I am Complete [poem]

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I am complete
needing neither none
to dance within my field
or life’s ungame
nor any thing
that can be named.
If you should seek
to draw me in
I will not yield.
All cellular constructions
now before me in this moment
I will treat the same
No clear distinctions will be made
for I am now replete
enveloped by this tick of time
considering my frame of mind
is not compelled by any rhythm,
meter’s scan or rhyme.
I am complete.
Yet not one fleeting second
my oneness with all
in here
and now
absolving every sandy
gravelled grain of strife.
And even though the cold
makes deepsome cracks
upon my always probing fingers
thumbs I have no need for
friend or lover
wife who throws me crumbs
or any other.

Happily this man could die
right now within this moment’s
huge and sooning sigh
but we who do not share
the force nor have control
of every moment’s source
should never choose our end
unless we steal the right to go
outside the flow with reckless
dirt which stains that white
and pressed clean shirt
[the one I wear with pride]
(though sometimes when
I’ve scraped the soil in sinkholes
with a shard of broken pot
unwilling to accept my lot
I’ve almost been a mutineer)
for which, considering the
gifted moment now in which I bask,
I’m forced to ask for giveness
and forgiveness and I give this
little microdot of everexpanding
nothingness which bathes my spine
to every shining soul which lights
or who has lit my winding path
(assuming to this moment
there will be an aftermath)

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