Until we leave behind…

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Until we leave behind completely all national, cultural and religious conditioning, there will not be any real spiritual, ethical, moral or anthropological progress on this planet. That means no longer thinking of ourselves as British, Serbian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Amerikan, Australian, Ghanaian, French, Swedish, Canadian, Argentinian, Chinese, Russian, Mexican, German, Italian or any other such crazy thing. We only need to envision ourselves as living beings with a destiny and to do all that we can to search out and live that destiny. There is no flag (rhymes with rag) or religion (rhymes with division) worth fighting for or believing in. To discover what we are made of and who we are meant to be as men and women is both our starting point and our lifelong calling. From there we hold out a hand to others, test all things to see if they are true and trusty (for discernment is a vital part of the art of being) and then live fearlessly with all heart and goodness (call it love if you like). After that, a whole lot of stuff falls into place and makes its own arc in the sky. If only…

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