The Sword’s Fear of the Pen: The Assassination of Writers, Thinkers & Whistleblowers

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MOST PEOPLE WOULD FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE that there is a global policy of assassination being enacted today which is especially targeting honest and incorruptible writers, reporters, artists, thinkers, dissidents and whistle-blowers. It is a veritable pandemic. I wrote an article about this subject initially in 2006 and have just updated it today by 14%, entitled “The Sword’s Fear of the Pen: The Assassination of Writers, Thinkers & Whistleblowers”. It is in PDF format and contains 15,200 words on 25 A4 pages. It is preferable to read it on a laptop or desktop computer. But if you do want to read it on a mobile phone or tablet, you can use a PDF reader app such as ezPDF Reader. Please read the entire article with its proofs and educate yourself. This world is run by an evil power elite which will stop at nothing to achieve its ends — though they will not finally succeed, as I show in the article. To read or download it, please click on this link: The Sword’s Fear of the Pen

Gawping at Glamo(u)r…

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“LOOK AT THAT SCENE! IT COULD BE FROM A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE OR DISNEY!”, said a TV commentator as the newly-weds in an open horse-drawn carriage swept down the “Long Walk” between St. George’s Chapel and Windsor Castle. Indeed it could. For there are many connecting points between Hollywood, Disney and the British Monarchy — the most notable of which is the mesmerising of the masses with celebrity. One can tell a great deal about people when one knows who their heroes are. Mostpeople’s heroes in the world today, whether they admit it or not, are so-called celebrities, even scraping the barrel with “Z-List Celebs”! In this respect, the Royal Wedding was on a par with the Oscars ceremony in Hollywood — a tasteless, gawdy display of plastic people with little talent other than pretending to be someone else, who like to show off in highly expensive “designer” goods while they virtue-signal themselves as champions of social justice: The pinnacle of both irony and narcissism.
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Meghan Markle, Justin Welby and the Use and Abuse of Baptism

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Meghan Markle, Justin Welby and the Use and Abuse of Baptism

If you click on the above link or image, it will take you to an excellent article by Gavin Ashenden, an Anglican minister (with a sweet Russian Orthodox heart) who was Honorary Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth from 2008 until he resigned in 2017 so that he could better speak out against the corrupted nature of the state church. This is a very perceptive piece in which, using the device of Meghan Markle’s recent baptism, Gavin highlights the cosmic spiritual battle between Light and darkness reflected in the struggle between a corrupt state (Reich) church and the true body of the scattered disciples of Christ the Light of the world (a diaspora in which I unreservedly count myself). The Book of Revelation clearly shows that the churches embedded in nation-states are of the spirit of Antichrist and will, in fact, support THE Antichrist when he is revealed on earth. The Royal Wedding is a state church theatre in which the corrupted power of the state – with its monarchy, armed forces, parliament and brutal might – are being romanticised and sentimentalised with fairy-tale precision by PR professionals, MI5 and some forces of darkness beyond most people’s comprehension. That ambitious, social-climbing little girl, Meghan, is like a gazelle who has naively wandered into a pride of lions.

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My Take on the 2018 EuroTrash Song Contest

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This is the best that EuroTrash from the false EU can produce. What a horrible joke. I was gobsmacked by the banality. Give me the Old Europe (the Real Europe) any day — the producer of Bach, Vivaldi, Telemann, Zelenka, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelsohn, Schubert, Brahms, Bruckner, Mahler, etc. How far we have strayed!  Read the rest of this entry »

Journey to the Centre of Pain

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PAIN CAN BE A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. There. I said it. When it comes to pain, it isn’t merely the cloud with a silver lining; it can have a golden one too. Some of you may say: “How cruel of you to say that! You’ve obviously never had to deal with serious pain in your life. You are disrespecting all those who are in agony with serious illness”. I fully understand you saying that. But I want to put a different spin on pain which takes one out of the victim frame into the victor one. Thus, this is a message of encouragement for all those who have the gift of pain. “Gift of pain? Are you a friggin’ sadist?” come the cries from the wings of this theatre of life. No. I’m not a sadist. I’m an “aid-ist” wanting to help. So… Read the rest of this entry »

The Waves we Make [sonnet]

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The waves we make will flow to worlds unseen
if fostered in a heart which will not cling
to what it sings, nor be a dark machine
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Do not be Fooled by Toytown Détente!

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HAVING JUST WRITTEN A PIECE ON THE NECESSITY OF BEING ABLE TO SEE THROUGH BULLSHIT, how ironic that immediately after that I am observing New Age people on my Facebook newsfeed saying how wonderful it was to see Trump and Macron cuddling up to each other (supposedly being a sign of their melting egos and the ability to show their vulnerability, sheesh 🙄). Also, according to these New Age fantasists, now that the two Korean leaders are chinking champagne glasses together (tchin-tchin!) it is apparently a wonderful sign that the world is changing and we are truly on the brink of some Golden Age of Peace and Ascension. They imagine that all their 100th Monkey meditations for peace on earth are now starting to pay off. (Heck, they’re even crowing with delight about the new “Royal baby”!). Dear friends, please don’t be fooled by all this toytown détente. Read the rest of this entry »