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How Politics and Religion will Combine to Create a One-World Government

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AS WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN, a great many influential individuals and organisations are not only commending but also publicly working towards the formation of a single global government as the only solution to the problems of humanity. It would be no exaggeration to say that everything which now happens in international affairs (including the current pandemic) is playing its part in the build-up to global government. As this global ‘one-world’ government is gradually being put together, you will observe another rather interesting phenomenon. For all your hugely wealthy gurus with their Eastern mystical gobbledygook, and all your multi-millionaire New Age teachers with the westernised claptrap that they’ve plagiarised from their Eastern mystical gurus are lining up one after the other to endorse the global government. This promotion of confederated global government by interfaith religion is prophesied in the Book of Revelation, where we see that they will also eventually even revere the Antichrist! They will all be there, from the Dalai Lama and other berobed or turbaned globalist gurus to the pedlars of “A Course in Miracles” and the hawkers of the works of the likes of Alice Bailey (who basically inaugurated the New Age Movement with her theosophical sophistry), and whoever else you want to name from the litany of pseudo-spiritual glitterati whose works have mesmerised so many all their lives. One day, you will either suddenly, finally wake up to the enormity of what has been happening on this earth and realise that “those narrow-minded nutty” disciples of the Christ who vigilantly warned you about this were not so off-the-wall after all, OR you will follow your gurus and teachers like lemmings into the maelstrom which follows and suffer the same eternal fate as the fallen angels who have been provoking it all for aeons.

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Are We Living in the Endtimes?

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PEOPLE OFTEN ASK ME: “Are we living in the Endtimes?” So, at this point in the chapter, a few words need to be said about some important terminology regarding timescales during this age. When people speak about the ‘Endtimes’, they are usually referring to the final approach to the end of this age and the very end of the world itself. It first has to be said that this world in its current material format has, in a sense, been ‘ending’ ever since its creation, and most certainly since the Fall of humanity, for it is a finite world and was created that way deliberately. The Creator was not taken by surprise by the fall of angels or the subsequent fall of humanity. For God sees the end from the beginning and knew all that would happen and had already ‘arranged’ for the solution from the very beginning — namely, the Christ, who is foreshadowed in the Book of Genesis, chapter 3, verse 15 — for which the world had to wait until exactly the right moment a couple of thousand years ago. We need to remember that God is always many steps ahead of anything that narcissistic angels or humans can do — something which so many humans never seem to realise! By the way, I say “so many humans” and not angels because there is no salvation for fallen angels and their the doom is fixed. In fact, as the Christ Himself said, “eternal fire” was originally prepared for Satan and his fellow-fallen angels (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25, verse 41). Thus, one can say that the end of this world is a process which deepens in intensity with the passing of time and then climaxes as the very end draws near, and that drawing near of the very end is what we can call the Endtimes. One of the key trigger-points in this overall process was the ascension of the Christ nearly two-thousand years ago. Once that had happened, the world entered what is known as ‘the last hour’ or ‘the last days’ (the terms are interchangeable). It is important to realise this because there are many who think that the phrases ‘the last days’ and ‘the last hour’ are identical to what is known as the ‘Endtimes’. Here I must emphasise that this is not the case at all, and it is an important distinction to make. So let us go into this more deeply to improve our understanding.

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What You See Is Definitely Not What You Get: Angels, Demons, Spooks and Pandemics

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Editor’s Note: In the text below, readers will find a record of some experiences of Nathan Delver, with informative dialogues between him and the being who was temporarily named Aurora Virtue. As they do not provide any corroborative sources or references and seeing that many will be in denial concerning the veracity of what they say, an editorial decision has been taken to intersperse copious commentary, references, and links throughout the text in the appropriate places within curly brackets {} so that readers can do the necessary research. Readers who find it convenient to download the chapter in a PDF format file will find a link at the bottom of the text.

ON THE WALL of ‘The Unexpected Gift’ café, a single huge TV screen silently played the news programmes of the day. One talking head after another, in that patronising, quasi-informative expression of modern broadcasters, presented the prepared scripts from an autocue. Much of the time was spent with advertisements filling listeners’ heads with nonsense. Those advertisements looked even more nonsensical when the volume was turned down.

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The Logical Outcome of All Religion is an Inquisition…

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RELIGIONS are merely manifestations of megalomania posing as piety. To imagine that one is having dealings with the force that created this cosmos while reducing that to some theological rules and verbal formulae to which one must adhere or be guilty of heresy (and therefore subject to condemnation and anathematization) is the height of lunacy. Such a mentality shows religion to be a form of madness.

The logical outcome of all religions (including Christianism and Islam) is some kind of an Inquisition, with inquisitors labelling incisive questioners as heretics. More pointedly, those who profess to represent Christ’s name who root their spiritual prowess solely in intellectual doctrine must inevitably become the inheritors of the Inquisitions, believing everyone who does not follow their rigid shibbolethic pathway to be a heretic. Religion is, after all, just another form of crude collectivism (a polite expression meaning “cult”). To such people, I will always be a heretic. I regard that as the greatest compliment. Before them, I am an unrepentant heretic. And here that unrepentant heretic responds to their quasi-Inquisition. Read the rest of this entry »

The Real Meaning of Satanism

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Angel of Light

Satanism is Not What you Think It Is

In earlier sections, we have looked at how a fall of angels, under the archangel we now call ‘Satan’, came to pass, and the effect which it has had on the development of earth history and, indeed, on the entire cosmos. One could call that effect ‘Satanism’, for that is what it is. Yet, the idea of Satanism in the popular mind is very different to the real effect which the forces of darkness have brought to bear in this world.

Let it be said right here, right now: If any so-called ‘spiritual teacher’ is not presenting the truth about Christ as the victor over Satan and about the spiritual battle between darkness and Light, then they are in league with Satan and are actually promoting Satanism, either wittingly or unwittingly. This will come as a huge shock to many. For most people have a poor understanding of the true meaning of Satanism, which has little to do with black magic, churches of Satan or ritual evil. The real Satanism is not what one sees in a horror movie. That is just a diversion from the actual mass strategy of the forces of darkness, through which they present themselves as “angels of light” in order to inveigle as many as possible. Most religious practices and those of supposed spirituality today are pure Satanism, without ever mentioning Satan and always presenting themselves as beneficial and wonderful; for through such deception is how he really works. A true definition of Satanism — that which lies behind Read the rest of this entry »

Spiritual Kidnap

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Snapshot_406In which we learn about Nathan’s curiosity, his imaginary friends, and Livinia’s teaching about the pre-eminence of moral fulfilment over human law (not to mention Nathan’s epiphany about who Livinia really is)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was the yearly meeting of the UK region of the twelve Reluctant Angels (RAGS) who administered localised groups around the country. As the members gradually trooped into the room — which was the renovated barn of a member’s house in the countryside near Ashburton in deepest Devon — Nathan could not help noticing that Livinia Soares was looking distinctly more male than female this evening. Not that Livinia had developed facial stubble or anything of that nature. But there was a presence of authority and leadership which came through her face and general body language when Livinia was leading meetings such as this. It was as if Livinia could morph between one or the other according to the occasion. Or was it that gender did not apply to Livinia? To his knowledge, no one had asked about this; but someday Nathan was going to do so. Read the rest of this entry »

Blueprint for the Coming Half-Century, 1965-2015

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BELOW THIS INTRODUCTION, YOU WILL FIND A PDF LINK TO A DETAILED DOCUMENT, “Blueprint for the Coming Half-Century, 1965-2015”, which I wrote as an appendix in a book on which I’ve been working sporadically for some years, entitled “Reluctant Angels”. This brief introduction here explains its context, before you read it, so you will better understand it. This book is set during the countdown years of the present aeon, on the cusp of the new aeon, and it focuses on the ingathering and work of strategic counterculture groups around the world who refer to themselves as “Reluctant Angels” (for reasons which will become clear, as their job isn’t easy) in breaking down Read the rest of this entry »

The Myth of “The Patriarchy” (and Matriarchy)

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Introduction: The Myth of a Matriarchy

Any analysis of the workings of satanic activity in society would be incomplete if it did not investigate the influences of modern feminism, especially in relation to its claims about the existence of a so-called “patriarchy” and the parallel favourable referencing of an alleged benign matriarchy in ancient societies which many feminists wish to see reinstated today and which they allege will completely change the world.

In my book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait”,  I referred a number of times to the unique vulnerability of women in relation to spiritual influences and their susceptibility to wacky spiritual notions and dark deceptions swathed in false light which therefore make them sound benevolent to the naïve or over-zealous. I have seen this happen many times and received many anecdotes about it. No doubt a number will accuse me of rampant “sexism” here. Such an accusation is merely a convenient way of bypassing reality by hiding behind a made-up label concocted in support of an ideology. Despite my great love for women (especially those who are truly liberated), I have to be honest about what I have observed to be true. So, in this paper, let us crack wide open the misplaced notion of an oppressive “patriarchy” and the myth of a magnanimous “matriarchy”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Stable Update v.1.5 to my 606-page Book Now Available for Free Download

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Front Cover

My book, “Narrow Gate ~ Pathway Strait: A Spiritual Autobiography & Presentation” has been updated to stable version v.1.5. This is an extensive revision with a number of typographical errors corrected which had been pointed out by kind readers. There has also been an innumerable number of “perfections” and clarifications in the text (some in response to readers’ queries), which I have gone through with a fine toothcomb from start to finish. The book now contains 606 pages, making an additional 11 pages, and has 7000 more words than in the previous version. In total, it contains more than 224,000 words and has 727 footnotes. Version v.1.5 will now be the stable version for the foreseeable future. You can download FREE OF CHARGE from this site: and then go to the Book Download page. Before downloading, please first delete any previous versions if you have them.