When you Said [poem]

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When you said “I’m yours” I
never knew that, crouching on
all fours, I’d have to beg to know
the truth behind that clause

When you said you’re mine I
never saw, as one more in
your line, I’d soon receive
the lie which broke my spine

When you said “forever” I
never felt that, not being
very clever, it was just another
ruse — my heart to sever

When you said “my only one” I
never grasped that, being a
hit-and-run, those words were
just from one side of your tongue

When you said “It’s You!” I
never thought that, missing
every clue, your words were
said not just to one but two

When you said “in love” I
never gleaned, your hand inside
your glove, that all those things you
said came not from heaven above

© 2011, Alan Morrison

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