Where’s Your Tin-Foil Hat?

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IF I HAD A POUND/DOLLAR/EURO for each time some troll has said to me, “Where’s your tin-foil hat?”, I’d be a rich man! However, I understand their pain and their terrible fear. For those are the last desperate words of the ignorant wanting to preserve their imagined safe worlds, their ornamental gardens boxed around with a white picket fence. But what such folks do not realise is that what is going on in this cosmos is about way more than mere conspiracy theories. Those who quietly perceive the way of the world take conspiracy for granted and can PROVE its existence everywhere. Those are not theories but facts. Unfortunately, there are many who go over the top and assert all sorts of wild speculations for which there is currently no proof. Frankly, I am not in the least bit interested in such things.

But we are now way beyond talking about mere conspiracy theories. When one realises that the very fabric of this civilisation — its world-system, its recorded history, its fiscal basis, its ethical foundation, its rulership, its authorities — is based on deception as a result of a spiritual conflict which has afflicted this cosmos from the beginning (and even that the very matter from which it is constructed is illusory and transitory), then one sees that so-called “conspiracy” is actually a vital and inevitable part of that fabric. Untransformed human beings will lie, deceive, and conspire. That is the nature of things; for they are unwittingly controlled and manipulated by dark forces of which most humans are completely ignorant — thereby displaying the same ignorance which says, “Where’s your tin-foil hat?”, to those who have dared to venture beyond the white picket fence of false security.

On a number of occasions when I have explained, with proofs, what is really happening in this world, men and woman have said to me, “I can see that what you’re saying is true but there is no way I can take that onboard as my world would be turned upside down. I do not want to believe it”. This not merely ignorance but WILFUL ignorance. People are desperate to believe such delusive elements as “My government cares about me”, “Intelligence agencies work for our protection and security”, “Everything in the world is getting better and better”, “If only we vote for the right people, then things will improve”, “We can change the world through our vibration and positive thoughts”, “Everyone is fundamentally good”, and many other such fallacies. Fear is a drug with terrible side-effects, and one of them is the wearing of rose-tinted spectacles followed by asking those who tell the uncomfortable truths about the whereabouts of their tin-foil hat.

I feel no animosity towards such folks; for to do so would be to create even more hostility and division than has already been manufactured by the forces who imagine they run this world. So, to those who ask me where is my tinfoil hat, I simply say this: “Dare to leave your ornamental garden and free your mind. Do so with no preconceived ideas. Be open to the possibility that everything you have learned so far in your life is a chimera. Be prepared to be shocked and, in fact, welcome it. Allow yourself to believe the unthinkable, if it is true. Love truth more than your white picket fence and your life will be immeasurably changed. For uncomfortable truth is infinitely more fruitful than pleasant lies. The moment you love truth above all else, no matter how challenging or disturbing it is, a journey will begin which will result in your transformation”.

[Extracted from my upcoming article, “Scientistic Dictatorship: The Use of False Science and Medicine to Control Society”]

© Alan Morrison, 2021

2 thoughts on “Where’s Your Tin-Foil Hat?

    djsbzbee said:
    Apr 13, 2021 at 8:37 pm

    “Oh no … something’s wrong with this picture!” Nathan gasped. “Oh. Poor you! That makes you a ‘conspiracy theorist’,” replied the Coincidence Theorist. (:-D))) XOXO

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