I Never Loved Like this Before [poem]

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I never loved like this before.
Never been
a shooting star
and then
a globule on the floor.
Feelings all mixed up
and blackened and
wrapped around
barbed wire and
flattened and trampled
and strung out and
stretched into break point
with bounteous ardour
(but yet I confess that
I can’t live without her)

She could do what she wants
to my malleable soul
do anything to me
and still I’d want she
could even throw acid
right into my face
and still I would want
all her beauty and grace
and crazee calamity
starshine and vanity
wannabe atom-free
slaking my sanity

[My whole face is wet
my shirtfront is too
I’m crawling up walls
then I make love with you
and laugh and get rid of
these feelings we have
but I need you to help me
to understand that]

I am one vast machine
that is wanting to touch her
I so miss her mouth and her
cuntreegirl shyness,
her laugh her long legs
(her occasional dryness)
her teeth and her arms
so hairless and smooth
and when I am with her
there’s nothing to prove
it just is and we are
and we love how we do
and I so miss her face
and her changeable hair
her silly impossible little girl ways
the cut of her clothes and
her hips which I squeeze
but most of all (darling)
I so miss your knees!

© 2011, Alan Morrison

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