that the video is not there. I just checked it and got a friend to do so too and it really is there. I don’t know what to suggest other than to try again! Blessings & best wishes, Alan


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