Problematic Roles of Men and Women

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One hears so much about the problematic roles of men and women these days amidst many scorching flames. To me, the answer is simple. One only has to look deeply into the essence of oneself with honesty, avoiding the rigid, coercive denials of reality inherent in 21st century political correctness. A woman’s role with regard to her relationship to a man is to lead him to himself — to his true heart. She more easily swims in the deep and can take him by the hand into the sweet tide of emotion where, with her, he can become all that he is meant to be in the midst of love and safety. This is what he needs and through this he finds a missing piece of his fulfilment. Only a true woman in touch with herself and her gracious, benevolent power can do that. False representations of womanhood, such as bimbos and gold-diggers, with their pocket-emptying (mind-emptying) promises of loveless sex and pseudo-femininity (ladettes included here), will never be able to do that for a man — though they can certainly seduce him into imagining they can. Feminists can never do that for a man either — though they can certainly intimidate a man into submission so he imagines she can. Only a woman who is free from unwomanly resentments and shoulder-chips, who rejoices in human femin-inity rather than textbook femin-ism, who can embrace the depth of her womanhood and who respects the creative power of real manhood can step into that role. However, alongside of that, the man’s role with regard to his relationship with the woman is to help her to feel safe and secure in the midst of all the tumultuous depth that she is — essentially, his role is to be a rock for her to whom to cling (figuratively-speaking). This is what she needs and through this she finds a missing piece of her own fulfilment, no matter how much she may have been persuaded otherwise by the shrill voices of fashion and cultural shibboleths. Until women and men accept these things as living realities in a mutual symbiosis of beauty and completion, there will continue to be an unprofitable socially-engineered “battle of the sexes” in this fragmented world. With love and light to all… ❤

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