Sonnet to Solitudinarianism

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Further into obscurity he goes;
far from the madding crowd he never knew.
The mystery of this life’s arpeggios
has cauterized his earthly field of view.

There’s nothing left to be or to extol
(apart from things which cannot now be seen).
Now knowing who he is and what’s his role,
he exited the room and The Machine.

But while as “retrogressive” he’ll be damned
and “shirking his responsibilities”;
in truth, his code has just been reprogrammed
and others aren’t the ones he seeks to please.

Reclusive hermit is the only way
to handle what is now this world’s mad fray.

© Copyright, Alan Morrison, 2021
[The copyright on my works is merely to protect them from any wanton plagiarism which could result in undesirable changes (as has actually happened!). Readers are free to reproduce my work, so long as it is in the same format and with the exact same content and its origin is acknowledged]

One thought on “Sonnet to Solitudinarianism

    djsbzbee said:
    Oct 29, 2021 at 3:15 am

    Save room for sonnets! You’re really an ace at putting together profound word pictures.

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