A New Outbreak of Stockholm Syndrome

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4 thoughts on “A New Outbreak of Stockholm Syndrome

    Jessica Hesser said:
    Apr 29, 2021 at 6:37 am

    People really have lost their damn minds! Glad you’re still here Alan.

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    djsbzbee said:
    Apr 29, 2021 at 7:20 am

    It’s the craziest, most divisive thing I’ve ever seen. Now I feel compelled to avoid being too near vaxxed peeps because they are quite possibly “shedding” spiked proteins that most definitely will hurt me. One friend who was so proud of herself for bravely enduring the vax side effects when she brought me some medicinal bone broth, kept hugging me, massaging my lower legs and holding my hands as if this was now permissible around a cancer patient because she has been vaxxed. I tried to protest and she claimed the vax made her safe to me. When I learned about the shedding I was mortified that I’d permitted her to touch me let alone come in my house. Truly, they believe “the public good” is almost a tenet of faith, as if they are having a virtuous come-to-Jesus revival! I can no longer receive hugs from my vaxxed friends. Will they ever understand the on-my-face concern when they tell me of being vaxxed and realize what they have done to themselves?

    The lack of discernment is atrocious! First, a bioweapon bursts on the scene. Then a “cure” which spreads even more mayhem than the bioweapon. Some have opined that the cure was invented first and then the weaponized virus as pretext for needing the real weapon: gene-therapy. Lots of moving parts on this live unfolding endtimes scenario.

    Your posts have been very discerning and insightful. Thank you for listening and being there — yet again!

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